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The Billion-Dollar Journey: Top 11 Youngest Indian Billionaires

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People say age is just a number, but our young Indian billionaires are proving that sentiment right. 

Imagine starting your first business while still in your early twenties and watching it grow to be worth billions. That’s precisely what these young business tycoons have accomplished. 

Like sprinters on a track, these budding entrepreneurs are racing towards success at a pace that leaves most of us in awe. They are leaving their mark on the business world with their innovative ideas, relentless work ethic, and drive to achieve their dreams.

In this blog, we’re going to introduce you to the top 11 youngest Indian billionaires who have cracked the code of building businesses from scratch and created a lasting legacy in the process. Let’s buckle up and dive into their fascinating journeys, from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success. 

Top 11 Youngest Indian Billionaires

1. Nithin Kamath & Nikhil Kamath of Zerodha

Age- 44 & 35

Current Net Worth- $3.45 billion

Forbes Ranking- 58 (India’s Richest-2022)

Source of Wealth- Financial services

Youngest indian billionaires nithin kamath and nikhil kamath

Brothers Nithin and Nikhil Kamath founded Zerodha in 2009, paving the way for a new era of discount brokerage in India.

Their goal was to make investing more affordable and accessible to everyone, and today, Zerodha has 10 million clients, making it one of India’s largest brokerages.

In FY22, Zerodha’s net profit doubled to Rs 2,094 crore, an 82% increase from the previous year’s Rs 1,112 crore. 

This impressive growth has earned the Kamath brothers a spot among the youngest Indian billionaires in 2022.

2. Divyank Turakhia of Media.net

Age- 41

Current Networth- $2.3 billion

Forbes Ranking 94 (India’s Richest-2019)

Education- Graduated from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce and Economics 

Source of Wealth- Technology

Youngest indian billionaires Divyank turakhia

From teenage tech consultants in Mumbai to a business empire spanning web hosting, cloud infrastructure, payments, and advertising technology, Divyank Turakhia’s journey is one of relentless innovation.

In 2013, he sold four tech companies to Endurance International, and in 2016, he made headlines by selling their ad tech firm Media.net to Chinese investors for a whopping $900 million. 

Today, Divyank continues to run operations under the new owners, driving their companies to even greater heights. His entrepreneurial spirit and forward-thinking approach make Divyank a true inspiration in the tech world and a member of the youngest Indian billionaires.

3. Binny Bansal of Flipkart 

Age- 40

Current Net Worth- $1.4 billion

Forbes Ranking- 2190

Education- Bachelor of Science in Engineering, IIT Delhi

Meet Binny Bansal, former Amazon executive, who teamed up with his friend Sachin Bansal, and founded Flipkart in 2007. 

It was started as an online seller of books, by investing his entire combined savings of $6,000 and operating out of his apartment.

Their vision and hard work paid off when, in 2018, Walmart bought a 77% stake in Flipkart for an impressive $16 billion, making it one of the biggest acquisitions in India’s history.

But Binny’s entrepreneurial spirit didn’t stop there. In October 2019, he invested $12.5 million in Mobikon, a software startup that focuses on the food and beverage industry.

Binny’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and a never-ending desire to push boundaries in the world of tech and startups.

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4. Vijay Shekhar Sharma of Paytm

Age- 44

Current Net Worth- $2.3 billion

Forbes Ranking- 2324

Source of Wealth- Financial services

Education- Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Delhi University

Youngest indian billionaires vijay shekhar sharma

Vijay Shekhar Sharma, son of a school teacher from a small city of Aligarh in north India, founded Paytm in 2011, a mobile wallet that quickly rose to fame.

One of the biggest beneficiaries of India’s 2016 demonetization, Paytm boasts an impressive user base of 400 million and 25 million transactions daily.

In August 2018, Sharma made headlines by securing a $300 million investment from Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in Paytm.

Sharma’s entrepreneurial spirit continued to flourish, leading him to create Paytm Mall, an e-commerce business, and the Paytm Payments Bank. 

However, shares of Paytm have taken a hit since its November 2021 IPO.

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5. Bhavish Aggarwal of Ola Cabs 

Age- 37

Current Net Worth- $1.4 billion

Source of Wealth- Ola cabs and Ola electric

Education- IIT Bombay

Youngest indian billionaires bhavish aggarawal

From a research intern at Microsoft Research India to co-founding Ola Cabs with Ankit Bhati in Bengaluru, Bhavish Aggarwal has always been driven by innovation.

His bad experience with a taxi sparked the idea for Ola Cabs, which has since become one of India’s most successful ride-hailing companies, earning him a spot on Time magazine’s list of 100 Most Influential People in 2018.

As Ola cabs continue to expand into new territories and ventures, Aggarwal remains committed to driving innovation in the company. 

In April 2022, he announced that he would be stepping down from day-to-day operations to focus on Ola’s future in electric vehicles and quick commerce.

6. Ranjan Pai of Manipal Group

Age- 50

Current Net Worth- $1.3 billion

Source of Wealth- Education

Forbes Ranking- 2076

ranjan pai Youngest indian billionaires

Ranjan Pai is the current head of Manipal Group, a prestigious education and healthcare empire with six colleges and 27 hospitals.

Pai’s grandfather founded India’s first privately-owned medical school in the town of Manipal in Karnataka, which laid the foundation for the Manipal Group in 1953.

Pai has also made a name for himself as a keen investor, with his firm Aarin Capital being an early investor in Byju’s, the online education firm now valued at $22 billion.

In addition to his business ventures, Pai has also been actively expanding his healthcare footprint. He acquired a 51% stake in Cigna TTK Health Insurance, which was then renamed Manipal Cigna Health Insurance.

With his entrepreneurial spirit and eye for opportunity, Ranjan Pai has become one of the youngest Indian billionaires with a great influence in India’s education and healthcare sectors.

7. Arvind Tiku of AT Capital Group

Age- 53

Current Net Worth–  $2.5 billion

Forbes Ranking- 1397

Source of Wealth- Oil & Gas, investments

Education- Mechanical engineering from Russia

arvind tiku Youngest indian billionaires

Arvind Tiku, an Indian-born Singapore resident, is a savvy investor with diverse interests in property and renewable energy, which are held through his privately held AT Capital Group.

Tiku has made some notable investments in the past, including a stake in Nostrum Oil & Gas, which he owned with steel magnate Lakshmi Mittal and Timur Kulibaev, son-in-law of Kazakhstan’s president.

Currently, Tiku holds stakes in Prime US REIT and IREIT Global, both of which are listed in Singapore and owns commercial properties in the U.S. and Europe.

With his intelligent investment choices and sharp business judgement, Arvind Tiku has become one of the youngest Indian billionaires who is a notable figure in the world of property and renewable energy.

8. Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath of Byju’s

Age- 43 & 36

Current Net Worth- $2.5 billion

Forbes Ranking- 822

Source of Wealth- Education technology

byju ravindran and divya gokulnath Youngest indian billionaires

Byju initially worked as a service engineer in a shipping firm. However, after six months he resigned and start preparing for the CAT exam to get admission into the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs).

Even though he scored a perfect 100 percentile in the CAT exam, instead of joining an IIM, he started coaching students for the exam.

Later on, he founded the ed-tech company Byju’s in 2011, with the help of his wife Divya Gokulnath who sits on the board and helps run the company.

Their flagship app teaches school students from grades 1-12, and has over 42 million downloads, making it one of India’s most popular ed-tech platforms.

“This is not a business which I started as a business. It’s a passion which ended up becoming a business.”

Byju Raveendran 

9. Karthik Sarma of SRS Investment Management

Age- 48

Current Net Worth- $3.1 billion

Forbes Ranking- 984

Source of Wealth- Hedge fund

Education- Bachelor of Technology from IIT Madras; Master of Arts/Science, Princeton University

karthik sarma Youngest indian billionaires

After working at McKinsey & Co for three years and at Tiger Global for five years, Sarma founded the hedge fund SRS Investment Management in 2006 and currently manages $10 billion.

His savvy investments in Avis and focus on electric vehicles resulted in Avis stock surging 456% in 2021 and a 35% return for his flagship fund, while his prior experience and business acumen have helped him navigate the competitive world of finance with ease.

10. Ravi Modi of Vedant Fashions

Age- 45

Current Net Worth- $3.1 billion

Forbes Ranking- 957

Education- B.Com, St Xavier’s College Calcutta

Source of wealth- Readymade garments

ravi modi Youngest indian billionaires

Ravi Modi started a clothing company in Kolkata called Vedant Fashions back in 2002. He named it after his son and they make traditional Indian clothes that are popular for weddings.

Vedant fashion owns the famous brand Manyavar renowned for men’s kurtas, sherwanis, jackets, and women’s lehengas, sarees, and gowns. They’re doing really well and have over 600 stores in India and 11 in other countries. 

And guess what? In February 2022, Vedant Fashions became a public company and making Ravi Modi among the top youngest Indian billionaires.

11. Vikas Oberoi of Oberoi Realty Limited

Age- 52

Current Net Worth- $2.7 billion

Forbes Ranking- 1102

Education- Bachelor of Arts/Science from University of Mumbai

Source of Wealth- Real estate

vikas oberoi Youngest indian billionaires

Known for its luxurious suburban condos, Mumbai-based Oberoi Realty is headed by the property tycoon, Vikas Oberoi. 

The company is also listed on the BSE. 

Apart from the top-notch condominiums, Oberoi also owns a posh Westin hotel in suburban Mumbai. Adding to the show, Oberoi Realty is currently constructing the city’s very first Ritz-Carlton hotel and residences under Vikas Oberoi’s guidance.

“One can use the principles of karma to build a better brand and that is what we have tried to do.”

Vikas Oberoi

Conclusion for Top 11 Youngest Indian Billionaires

To sum it up, the top 11 youngest Indian billionaires featured in this blog are shining examples of how young entrepreneurs can achieve great success with hard work, determination, and innovation.

Their stories inspire the younger generation to aim high and dream big, and we can expect to see many more young billionaires emerge in the future as India continues to progress.

FAQs about Youngest Indian Billionaires

How many billionaires are in India?

India ranks third in the world in terms of the number of billionaires with 166 individuals holding this elite status as of January 2023, following the United States and China.

Who is youngest Indian billionaire?

Forbes India Rich List 2022 reveals that Nikhil Kamath, the founder of Zerodha, holds the title of the youngest Indian billionaire at the age of 35.

Which state has most billionaires in India?

As of September 2022, Mumbai (Maharashtra) is home to approximately 283 individuals with a net worth exceeding ten billion Indian rupees, making it the city with the highest number of entries on the country’s wealth list. Delhi and Bengaluru (Karnataka) followed with 185 and 89 entries, respectively.



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