Best Tools For SEO Audit For A Better Website Analysis

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The website auditing has no more remained a joke. Working on it and getting it done right one requires a lot of research, resources and time to make it impactful. A different kind of skill is required for the auditing process, as the auditor has to go through hundreds of pages with his keen eye skill to audit the website successfully and for this, every auditor chooses the top tools for the SEO Audit process to make it more convenient and easy to use.

When you type “top tools for SEO audit “in Google, it will show you 1, 70000 results in 0.45 seconds.

You’ll see a lot of options for the top tools for SEO audit by using different tools and techniques. As they are in a comprehensive state, they usually are not organized as per your taste or work you wanted to do. Moreover, it does not ensure which tool is good for which part of the website for the audit.

A website auditing has four core areas which are as follows:

  1. Technical
  2. On-page
  3. Off-page
  4. Competitor analysis

As the website audit has different aspects, one should be very clear about the choice he or she makes on this auditing process. An SEO audit tool, on the other hand, has made the work of auditors easier. They do not have to do manual checks on every web page. today, one can easily do audit stuff in a more proficient and effective way with the help of the top SEO audit tool.

As far as the top SEO audit tool audit is concerned, you always tend to find it on Google, about the various pros and cons of the concerned tool. But wait, we have done that for you and today we will discuss some of the topmost SEO audit tools which are always on the top for their better optimization and results.

The prepared list is as per the latest leader board of top tools for SEO Audit by Google.


This top SEO audit tool is like a mini-lab for your website health. Here you can easily check your website’s health as the system of this audit tool can recognize 110+ technical issues, which ranges from critical errors to less-pressing matter. It fixes all type of issues which hampers your website rankings like broken links, redirects, images or entire CSS and JavaScript files, etc. all can be recognized and fixed at the time.

When any kind of issue creeps in your website, you don’t need to Google that issue and find the remedy or fix it. You can directly go to the ahrefs audit tool dashboard and can quickly examine the webpage, which will find your issue and provide help to fix it as soon as possible. This top SEO audit tool is cloud-based, which means you don’t have to install any type of bulky software to your computer for the audit process

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis

The examining of websites in ahrefs is all based on the size of the webpage you want to examine, but in all respect, the scanning of websites goes quite fast. It can crawl from each and every point of your webpage to give you the all total health of your page .no page will remain unchecked and you will get a picture clear image for your site’s health.

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis


Screaming frog is mainly used for the full page scanning at once on your desktop. If you are looking for such stuff that can at once scan your whole page then, a screaming frog -top SEO audit tool is one such tool. It is more like a crawling tool rather than a complete audit tool, screaming frog crawls over your page and presents every problem related to your webpage at once.

Screaming frog presents 30 parameters on which complete auditing of the website can be done in a precise manner.  Some parameters are as follows:  Meta descriptions, outlines, response time, anchor text, security, etc

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis

Screaming frog is a good option whether you have a single page to scan or 500 pages to scan in one turn. The tool scans and returns with a complete report of over 30 aspects and parameters to check your website in a proficient and great way.


Seomater is an online top SEO audit tool that scans your webpage and gives you a complete comprehensive analysis report of your scanned webpage. You can download or upload the comprehensive result of the occurring problems and scores. You can check and fix the problems in a relevant way to boost your SEO performance.

If you need a quick and concrete analysis of your webpage, then seomater is the best and first choice you can make.  This seomater is the best-embedded top SEO audit tool you can use to gain new leads to boost your sales performance. Seomater has monitoring alerts option for the scheduled crawling if you are not in touch with your laptop, it automatically crawls over your page and presents the result.

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis

Moreover, seomater provides a different domain for comparison tool, where you can easily compare the two competitors’ websites in just 10 minutes and can arrive in a decision about the SEO optimization of the webpage and improvements.


It is the free website auditing tool that reports the critical errors in your webpage and further also recommends the ways you can fix the problems regarding your webpage shortcomings.  It will help your rank evaluation for better judgment of the optimization you require.

You can easily download the chrome extension of this audit tool and can start working on your website pages one at a time.

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis


Deepcrawl is designed to scan a large number of webpages at one time. It is well suited for large companies or firms which have a lot of webpages to be scanned in less time. Deepcrawl provides you with in-depth reports and can crawl up to millions of pages to examine or recognize errors.

It returns with reports about your webpage health and generates a brief knowledge about your competitors’ site- structure, content and social media marketing.

Furthermore, deepcrawl also provides you with the auto-scheduling crawling tasks, that you can customize according to your company’s needs and requirements. It allows the user to customize various aspects like set the metrics for content, webpage load time, links, titles, and URL lengths, etc.

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis

You can assign tools to do your employees, create support tickets, and keep track of your website performance from time-to-time.

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis6. ALEXA SITE AUDIT

The last option in the list is the Alexa site top SEO  audit tool which helps the owners to figure out and fix problems of their site with respect to their parameters.

It provides keyword suggestions and backlink reports which are mainly based on the data of the Alexa audit tool.

The generated result is formatted and modified to give its user an easy-to-be-read format where the user can read it and fix the errors accordingly.

Best Tools For SEO Audit For Website Analysis


In addition to these tools, you need to combine some advanced analytics tools for marketing that will assess your website and give you the better result which can make your site stand out from the heck of superfluous websites and make you distinct from other competitors.

You need to have this combination and share it with the right SEO team for the relevant optimization. Further, take suitable steps to boost your marketing business. the need for the top SEO audit tool has become the next need of this digital-driven business ideas. this article is one such compendium of top SEO audit tools to make you familiar with the audit tools available around you.


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