9 Marketing Strategy For Restaurants Everyone Must Know

Do You Know that 80% of the restaurants fail in their first 5 years!!

Why do you think these restaurants fail in gaining success??

The reason behind this is that almost all the restaurant owners think that this is a passive source of income but, for that, you must know the exact costing of each unit of your product.

This is certainly one of the reasons for failure but yet this is not the main reason, the main reason is something which has brought you here on this page!!

Yes, the main and most deep reason is the failure of the restaurant’s marketing strategies especially the marketing strategies for the most important and trendiest platform of recent times i.e. Instagram.

90% of the restaurants that fail are the ones that don’t do proper marketing. Marketing is a major problem in every industry be it food, fashion, or anything!!

You might have usually seen several restaurants providing best services, maintaining hygiene, and evening providing affordable prices yet they fail to work for a longer time because of poor marketing.

So, this article is all about making much better marketing strategies for restaurants especially focusing on Instagram Marketing strategies to promote your restaurants more and more!!


Marketing Strategies For Restaurants


1. Social Share Marketing


Social Share Marketing is an amazing way of promoting your restaurant through your customers.

In this type of marketing strategy, you ask your customers to click some pictures of the food that they eat in your restaurant and upload them on social media and tag your restaurant in the same post.

In return, you can provide them with some discount offers on their bills to make the deal fair and worth taking.

marketing strategy for restaurants


How Will It Help You:

This marketing strategy will help your restaurant gain more fame, as once a customer eats at your place and they like the dish and post it on their social media accounts then the possibility of their friends visiting your place will certainly increase and along with your sales, your name will increase too.


2. WiFi Marketing


Now comes the second best marketing strategy for your restaurant known as WiFi Marketing which again makes your customers do your publicity.

In this type of marketing, you will have to provide free WiFi to your customers.

In return, you can ask them to click a picture with the free WiFi Zone banner placed in your restaurant and upload it on their social media accounts and also tag your social media page.

As soon as they share the pictures you will give the WiFi password to them for use.

marketing strategy for restaurants


How It Helps You:

It is a tricky marketing strategy for restaurants as it is human nature that we take everything under the free tag no matter if we need it or not and once your customers share their posts and their friends see the picture with the free WiFi banner then it is a possibility that 90% of the post viewers might visit your restaurant through that post.


3. Youtube Marketing


Youtube Marketing, one of the trendiest marketing strategy for restaurants which might even cost you some money but this will bring you name, fame, and revenue for sure.

It mainly focuses on getting promotions done by different YouTubers.

You can contact different Youtube vloggers and food bloggers and ask them to visit your restaurant, taste the food of your restaurant, and shoot a video of the same to upload it on their channel.

This might cost you approximately 30-40k if you call famous vloggers whereas people with fewer followers or foodie people might also come and promote your food without charging any money.

marketing strategy for restaurants


How It Helps You:

Youtube Marketing is a strategy that will bring lots of revenue to your restaurant if you reach to appropriate influencers. The followers and the viewers of those vloggers trust them and so if they see them visiting your restaurant, they will visit your restaurant too, thus increasing your revenue and if you provide good food then will also help in building your brand as well.


4. Paid Marketing


Paid Marketing is a very powerful marketing strategy, especially for restaurants as restaurants, are one of those places where people like to visit on a daily basis, therefore, doing paid marketing using different social media platforms.

Paid marketing is a tool that helps the smallest of businesses to generate huge results through unique methods of targeting and personalized messages.

marketing strategy for restaurants


If you know your audience properly and target them in the right manner this strategy of paid marketing for restaurants will bring you loads of profit and will also increase your restaurant’s online presence and demand among the users.


5. WhatsApp and SMS Marketing


Most of the times you must have seen that whenever you go to some restaurants (especially Dominos, Pizza Hut, and all the other big cafes and restaurants) they ask you for your contact details and then, later on, you start getting messages and emails from those restaurants regarding the new offers and vouchers that they keep launching every time.

Ever thought about why they do this??

Well, this is again a very powerful marketing strategy for restaurants, How?, Let me tell you that this is called SMS and Email Marketing in which restaurants take your contact details once you visit the place and then to compel you to keep visiting that place they launch different offers and vouchers and keep sending you the messages regarding those offers to keep you updated so you keep visiting them again and again.

marketing for restaurants


Many times they launch offers only for the customers who receive the message this makes the customers feel special and more and more people share their contact details to avail and take advantage of these offers.

So you can use this strategy for yourself as well if you have a newly opened restaurant or if you are planning to open one.


6. Guerrilla Marketing


Another very powerful and effective marketing strategy for your restaurant will be Guerrilla Marketing and it is also an inexpensive mode of marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing refers to an advertising strategy which brands use to create direct contact with their customers and audience using surprise or atypical interactions and methods.

The ultimate goal of guerilla marketing is to make people remember the brand in a different way and make them emotionally attached to the brand by promoting the brand in a unique way to which they are not so familiar to.

marketing strategy for restaurants


This won’t charge you much as it focuses more on increasing the reach of the brand rather than getting more frequency and so to make this strategy work you don’t need to spend lots of money instead you need to spend a creative mind, time, and lots of energy.

Therefore, this can be one of the best marketing strategies for your restaurant if you are just getting started.


7. Theme Based Marketing


Theme Based Marketing is a very simple yet useful strategy for the marketing of restaurants. In this type of marketing, you will have to spend some extra money on the ambience of your restaurant or cafe.

What exactly you need to do is that you have to select one theme (the theme should be attractive and unique enough to tempt your customers and make them visit the place again and again) and then you have to get the ambience of your restaurant designed according to the same theme.

Everything in your restaurant be it the uniform of the waiters or the dishes everything has to match the theme that you select but then this strategy will cost you great expense so I would only recommend you to go for this if you are financially very strong.

marketing strategy for restaurants


Now, if you spend so much money on your restaurant then you will definitely wish to get something in return not the extra money but at least the money that you spent in making the restaurant, therefore to make sure that you get good amount of ROI you must try to keep your theme as unique and as attractive as possible and you have to make sure that the food you provide is of good quality and delicious in taste.

All these factors are ultimately going to help you put up a great and successful theme-based restaurant and will bring you huge amount of ROI as well.


8. Discount Marketing


It is a very general fact that people nowadays are more likely to get attracted to free or discounted things, therefore, the concept of giving discount vouchers or coupons at the time of some festival will bring more money to your pocket.

After all, who doesn’t want delicious food items that will be easy on their pockets and also won’t take much money, these strategies usually work during some festivals or on weekends when people actually prefer to go out.

marketing strategy for restaurants


You can use the Lucky Draw Method or even the Happy Hour Strategy in which the people entering your restaurant in between those specific hours will only be able to avail the offer this way you will not only get more customers but you can also make more money by selling a limited amount of food.

Other than this you can follow the unlimited food strategy or the buffet system so to say it also attracts a huge number of people all together as people are very much mesmerized with the words free and unlimited so these offers will help you increase your sales.


9. Cause Marketing


Last but not least strategy for restaurants is Cause Marketing in which we mainly market things related to the recent incidents going on in and around the audience.

Different researches show that the people of the younger generation or the Millenials so to say prefer to engage with a brand which is associated with a cause they care about be it political, economic, etc.

Being able to support different charities and gaining more customers by doing the same is a “win-win” situation and nobody wishes to lose such an opportunity.

marketing strategy for restaurants

For Example Homelessness and hunger is a big issue in today’s world and a big opportunity for you to increase your sales but even after the increment, this strategy won’t be too cost-effective for you and your business if your run this campaign for the whole year. Therefore, you can run this campaign for a specific month and promote it via different sources and offering a donation of some part of your revenue to an NGO working to provide food to the homeless and hungry people to increase your food traffic slowly.




So these were the 9 marketing strategies that will ultimately bring lots of profit to your restaurant if followed properly and systematically.

Therefore, if you are just getting started with a new restaurant or you are planning to open one then I must suggest you follow the above mention marketing strategy for restaurants to gain huge amount of ROI and make huge amount of profits.

All The Best!!

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