Facebook Marketing: How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business

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Facebook Marketing: How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business

Facebook Marketing has been in demand lately.

It’s been more than 10 years since people have been using Facebook.

Around 15% of the total population uses this social media platform on a regular basis consistently for 50 minutes.

Facebook Marketing has been the winner of social media marketing among all the other social media sites and is continuing to be the same.

No matter if you have a big corporate business or a small start-up, Facebook Marketing proves itself to be a very useful social media marketing tool for both.


Facebook Marketing


So, let’s discuss how to promote your business using Facebook Marketing.

1. Make The Most Out Of Your Facebook Business Page

You can gain a lot of profit using Facebook Marketing if you know the right ways of promoting your brand.

Wait, you don’t know how to set up a Facebook Business Page??

No worries, let’s first discuss setting up a Business Page then.


Facebook Business Page for Facebook Marketing


  • Creating A Facebook Page

Generally, people create their profiles on Facebook and not on pages.

But, if you are planning to promote your brand then you have to make a Facebook Marketing Business Page.

These pages look exactly similar to the profiles but they display all the vital information related to your brand instead of your personal details.

There are 6 different categories from which you have to choose the category suitable for your company.

Further, you have to mention if you own a company, an organization, or an institution.

Your official page is associated with your personal profile, though, your personal information is never displayed on your official pages unless you allow.

Once, you set up your page Facebook will automatically give you tips of customizing your page before making it visible to people.

After you are done with the setting up part then, you might set the profile, and cover picture, and customize your notifications.

At last, introduce your co-workers and team along with their positions by setting up the roles, and finally, you have your fully customized Facebook Business Page ready.


How to create Facebook Business Page for Facebook Marketing


  • Use your Facebook Business Page In The Best Ways Possible

Facebook can be the best Social Media Management Tool for businesses.

These pages not only allows you to identify your brand but also gives you the privilege to share links, posts, and videos.

Your posts and content should strictly be focused on the topics your users like, this is a platform where can make the identity of your company along with showing your human side to your users.

A mixture of humorous, knowledgeable, and entertaining posts are supposed to be ideal for any Business Page.


Facebook Marketing Business Page

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook Marketing has it’s own advertising program in the name of Facebook Ads, which are precisely referred to as Marketplace Ads.

These ads generally contain a headline, an image, and a click-through link redirected to either the Facebook app or to some other website.

You should execute the Facebook Ads into your Facebook Marketing Strategy as it might help you gain more likes, and traffic on your page.

Facebook Ads have a number of features like the demographic target on age, group, and interests.

It has the ability to set ad budgets, run split testing on your page, and has Social Media Analysis Tools already built in it.

Using Facebook Ads Strategy for increasing traffic on your page can be very beneficial for your brand.


Facebook Ads strategy for Facebook Marketing


3. Make Your Marketing Strategy

The most important part of building a successful marketing strategy is knowing your followers in every way possible, their likes, their dislikes, everything for that matter.

There are various steps of building your marketing strategy some of them are mentioned below.

Understand your Facebook Audience

Take some time and evaluate your “buyer persona” in order to know your audience properly.

Now, what is this “buyer persona”??

Well, buyer persona refers to an imaginative representation of your ideal customer which helps you understand your target audience in a better way.

You interview a mixture of non-similar customers, and referrals to fetch all of their information i.e. their past experiences in the industry, their challenges, their strategies, their goals, etc.

Having all of this information about your persona will help you prepare your posts, and content according to their choice.


Buyer Persona: Ideal Buyer or the Company for facebook marketing


Keep A Look On Audience Insights

Facebook Marketing has a feature for its users that helps them to understand their customers in a better way, which is known as Audience Insights.

This feature gives you demographic information about your audience and competitors.

It was mainly launched to make ads targeting better but know it is also useful for social media profile managers, and content creators.

These insights show you the smallest of the small information like location, age, device type on Facebook itself.


Audience Insights for better Facebook Marketing

Social Media Content Calendar Can Be Of Great Help

It gets very difficult to share posts, contents, and stay active on all Social Media platforms at the same time.

So, social media managers use social media calendar for this purpose. It is a kind of Social Media Management Tool.

It is a spreadsheet where you write all your contents and posts in advance and set them to be posted at different time intervals.

This helps you not only to maintain your sanity but also helps you keep a track of all your posts, links, and messages.

A nice social media content calendar must have tabs for each social media platform, columns for links, messages, character count, etc, and it should have a monthly view to plan bigger campaigns.


 Social media calendar for facebook marketing

Facebook Exchange

This feature of Facebook Marketing helps it’s users to retarget their users via Facebook ads through real-time bidding.

It allows the advertisers sponsored to target the audience depending upon their web history data.

For Example, if a user visits a website and likes a product from that site, but due to certain reasons the user is unable to buy it then the retailer can retarget that user and display the ad of the brand on Facebook with FBX.

Earlier, FBX ads were downgraded and were only visible on the side columns, but now they can be viewed on the news feed as well.

The Click Through Rate of Facebook Exchange Ads is lesser than that of other web retargeting ads like those sponsored by Google.

So, the cost-per-click of FBX are comparatively cheaper, and the profit will depend on your business’s need.


So, this was all about Facebook Marketing and it’s super fun to do after you know the process and strategies.

After reading this article there is probably nothing that could stop anyone from becoming successful.

Facebook Marketing requires proper Strategy and once you know the strategies, nobody can stop you from becoming a good marketer.

So, what is the problem?? Go, create a page, make all your strategies as per your industry and start promoting your brand.


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