What Is Keyword Cannibalization And How To Fix It Easily

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Cannibalization is a term that refers to the eating of one animal by another member of the same species!!


Did you get confused??

Why are we discussing about biological terms when this article is related to Digital Marketing??

Well, there is a connection!!

When we add the word Keyword with cannibalization, the term automatically becomes relatable.

Let’s find out What is Keyword Cannibalization and how can we deal with it easily…  

What Is Keyword Cannibalization??

Keyword Cannibalization a not so famous and often unnoticed term is an underestimated danger to the rankings of your website. 

You certainly need to know What is Keyword Cannibalization 

Keyword Cannibalization is an issue of having multiple pages who are competing to get rank for the same target Keyword.

People think that more the number of pages that rank for one target Keyword higher will be the rank of the website all in all.

Well, that’s a really big misconception!! 

Multiple pages ranking for the same target Keyword is a really bad sign as it confuses Google and might result in ranking an irrelevant page instead of the right page.

At the point when you have numerous pages positioning for a similar Keyword, you’re really contending with yourself.

Thusly, each page has a lower CTR, lessened power, and lower transformation rates than one merged page will have.

Is It A Serious problem??

Keyword Cannibalization is certainly a serious issue as Google won’t realize which page is the most pertinent for a particular Keyword if numerous pages wish to rank for a similar term.

Google will slither your site and will see dozen of various pages being “significant” for a similar Keyword. In any case, Google should pick between those pages the one that appears to be the most significant to the question.

In the event that you were hoping to pick up SEO esteem with this technique and rank your entire site higher gratitude to this Keyword, you get no opportunity. Besides, you pass up on other extraordinary SEO chances:

Transformation Rate: why burning through your time on various pages with a similar objective on the off chance that one of these is changing over better? You should concentrate your endeavors on one of these pages as opposed to burning through effort on lower-changing over variant focusing on similar traffic.

Content quality: on the off chance that you are focusing on various pages with a similar Keyword, they ought to likewise be about a similar subject. What you chance is copy content, low-quality substance, or duplicates and you are bringing down your odds to get referrals and connections.

Interior grapple content: on the off chance that you are focusing on various pages with a similar subject, you are passing up on opportunities to think the estimation of inside stay messages on one page.

Outer connections: outside connections can help the SEO estimation of a page focusing on one Keyword. Be that as it may, in the event that you have various pages focusing on a similar Keyword, at that point your outer connections will be part between those diverse presentation pages. You are in this manner sharing outer connection esteem among various pages as opposed to centering it onto one.

Considerably more than what you may think — pretty much every site that I have chipped away at in the previous times have some level of cannibalization that requires settling. It is difficult to assess how a lot of a solitary page may be kept down by this issue, as it includes a gathering of pages whose potential is being restricted. Thus, my recommendation is to treat this issue by investigating bunches of pages that have some level of cannibalization as opposed to single pages.

How To Identify The Affected Pages

Luckily, when you’ve distinguished the issue, fixing Keyword cannibalization is simple.

Recognizing Keyword cannibalization is as simple as making a Keyword framework.

solution for keyword cannibalizationJust make a spreadsheet that rundowns the entirety of your site’s significant URLs and their related Keywords.

Then again, you can utilize a Keyword mapping instrument, which may resemble this:


At the point when you’ve rattled off your URLs and their Keywords, run down the rundown and search for any copy sections.

On the off chance that you recognize any – particularly across center pages – you’re most likely experiencing Keyword cannibalization.

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to fix those pages!

Solutions for keyword cannibalization

Note that Keyword cannibalization can even happen if the metadata in your title labels appears to focus on a similar Keyword, so twofold check those as well.

In case you’re utilizing a position following an instrument, you may likewise need to accept this open door to look for flimsy substance and Keywords erroneously applied to an inappropriate page.

It’s a decent time to give your site a little TLC.

Effects On SEO

Tragically, Keyword cannibalization has some conceivably unfortunate ramifications for your SEO. Numerous individuals experiencing Keyword cannibalization aren’t even mindful that anything’s incorrect.

They may even be glad that one page is positioning in the fifth and 6th space for their focus on Keyword, without understanding that one definitive page would most likely position higher and convert better.

The useful results are clear, be that as it may: lost site traffic, inquiries prompting an inappropriate page, fluctuating SERP rankings, and eventually lost deals.

Why? Since:

1. You’re Diminishing the Authority of Your Page

Rather than having one profoundly definitive page, you’re parting your CTR to numerous decently significant pages.

Basically, you’ve transformed your pages into rivals and now you’re battling for online visits and SERP positions.

2. You’re Diluting Your Links and Anchor Text

Backlinks that could have gone to one merged wellspring of data are currently being part between (at least two) pages.

Correspondingly, your grapple content and inside connections are driving guests to numerous various pages rather than one legitimate page regarding the matter.

3. Google May Devalue the More Relevant Page

Keywords are one of the primary manners by which we help Google comprehend what our pages are about.

In the event that the entirety of your Keywords is the equivalent, Google attempts to comprehend which page is the best fit – and if your substance is excessively comparative, it may miss the point.

4. You’re Squandering Your Crawl Budget

Your slither spending plan is the occasions an internet searcher arachnid creeps your site in a given timespan.

Having numerous pages given to a similar Keyword brings about the creeping and ordering of pages that aren’t required. (Note: little locales presumably won’t see a distinction or ever need to stress over their creep spending plan, yet enormous online business destinations or merchants with various items will see a distinction.)

5. It’s a Sign of Poor Page Quality

Different pages focusing on a similar Keyword tells your clients that your substance is most likely extended meager, and it likewise flags Google that your substance may not coordinate your Keywords on each page.

6. Your Conversion Rate Will Suffer

Unavoidably one of your pages will change over superior to the rest.

Rather than guiding new guests to that page, and making it the most legitimate page conceivable, you’re rather losing potential leads when they land on less significant pages.

How To Make This Right??

How you settle Keyword cannibalization relies upon the base of the issue.

As a rule, the issue is essentially one of association, yet especially difficult cases may expect you to break out the 301s or new greeting pages.

Here are five potential arrangements.

1. Rebuild Your Website

The least complex arrangement is regularly to take your most definitive page and transform it into a presentation page that connects to another one of kind varieties that fall under the umbrella of your focused on Keywords.

In the event that we come back to our shoe-item model, it may bode well to make “shoes” our accepted source page and connect the entirety of the more explicit varieties back to it.

2. Make New Landing Pages

On the other hand, you may come up short on a point of arrival that unites the entirety of your item pages in a single spot.

Right now, advantage from making a novel point of arrival to fill in as your definitive source page and connection to the entirety of your varieties from that point.

3. Combine Your Content

In the event that your pages aren’t remarkable enough to warrant having different pages focusing on a similar Keyword, think about consolidating them into one page.

This is an opportunity to take two failing to meet expectations pages and transform them into an increasingly definitive source. It might likewise comprehend slender substance issues.

4. Find New Keywords

At long last, in case you’re as of now honored with profoundly different, content-rich pages, and the main thing your site is experiencing is a foolish Keyword methodology, perhaps you should simply discover new Keywords.

Simply ensure your Keywords precisely portray your page’s substance.

5. Utilize 301 Redirects

While I by and large exhort against utilizing such a large number of 301s (see my rundown of the 10 Most Harmful Mobile SEO Mistakes), they may be important on the off chance that you as of now have different pages positioning for similar terms.

Utilizing 301s permits you to merge your tore up content by connecting the entirety of the less important pages to a solitary, progressively legitimate rendition.

Psyche however that this strategy is reasonable just for pages with comparative substance and those coordinating explicit Keyword questions.

These five arrangements will fix most instances of Keyword cannibalization, however, on the off chance that you deal with a web-based business site, you ought to be especially mindful so as to take note of how your CMS isolates items with variable sizes and hues. A few CMS programs make separate pages for each item variety.

On the off chance that your CMS is sorting out items like this, you ought to either limit copy pages from being listed utilizing robots.txt or <meta name=”robots” content=”noindex”> labels, or you should utilize standard URLs to combine connect signals for the copy content.


Keyword cannibalization is more pervasive today than any other time in recent memory.

Unexpectedly, its unfortunate casualties are typically website admins who perceive the significance of SEO for their business, yet while they plan to upgrade their webpage, they don’t completely see how to ‘communicate in’ Google’s language.

Luckily, if your site is tearing up its own objective Keywords, arrangements aren’t difficult to find, and the harm isn’t perpetual.

With the correct apparatuses and a ‘can-do’ frame of mind, you can give your SEO a merited lift.

The vast majority of the occasions, it is simply an issue of utilizing the most legitimate methodology while considering other SEO components, for example, backlinks, crawlability, and substance duplication.

On the off chance that conceivable, consistently test your progressions first before applying it at the site-wide level or making them perpetual.


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