Role of Digital Marketing and Why You Should Invest In Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing – Making Businesses Effortless

Digital Marketing was born around the 1980s as the computers evolved to store bulks of information digitally. Its been around four decades since the discovery but digital marketing is expanding at an exponential rate.

Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing can be regarded as a subset of traditional marketing by using enhanced/ modern channels like the use of the internet, search engines, mobile devices, display advertising, social media, short messaging systems and other channels to reach the customers. Digital marketing definition, in other words –

“Using various forms of digital media to promote brands, is termed as Digital marketing.”

Digital Marketing

Classifications of Digital Marketing

The main areas and techniques of digital marketing are:

 E-mail marketing –  Email marketing is considered as the best return on investment as it attracts the maximum amount of consumers. This is a target based Digital marketing process in which the database of users is being picked up by various web pages and newsletter where the user has given permission to be contacted. An Email is sent to such users describing all the features of the product and in case the users are interested they can contact on the provided link or number as per convenience. The bulk Email logic trend is now being replaced by the of the creation of individualized email contacts. This can be done either manually and also by using software that work on machine learning analyzing all the criteria of the user.

Display advertising: As the name indicates term display advertising refers to the use of graphics or video elements for advertising any product. It is to be noted that display advertising does not compulsorily needs the internet but can be done offline also. Display advertising is the display of an advertisement of your product at any place where it can be noticed like a digital billboard, banners or even online pop-up advertising on mobiles, laptops or tablets.

Search engine marketing / SEO: ‘Search engine marketing’ or ‘Search engine optimization’ is the latest an effective way of digital marketing as the marketing is done with the aid of search engines like Google, Bing, etc. It can be referred to as the process of using various techniques that helps in favoring the positioning of your website on the search engine result page. It is an organic way of reaching to a targeted audience of your choice.

web analysis (web analytics):  It is the study of the impact of a website on its users. Web analytics focuses on all the minute details regarding any website. This analysis helps the user to get an idea as to how the e-commerce business is going and what are the areas that need amends. Some of the analytics are:

  • The number of visitors on the website
  • Keywords search on the site’s search engine that brought them here
  • How they came to your website either by following a link or by typing the HTML address.
  • Time spent by a user on a given page
  • Time spent by a user on the entire site
  • The total number of visitors and from where they logged in.

Affiliation marketing – Affiliation is the principle by which any commercial website in order to promote its products offers a network of affiliate partner sites or services through an Image linking, banners, references or text links. In this process, the link provided by the host website directly provides a backlink to its associated website. This is an easy and convenient process and directly links favor both the host and the associated website by increasing the traffic.

Content marketing: Content from various books and magazines have now evolved digitally to appear on a website and collectively this type of marketing is known as content marketing. Content marketing aims to provide the customers with a number of useful relevant or fun content that they get indulged in and after that, they provide a backlink to the websites which in turn acts as a great marketing strategy. This serves as a massive step in building an organic SEO and also increases the traffic on the websites.

The social and viral marketing: Social media and viral marketing is the biggest platform for digital marketing. It aims at using social media as a platform to and advertises the product here only although you might not get direct results. But your product will remain in the mind of the customers when they wish to opt for any such products. This is a very reliable and affordable way of digital marketing and provides you with results.

Mobile marketing: It is the summation of all the digital marketing based on the usage of mobile devices generally smartphones. Mobile marketing can further be defined as all digital marketing actions undertaken in a situation of mobility. Mobile marketing adds up all the digital marketing strategies and provides with the desired results.

Digital Marketing

An Ideal Digital Marketing Strategy

It is to be noted that Digital Marketing is just not a piece of cake. The online world can seem intimidating for a start-up or small business owners. Here are a few Digital marketing strategies or a series of actions that will prove beneficial and will help you achieve your goals using digital marketing.

  • Analyze all the resources and set a goal:

For an ideal digital marketing strategy the primary step, to begin with, analyze all the resources you have. Consult with all your employees and confirm their availability before starting any project. Also, contact the inventory and ensure the ample amount of required materials.

Setting up a goal is very beneficial as it serves as a guiding path. Try to analyze all the key points before deciding on a goal as there can be various factors like internet traffic that constantly varies the digital marketing. You must have the right digital tools to measure the effectiveness of your digital strategy which is peculiar for various business.

  • Build a Targeted Audience:

Now comes a very responsible step in digital marketing strategy, that is to identify your customers. Finding a potential customer online is similar to finding a needle in a haystack, we should not rely on hard work but prefer smart work instead. Try to collect as much relevant data as you can get and try to use online analytics tools like Google Analytics. Build up a checklist containing various criteria and preferences you wish to opt.

When targeting your customer you should be aware of the following:

  1. Location
  2. Age
  3. Job/Student/Retired
  4. Bachelor/Married
  5. Monthly/annual income

Filter out all the irrelevant data and Select all the potential customers according to data and proceed.

  • Implementation:

If the above digital marketing strategy has been successfully met then comes the implementation. Try building a website that contains information about your business and also provides all the necessary details required. The content is the heart of digital marketing so try and provide the best you can. whether it’s your ‘About Us’ page, your product descriptions, blog posts, ebooks, infographics, or social media posts. Pay very special attention to the “About us” page as it reflects the whole organization and helps convert your website visitors into probable customers. The SEO of such page will and helps to raise your brand’s reputation online and boost the visitors on your page.

  • Improve:

There should be regular Audit of your websites and with the use of web analytics and other similar tools to identify gaps in your existing websites. While the audit especially focuses on the following points:

  • The number of visitors on the website
  • Keywords search on the site’s search engine that brought them here
  • How they came to your website either by following a link or by typing the HTML address.
  • Time spent by a user on a given page
  • Time spent by a user on the entire site
  • The total number of visitors and from where they logged in.

Why should you invest in Digital Marketing to get Customers?


  • Cost-effective way

Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective way to expand and promote your business. Digital marketing only requires an internet connection and proper planning to make it functional and successful. The biggest reason why you should invest in digital marketing because you only have to advertise your product to a limited targeted audience, so the whole process can be achieved at a much lower cost than traditional marketing methods. The best part is that there are no additional hidden costs in digital marketing except time.

  • Allows you to reach the target buyers directly

Another big reason why you should invest in digital marketing is that Digital Marketing allows you to reach your targeted audience and that results in the hike in the conversion rates. Your time and resources are also saved as you only have to be concerned with a limited audience. The search engine optimization (SEO) allows you to reach those consumers who are browsing the internet for content and topics that are relevant to your business.

  •  Social media marketing

According to a report, about one-third of the earth’s population that is around 2.4 billion people, use social media platforms daily. Digital Marketing strives in providing a vast Social media marketing platform which in turn helps in gaining traffic or attention through various social media websites. The reason why you should invest in digital marketing is that your business is now exposed to the biggest market in the world that is the internet through which you can reach to the potential customers at various parts of the world and this would not have been possible using the traditional marketing strategies.

  • Trackable, measurable results

How beneficial it would be if you are able to analyze the effectiveness of your marketing campaign and to measure your success over time. Digital Marketing allows you to obtain detailed information about the response of your customers towards your website and also guides you to allocate your marketing resources and budget effectively.

  •  Practically unlimited reach

A big reason why you should invest in digital marketing is that it empowers your business to new heights by providing a worldwide reach and enables you to do business overseas with just a few clicks. Digital marketing allows you to trade globally and find new markets to promote your business all around the world.

  • Accessible 24/7/365

Unlike a store or an inventory, Digital Marketing is not time bound and can be easily accessed at any time of the day. The users can access the website as per their convenience whenever they wish to and they also do not need to go to any shop but can do business easily sitting in comfort on their couch or their bed.

  • Improved conversion rates

Digital Marketing provides you with an exponential increase in the conversion rate as the customers do not have to make a phone call, or go to a shop to purchase the product but instead do it conveniently selecting and purchasing the product of choice all at the same places. So to invest in digital marketing is directly proportional to increasing the sale and conversion rate of your business.

  • Convenient to handle for both parties

Digital Marketing also eliminates the necessity to stay formal as any individual, customer or owner can easily access the website and services from any place and at any time as per convenience and receive all the necessary details at one single platform. Customer and seller interaction is also very easy and they can easily interact with each other and payment methods are also very convenient.

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