7 Important Reasons on Why Digital Marketing Is The Future

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Hello! Have you come across the term “Digital Marketing”? People and marketers all over the world are really going gaga over this “Digital Marketing”. But why? Why is Digital Marketing gaining so much reception? What’s so special about it? 

Before moving any further let us tell you that the hype about digital marketing is real. Digital marketing is a great necessity for your business. In this article we shall look at 7 Reasons that prove Why Digital Marketing is the Future. So let’s start this wagon. 

1. Digital Is the New Name

why digital marketing is the future

First up on why digital marketing is the future we have the most common-sensical reason: because everyone is online.

Every business is going digital, be it a tech giant or a small town hotel. That’s because everyone is online. There have been several contributing factors behind this. Mobile has been one of the prime factors and is currently driving nearly half of all the web traffic.

why digital marketing is the future
Why Digital Marketing Is The Future: The statistics show that majority of customers are present online. It is thus common sense to promote your brand where there are greater chances of people seeing it.


According to the statistics above (source), the number of mobile phone users in India in 2019 was estimated to be around 800 million. This is a large number that signifies a large section of the population.

The number one rule of business is that you go where your customers are. So naturally the companies are expected to go online, not only in terms of their operation but their marketing too.

Digital marketing is being preferred by Businesses because it offers a wide range of powerful marketing strategies with the highest conversion rates. There is no need for physical deployment of manpower to promote your business now. If you’re well connected with your audience, you can ping them with a lucrative offer or a discount coupon directly whenever you want. All this with the help of Digital Marketing.

2. Wider Audience

why digital marketing is the future

Look around you and notice, how many people are connected online? According to an estimate, Internet users in India were expected to be around 500 million in 2018. 

With the help of digital marketing one can get a larger target audience for the purpose of delivering their product and services. You can sit in a small town in Uttar Pradesh and reach worldwide audiences with the help of digital marketing. That is the possibility that digital marketing offers. And that is exactly why digital marketing is the future of marketing for every business on planet earth. With a larger targeted audience, comes more opportunities for your business to grow. And Who wouldn’t want that?

3. More Effective than Traditional Marketing

why digital marketing is the future

In the old days, before the digital marketing boom, marketing was done door-to-door, through word of mouth. Then came the print media. And now is the time of Digital Marketing. Why? because it surpasses its predecessors in its benefits. Digital Marketing provides real time analysis and instant customer feedback, something that wasn’t possible through print media. As said before, it allows you to reach a larger target audience. You can do all this without taking a single step outside your office! 

4. Engagement

If you’re creative and can create engaging content then Digital Marketing will be the job for you. Digital Marketing gives the businesses a platform to interact with their customers and audience. This helps the companies in identifying their customer’s needs more effectively as well as create a trust and unique sense of their brand with the customers. 

Since, a larger population is on social media than any other platform virtual or physical, the engagement rate is meant to be high. So why not use it for  conversion benefits? Why not use engagement as a tool to establish your brand’s authenticity with the public? That’s exactly what successful brand do.


why digital marketing is the future
Why Digital Marketing Is The Future: Never before in history, was this sort of communication between such a large batch of customers and a business possible. All thanks to The Internet.


The Indian Shopping giant Myntra’s Instagram page has 1.8 Million followers. This suggests that 1.8 million people who specifically want to know about fashion or great offers or discounts from Myntra have subscribed to its feed. Myntra can and does use this social media platform to interact with its audience. It not only posts promotional stuff but also engaging content that is meant to establish an intimate connection with its audience. Never before in history, was this sort of communication between such a large batch of customers and a business possible.

5. Cost-Effective

why digital marketing is the future

A Facebook advertisement costs 40 Rs/day. Compare this with a newspaper advertisements that require thousands of Rupees. Where do you think a start-up or a small business would likely invest? Digital marketing is cheaper and more effective than traditional marketing. And don’t underestimate its effectiveness for its low cost, the conversion rates are higher as compared to the traditional marketing strategies.

why digital marketing is the future
Why Digital Marketing Is The Future: Digital marketing is way more cheaper but effective than traditional forms of marketing.


As is evident from the graph above (source), a Facebook advertisement costs 0.25$ (18.40 Rs) to reach 1000 people. This is pretty low as compared to that of a Newspaper Advertisement. 

6. Faster Growth

In a business, investment in marketing is the main source of earning. Because of faster and greater growth in Digital Marketing, more and more companies are investing in it. From start-ups to big businesses, agencies and entrepreneurs, every sector is using their marketing budget for digital marketing. The reason why digital marketing is the future of marketing is the Return On Investment (ROI) which is competitively higher than that in offline marketing. 

7. Digital Marketing Courses

why digital marketing is the future

Last but not the least on why digital marketing is the future, we have the rise of Digital Marketing Courses.

In recent years, the high demand of Digital Marketing skills has facilitated Digital Marketing courses all across the world, including India. There are many colleges offering online and residential courses on Digital Marketing. Even, many Digital Marketing agencies have now created their own Digital Marketing Academy  to teach prospective students.

The growth of digital marketing courses opens up new career and learning opportunities for interested students. It shall help Freshers and Experienced individuals in gaining knowledge of new trends and practises, and overcoming certain issues. These courses prove that Digital Marketing is here to last and will only grow bigger with time.

Final Words

With all the above-mentioned benefits of Digital Marketing and its stability in the long term, it is clear that there is a bright future of digital marketing in India. We hope you now agree with us and know exactly why Digital Marketing is the Future. Thank you for reading this article. If we missed anything or messed up on something feel free to tell us in the comments box below. We’ll love to hear you out. For finding out more on why digital marketing is the future of your business do check the additional resources below.

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