What Is Influencer Marketing And How Do Marketers Use It

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If you are an active digital marketer then might be familiar with the term called Influencer Marketing or maybe not, well even if you don’t know What is Influencer Marketing?? you don’t need to worry about it!!

It’s never too late to learn and this is the right time for you to learn about one of the most important types of marketing in today’s world which is known as Influencer Marketing.

Further, in this article, I will be talking about every small and big aspect of Influencer Marketing to help you get a clear view of this kind of marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing??

Influencer Marketing is a type of marketing which focuses on using the key leaders and celebrities for spreading a brand’s message to the larger market by promoting it on their personal social media platforms.

In short, instead of marketing your product directly to a large group of customers you inspire them by hiring and paying the influencers to get the word out for you.

Influencer Marketing goes hand-in-hand with two other very important types of marketing namely Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing.

Every Influencer marketing campaign has a relation with Social Media Promotion in some or the other way because the Influencers use their personal social media channels to promote the brands.

what is influencer marketing

In the same way, there are some campaigns in which brands carry certain content elements and either the influencers are asked to create those contents on themselves or sometimes companies create it on their own.

All in all, Influencer marketing cannot exist without content and social media marketing.

All of this sounds quite an easy task right?? But, no this is not at all easy after being one of the trendiest things in the world of marketing this Influencer Marketing remains to be a grey area for many brands in the matter of overall marketing strategies.

Hey, wait just relax we are here to help you through this so just stay calm and keep reading!!

What Works In Influencer Marketing??

Different people will tell you different things about Influencer Marketing, some people will give the answer to what is influencer marketing and some will complicate it even more!!

what is influencer marketing

This is a common problem that all the freshers face whenever they start with something new but you don’t need to worry about it, I have tried to list almost all the important aspects which will probably help you in running a successful Influencer Marketing campaign:

1. Organize Your Strategies

Influencer Marketing campaign requires strategies and lots of research, in the first place you need to decide the particular network you want to focus on.

It is preferable to stick to one network in the starting and once you get yourself established on that network then you can certainly expand yourself on other networks as well.

The industry that you want to be in also holds much importance and you must select your platform according to your niche. For Example: if you are interested in Fashion and Lifestyle then you must focus on Instagram and Youtube, if you more into entertaining people and doing mimicries then you must go for Tik Tok, and you have many more platforms promoting different industries.

Then you must also know about which type of influencers you want i.e. you want to go with celebrities or people with high following or you are fine with the micro-influencers having a following of 2000 or below.

After you are done with all the research and strategy making work now you are ready to step up to the 2nd level which is planning your budget.

2. Plan Your Budget

Now since you have figured everything about the industry you want to work in and the type of influencers you want to work with, therefore, now it’s time for you to plan your budget accordingly.

Before anything else, you must know that if you go for celebrities to get your brand promoted then it might cost you a huge amount of money whereas if you stick to micro-influencers, then they would even accept products and promote your brand in return.

You must understand the fact that the influencers are also humans they are no automated machines that will work exactly as per the schedule and they usually manage multiple contracts at the same time, therefore, they might get late in fulfiling the commitments or might make some mistake while posting or adding a call-to-action button

3. See If The Influencer Is The Right Choice For Your Ad 

After making all the strategies and planning all the budget now it’s time you must decide what type of influencer will be the best for your campaign. Once you are done with finding the best type of influencer you want to work with then it comes to the process of selecting the best one for yourself according to you…

But how to select the best influencer for your campaign?? Well, there are a set of questions that will give you the answer to this question. Ask yourself the following questions to ensure you identify the right person:

  1. Does the lifestyle of this influencer fit for your brand?
  2. Have they worked with any competitors before?
  3. Is my target audience active on the platform/ channel the influencer works on?
  4. Does working with this influencer make sense for my budget?
  5. Has this influencer actually used any of my products and/ or services before?
  6. Does this person have a personality I want to work with?
  7. What will this influencer expect from me?
  8. Whom does this influencer’s current lifestyle addresses?

Once you get a “YES” to the first six questions and appropriate answers to the last two questions, you will definitely succeed in finding the best influencer for your campaign.

Moving on to the next most important aspect of influencer marketing!!!!

4. Your Pitch Should Be Real

Make sure you keep yourself very real, i.e. don’t promise anything that you can’t fulfil to your influencer as this may spoil your reputation in the near future.

Comparing yourself and your work with other people’s work and achievements is not going to take you anywhere, therefore, to become successful in life you are supposed to stay loyal and real to yourself as well as to the influencers you work with.

Keeping your pitch real will help you retain your campaigns and influencers for a longer period of time.

5. Keep Changing Your Strategy

You might have heard it some time that change is a constant thing in life and thus you too need to keep changing your strategies in order to beat your competitors and stay on the top regularly.

To keep running a successful campaign again and again all you need to do is make strategies, execute them, check the result you get using those strategies, and then change the strategies.

In my last article about the business model of Amazon also I told you all about the experimenting nature of Jeff Bezos, which made Amazon so successful that it has competitors left to compete with them in the present time.

Similarly, you also need to have to start experimenting with new strategies in your business to explore more opportunities of becoming successful for yourself and your business.

what is influencer marketing

So these were the basic yet most important aspects of running a successful influencer marketing campaign!!! But then you can’t invest your money in something new without even knowing the chances of it’s success, this leads us to our next topic which is about how to become successful in influencer marketing in the near future.

How To Become A Successful Digital Marketer

Influencer Marketing is going to be the next biggest evolution of the digital world and it won’t be wrong to say that it would be very difficult for people to survive and become successful in this field in the near future.

Influencer Marketing, in short, will be influencing a huge amount of people altogether and will become the trendiest platform for marketing soon.

So, how will you become successful in this field in the coming time with so much of competition??, Well, here is the answer!!! I have tried to list all possible things for becoming successful in influencer marketing:

1. Start Right Now 

Always remember there is no tomorrow, the best time to start your career in Influencer Marketing is right now since, right now influencer marketing is a fresh platform not many people know about it, therefore, it would be easier for you to get established and successful on this platform right now.

With not so much of competition you can become a successful influencer marketer in the present time otherwise with it won’t be so easier as the rate at which it is increasing is exponentially increasing and in order to stay in the competition will be next to impossible, therefore, I would suggest you to start promoting your brand using influencer marketing as soon as possible.

what is influencer marketing

2. Stay Updated

Influencer Marketing is all about trends and staying updated with all the trends of your industry will not only help you find the most appropriate influencer for your campaign but will also help you in finding out your competitor’s approach for the same products so you can make better strategies to beat them at their competition.

3. Go With Micro-Influencers

The world is changing and so are we humans and our capabilities and smartness of doing things the right way, therefore, I would suggest you bring the change as the others are changing as well.

Since nowadays the large influencers having thousands of followers are not judged on the number of followers they have as the brands are becoming smart and they know that followers can also be bought as thus they focus on the engagement ratio of the posts of the influencers.

Large influencers might have a large number of followers but thee engagement ratio is low whereas the micro-influencers have a less number of followers but their engagement rato stays always to the point as they interact with their audiences often, therefore, their audience trust them more than the audience of the large influencers and so they can bring more profit to your campaign in less money.

4. Don’t expect results overnight

You must have heard the quote that “Rome was not built in a day”, therefore, you must realize that your campaign will also not give you fruitful results overnight, it is a process and thus completes itself slowly and steadily.

You are supposed to have patience and wait for your results and keep working to improve your work more and more to get better results as influencer marketing is not a quick-rich scheme of digital marketing that will bring your company lots of profit instantly.

5. Build Long Term Relationships

You can’t be professional every time sometimes you also need to be friendly with the influencers working with you as we all know that influencer marketing won’t bring you fruitful results overnight and so I would advise you to stay friendly instead of being professional and bossy with the influencers you work with to get better and more fruitful results in the future.

what is influencer marketing


So, this was all that you need to know about influencer marketing and how to become successful by using influencer marketing.

Since. influencer marketing is the latest revolution of digital marketing and so opting this field to make your company a brand and become successful as a company will be a good idea for you all in all.

I hope all your doubts regarding Influencer marketing must have been solved in this article and if not then you may feel free to leave your doubts in the comment section below.


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