How To Use Google Analytics To Increase Your Website Traffic

In my last article, I told you about “What is Google Analytics??”, so to finish the topic in this article, I will tell you “How to use Google Analytics??”

Google Analytics helps us increase the traffic of our website in a number of ways but only if we know how to make the best out of it.

It is a must for us to learn “How to use Google Analytics” but before learning anything like this you must also know the reason for using Google Analytics!!

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Should You Use Google Analytics??

Google Analytics is a free analytical tool that helps you look deeply into your website or app performance. 

It combines all the Google’s marketing tools like Google Ads, Search Console, etc. making it worthy of being people’s choice. 

So I would definitely say that every brand wishing to make their online presence must use Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Reports


As, if you want to have a lot of data and most importantly if you have the ability to analyze that data then my dear friend Google Analytics is the perfect tool for you.

Though Google Analytics is a time taking, and hard working job but it gives you everlasting and best of the best results.

I know that this does not satisfy your curiosity of knowing, How to use Google Analytics but having basic knowledge is also a must.

So first, let’s discuss the versions of Google Analytics we get access to!!

Is Google Analytics Free??

How to use Google Analytics will be a valid question only after you know if you can afford to use the tool or not.

Google Analytics has both free as well as paid versions (commonly called Google Analytics 360).

The free version of Google Analytics is an ideally perfect tool for all the small and medium-sized businesses, whereas big brands need to use Google Analytics 360 to keep a track on their data.


Simple Google Analytics reports


As Google Analytics 360 provides you with the advance funnel reporting, attribution modeling, roll-up reporting, dimensions, metric per property, and more in-depth views.


Google Analytics 360 suite reports


Getting the paid version will provide you the access to more dedicated support like your own personal account manager which makes the amount worth paying.

Though the subscription fees is not cheap, it starts at $150,000 per year and keeps increasing after your site starts receiving more than 1 billion monthly visits.

But, trust me all of this is worth a try if it is bringing you a great profit in the long run.

With this, I will introduce you the 7 most important features that will help you guide and solve your query of How to use Google Analytics!!

7 Google Analytics Features That Will Tell You How To Use Google Analytics

There are a number of features provided by Google Analytics but these 7 are the most important ones that you must always keep in mind while using Google Analytics to track your data.

1. Traffic Measurement

Do you think you are aware of the sources that are bringing you traffic?? 

Think about it for a while, it’s not about the number of traffic you’re getting it’s about the reason behind you getting that traffic!!


traffic measurement using google analytics


Not able to figure out?? Well, Google Analytics tells you about the links which are sending your users to your website.

You can keep track of the ads that are driving huge traffic to your website and can learn information about the visitors coming to your website. 

2. Goal Tracking

Google Analytics features give you the privilege to track your goals. It gives you access to measure one of the most critical metrics i.e. the conversions.

Now, what are conversions?? Well, conversions refer to the actions you want your users to take on your website like filling out a form, sign up for e-mail, completing a purchase, etc.


Conversions on Google Analytics


You must have different goals for different pages of your website, these goals can be anything like:

  • A destination where you want to take your users via that web page
  • The average duration of time you want your users to spend on a specified web page.
  • The number of pages a user must visit in a fixed time on your website.  
  • Interactions your users make on your website.


Goal Tracking on Google Analytics


These are some examples of goals you can set and then Google will track these goals to a view level, and once any of the users visiting your website fulfills any of the goals, it will automatically note it as a conversion.

3. Flow Visualization

There are two types of visualizations namely Funnel Visualization and Goal Flow Visualization.

Funnel Visualization is like a strict relative who makes you do things very systematically and in a disciplined way whereas Goal Flow Visualization is one of those relatives we love to be with.


funnel visualization in Google Analytics


In short Goal Flow Visualization gives you more liberty than the Funnel Visualization. 

It shows you all the sessions that ultimately took your user to the end goal i.e. your aimed web page.


goal flow visualization in google analytics


Goal Flow Visualization also tells you about the loopbacks which means that you will be notified when a user goes back to a previously visited song or refreshes the current one.

4. Bounce Rate

Well, bounce rate is a metric which measures the percent of people who visit any of the pages on your website for no good reason and do just nothing.

Such people don’t click on any of the internal links or any menu item on that page, due to which Google Analytics do not get any signal from the visitor which increases the bounce rate of your website in the Google Analytics reports.


bounce rate on google analytics


Bouncing of a user means that there has been no engagement with the homepage and the visitor ended the visit with the single-page visit. 

Bounce Rate can be used to measure the quality and effectiveness of the web page and the quality of your audience as well. 


ideal bounce rates on google analytics


A good Bounce Rate is one that every website aims to achieve, and it takes a lot of efforts to make get an ideally good Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate of every website depends on it’s niche so you must tally your site with other similar sites. 

5. Segmenting

This again is an amazing Google Analytics feature in which you can focus on minor parts of your data.

A segment is a small part of your data that you can create using Google Analytics based on 

The users who sign up for a consultation or bring traffic to your website by their actions.

All sessions that are generated from a particular campaign or visibility of a pricing page.


segmenting in google analytics


All the hits where the purchase was more than $85, or a specific product is added on the cart.

These are merely examples, there is no limit actually you can make as many segments as you want, depending upon your choice.

But, always remember that you can apply only four segments in one report.

6. Real-Time Report

Real-Time Report gives you the insight of the things happening in your website at a particular moment. 

It allows you to see the number of visitors presently active on your website and also gives you details about the pages being visited, and the social media platforms they are coming from, in the present moment.

Real-Time Reporting gives you all the essential pieces of information of your users be it their location, social media platforms they are using, and many more.


location real time reporting


Though this report is casually fun to check, it is considered to be of least value, but in reality, it is not, it has it’s significance in the following ways:

  • You can keep a check on the traffic you are getting from a new social or blog post. 
  • You can know immediately if a one-day sale is driving views or conversions.
  • Can make sure if the tracking URLs and custom events that you have just set up if they are working or not.


real time reports in Google Analytics


 This is how Real Time Reporting will help you keep track of your as well as your user’s data. 

7. Acquisition Reports

Acquisition Reports are the ones that break down your traffic of source into organic, referral, direct, social media, affiliate, display, and email categories. 

From all this traffic you can click on the channels you want to look into. 

Depending on each category you will see all different landing pages, sources that brought your visitors to your website, and the keywords which led the users to your website. 


acquisition reports in Google Analytics


It is useful in the cases when you wish to get every minute details about the ways people are coming to your website.

Acquisition reports are used for understanding how users reach your website which is the most basic step of planning your marketing and traffic increasing strategy.

So, these were the features that will help you increase the traffic of your website and will tell you How to use Google Analytics properly without any problem.

Do You Need To Add Google Analytics Code To Every Page

Well Well Well, I know you might be having this question in your head and I also know that it is a lot of manual work especially if your website comprises more than 50 pages, and what if you create more new pages??

So what should you do?? I would suggest you to just relax, and keep reading further!!!!

There is No need for adding Google Analytics Code to every page, all you need to do is just add the tag to the template of your every page. 


Google Analytics code


So, if you add the code on any one-page type on your site then you will be only required to add it to that module and it will be applied to every page.  

For Example: If you have two-page types then you need to paste the code into the two separate header modules. 

This will make your task much easier!!!


Now, I think you are clear about “How to use Google Analytics”, and this is how you can increase your traffic by using Google Analytics.

These Google Analytics features will help you increase your Google Ranking and the visibility of your website in the long run.

So, all I would ask you to do is just follow the steps mentioned above and keep a track of all the data coming to your website. 

I hope it will help you in all the ways possible for increasing your website traffic and bring you a lot of traffic. 

Wishing you a stroke of very good luck!!! 

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