How to Use Quora for Keyword Research and Content Marketing

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Have you ever wanted a platform where you could generate the best traffic to your content and do the keyword research, then quora is best suited for this problem? There are many other uses of this application but if you use quora for keyword research and content marketing then you will find the great results in the traffic even years of content marketing efforts. 

It is an effective and most overlooked tool, though having 300 million monthly active users on the site when done right gives the most amazing results to your website. 

Now you must be equally excited to know more about quora. Let’s find out.

In this guide, you must be studying-

  • What quora is?
  • Why one should use quora?
  • Why and how to use quora for content marketing and keyword research 

quora for keyword research and content marketing

What is quora?

Quora is a question-answer based application or community that allows people to ask questions and they get appropriate answers by the experts. 300 million-plus active users are there who are experiencing and using this helpline to get their answers as the answered explained have the touch of emotions. 

There must be something different with this application as people are preferring quora for their answers and not simple google.

As in the above picture, you can see people are asking questions related to anxiety and the experts who have experienced themselves and have been the anxiety service have answered the questions which is something different from normal others. 

Why one should use quora?quora for keyword research and content marketing


Quora provides tremendous traffic on the website for businesses and companies. People use this platform as they get very good traffic just by answering questions. You won’t believe that around 600 million users come on the website to ask questions and get proper answers. This gives a very healthy traffic to you which is very important for the business. There are multiple ways to use quora-

  1. Get more traffic- first of all, it is one of the best platform to get traffic for your website or any other blogs you have posted on your site, will get a good amount of traffic. 
  2. High-quality traffic- many people have the experience of having a more healthy traffic compare to twitter or Facebook. People really visit and the bounce rates decreases and the conversion rates increase. People you will get will be genuine who tends to spend more time on your website. 
  3. Boost your authority- quora is the best platform to showcase and demonstrate your knowledge. It boosts the authority in your niche and helps to increase social influencer status. 
  4. Learn more about your audience-one of the reason that this platform is consistent and has an increased number of audiences is that they give real answers to the real questions. This can be helpful to learn more about your audience as what they need, what type of questions they ask, what kind of audience are there and so on. 

Thus, now we will be explaining how to use quora for keyword research and content marketing. 

Quora as keyword research

quora for keyword research and content marketing


There are many tools that can be used to do keyword research, but if you use quora then you can find relevant keywords of your niche and even long-tail keywords. And when those long-tail keywords are question-based then there is a great chance which people search on google. And when you will come with your answers then you will get a good amount of traffic on your content. 

When you are on quora, use the search bar at the top of the page to find the topic. Let’s say for example you run a business of a digital marketing company and you want information related to on-page SEO 

If you type on-page SEO on the search bar then you will find a list of questions asked related to this topic. 

Now further you can start answering the questions which are being asked related to your business by creating your own content. 

Let’s be more specific-

1- find questions that are not answered yet, or you may find the questions which are being asked again and again and you can make the content on that specific question. 

2-find questions that are being asked frequently or the most. If a question has a lot of answers then there is nothing wrong with that. You can always write your own answers and you never know what points you add which audience might like and your answer becomes inspirational t the audience.

3-you can create content on the famous answers, don’t copy them, always try to add your content in the answers. 

4-find specific topics with the most viewed writers, this is a great place to find further long-tail keyword ideas. 

Now that you know how to use quora for keyword research, you can create content and can use the keyword for the optimization. To get more data, you can find keywords on other tools like SEMrush. by this, you will get to learn more about Quora for keyword research and content marketing. 

Quora as content marketing

quora for keyword research and content marketing

Quora is a great platform where you can showcase your content marketing skills. the list of benefits are-

1-Community Insights- The first thing you have to clear is that it is a community-based platform and you get an opportunity to write the answers which are understandable to the audience.

2-Testing different topics- You can use Quora as a source to test different topics before you write about it. there are approximately 4,00,000 topics that increase with each passing year.

3- Flexibility is Usage- The usage of Quora is very easy and it is flexible to use as this is not based upon specific businesses and entrepreneurs. you can customize your content according to your choice and can be used by all types of businesses.

4- Evergreen Content- Have you ever faced a situation where you asked something on google and found a Quora question in results? thus, it is very common where people have entered the answers a while ago but people use to search and connect with the answers after a time. so the content you upload is evergreen and cant get outdated. Therefore Quora is best suited for keyword research and content marketing.


quora for keyword research and content marketing

The general rule of Quora is to help people with the questions, but if you are doing it for the traffic, links and other purposes then you might be doing in the wrong way. Try to attract people with your content and traffic will automatically increase. Try to make your content more informative and productive rather than just taking it lightly and not using it. now you know what is Quora and how to use Quora for keyword research and content marketing. Tell us which tips you actually used and what further tips for Quora for keyword research and content marketing you heard. We would love to hear them.


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