16 Social Media Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement By 200%

If you advertise on any social media platforms then you might have noticed that some tasks can be quite time-consuming and difficult to scale, this is why using tools that can improve your productivity while setting up a social media campaign is the key. There are several tools that can help social media advertisers facilitate the whole process:

1. Leads Tunnel

Leads Tunnel is the first Social Media Marketing tool which very powerful yet a simple and easy to use the software, which automatically synchronizes your leads to any of the e-mail software you desire.

It creates a simple tunnel between your social media account and the email software you use, therefore, whenever a lead comes to your social media account this tool automatically sends the email customers to your email software through the same tunnel.

Leads tunnel the best social media marketing tool

The best part of this social media marketing tool is that it never stores the leads thus your leads and your data will always stay safe and secured from the hackers.

2. Ad Espresso

AdEspresso by Hootsuite makes it easy for you to perform the spilt test of every page of your Social Media Ads Campaign, due to which the demographic targets get enhanced.

Social Media Marketing Tools

It is mainly effective for small businesses and entrepreneurs and helps them make more sales as well as grow their fan base to increase the engagements in their communities.

It also helps in performing conversion tracking in the external website which allows you to optimize your users by looking into the leads and customer acquisitions.

3. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a social media management and CRM platform that allows different agencies, and marketers to manage their messages and posts, identify the key influencers, and make all the stunning reports easily.

This tool for facebook marketing not only works for Facebook but also works for some other social media sites just like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Mainly there are six features in Agora Pulse that increase the demand for this tool:

  1. It has real-time tracking of incoming messages for each social media account.
  2. It gives you flexible posting options for queued and scheduled posts.
  3. Delivers advanced analytics reports in PowerPoint and CSV reports in just one click.
  4. Automatic moderation to remove all spam accounts and easily list the appropriate messages.
  5. It has audience qualification and relation that helps you in building business relationships easily.
  6. Their team workflow represents better collaboration and customer service.

4. EdgeRank Checker

Edgerank Checker is again an amazing tool made for social media marketing strategists, it helps them by creating customized recommendations for the custom page that generally help to improve the Edgerank average of their page.

Basically, Edgerank Checker calculates and analyzes the Facebook page Edgerank score i.e. the measure of the probability of your page to be visible on the top news feed of your followers account.

Social Media Marketing Tools

It is also used by professional users to analyze their position in the industry and make lots of success within their industry through this.

This Edgerank checker not only gives you an in-depth summary of your posts and their visibility but also uses automatic tags to explain the ways you can improve your performance.

5. ShortStack

ShortStack is an amazing tool for social media marketing which is a marketing platform for creating contests and giveaways to generate more leads.

It is also a GDPR compliant which ensures the privacy of the users who participate in the contests and allows you to collect data and engage with every user individual through email.

Social Media Marketing Tools

There are eight features that will compel you to use this tool:

  1. It has no-code campaign customization so you don’t need to ask the IT specialists for their help.
  2. It provides with all the analytics of the campaigns.
  3. Comes with professionally designed templates so you don’t need to write even a single line of code.
  4. Widgets can be added simply just by dragging, dropping, and clicking.
  5. It simplifies the process of client management for you by arranging your multiple accounts in one window so you don’t need to switch between them.
  6. It has a feature of email scheduling to help you save time.
  7. It also manages the leads and their contact information.
  8. Comes with contest anti-fraud tools that ensure defrauding by restricting repeat entries.

6. Drum Up

DrumUp is a tool meant to provide social media management, employee advocacy, and content curation solutions, and connects to multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. at the same time to save your efforts and time and makes it easy for you to manage all your social media accounts altogether.

Social Media Marketing Tools

This Social Media Marketing tool does all the hard work on your behalf, everything that DrumUp can do to reduce your work is mentioned below:

  1. Has the feature of automatic as well as manual social media scheduling for multiple Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. accounts and also has a schedule calendar to overview the contents that are queued.
  2. Allows doing keyword-based content curation with all the industry suggestions.
  3. There is also an RSS feed integration to collect details from top websites.
  4. Comes with a content library to save important posts for recycling in future.
  5. To make sure that the company page is active is has the feature of auto-posting.
  6. You can also create or edit any post on this tool for scheduling.
  7. It also allows you to track the analytics of your posts.
  8. It generates relevant users using employee advocacy and organic promotion.

7. Likealyzer

LikeAlyzer, a powerful social media monitoring and analytics tool marks it’s presence on the thirteenth number and trust me when I say that it is one of the most powerful Social Media Marketing Tool that I know of.

It is a feature-rich social media monitoring and management tool, it allows you to connect and monitor all the activities of all your different accounts in one place.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Now you can post all your content at one place and also get useful insights like audience demographics, location, behaviour, etc. regarding your social media activity.

This Facebook Marketing tool helps you in optimizing your posts so as to get better user engagements and also gives you the privilege of doing the competitor’s research by following their social media activities and strategies.

8. Canva

When talking about Social Media Marketing Tools how can we forget about Canva!! one of the best platforms to enable us to create amazing and beautiful graphic designs.

It is a reliable designing tool that makes graphic designing so much fun and makes it easy to turn your ideas into stunning designs.

Canva is a kind of social media marketing tool which can be implemented to create professional designs for almost every purpose.

Social Media Marketing Tools

It is a perfect platform for graphic design and content creation for those who have never been that much graphic inclined, and it’s powerful drag and drop editor along with it’s huge collection of pictures, templates make it easy for you to create the designs from scratch.

Therefore, with all the user-friendly features, a vast collection of pictures and templates, and budget-friendly prices you will never go wrong with Canva.

9. Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor is a tool meant for advanced marketers and is a bulk ad creation and management tool mostly used by the larger Facebook advertisers.

It is a plugin of Google Chrome, it mainly works on a download and upload system, so that whenever you work in Power Editor you download all your data and create your campaigns with the tool and then upload changes to start running your ads in real.

Social Media Marketing Tools

So, here are some features of this Facebook Power Editor that you might like to know:

  1. You can run your ads on those local times when your audience usually stays online.
  2. You can control the placement of your advertisement.
  3. You can optimize your ads not only for the things present in Ads Manager but also optimize some more data to experience better optimization.
  4.  It allows you to upload an excel spreadsheet of your ads if you manage multiple campaigns at a time to save your time.
  5. You can also create an unpublished post and view it to optimize before posting.

10. Buffer

Buffer is basically an internet-based app to manage different social media accounts easily at one place. It’s basic task is to share content across the most renowned social media platforms in recent times.

It has the ability to create, schedule, and connect posts to all your social media accounts and also allows you to spread content through a simple approach.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Buffer comes with certain mindblowing features that compel any person to use it as the best Social Media Marketing Tool:

  1. It allows you to have RSS feed connectivity.
  2. It gives you an informative view of social media analytics.
  3. It allows you to post multiple posts and tweets at one time.
  4. Gives you an option of customized scheduling for your posts.

11. Many Chat

Many Chat is a form of messenger bot-building platform used to create a bot for different marketing, sales, or support purposes.

It provides you with an intuitive builder to build bot interactions, where a bot instantly replies to the keywords and questions entered by the users.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Not only this but this Social Media Marketing Tool also provides you with all automation tools that can grow your messenger audience and allows you to send different types of content to different groups of people.

It has an audience dashboard where you can segment your users and this tool offers you a free plan until you reach a limit if 500 subscribers and even after crossing the limit the price gets adjusted according to the number of subscribers so it’s not going to get you in a loss.

12. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media management tool that keeps a track and manages all your social media accounts, it enables you to monitor all the comments you receive from your users and also lets you reply them instantly.

It allows you to post your content on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. with multiple accounts at the same time.

Social Media Marketing Tools

Not only this but there are seven more amazing features of Hootsuite that might compel you to choose it over any other social media management tool:

  1. It helps you to keep a check on multiple streams in one place at the same time.
  2. It gives you the privilege to assign different tasks to each team member you have and those members can also interact amongst each other through private message option present in the tool itself.
  3. This tool allows you to store some messages as a draft and you can post them once any of your users asks the same question.
  4. It has access to the Google+ management API and all the Google+ features are available on for every user on Hootsuite.
  5. It is accessible on all types of modern browsers be it Linux, Windows, OSX, and all the other browsers.
  6. It sends you weekly analytics reports of your posts and accounts via email.
  7. It allows you to post content on multiple social media platforms through multiple accounts.

13. Post Planner

Post Planner is a social media marketing tool which is designed to enhance your social media marketing activities and all the campaigns of your business.

This software helps social media marketers to share and manage all the content consistently and easily and helps you to achieve all your goals.

Generally, it is said to be a social media marketing tool created by social media marketers for social media marketers, and it aims to bring you more engagements and reach in a small amount of time.

Social Media Marketing Tools

There are four features of this amazing tool that you might know:

  1. It gives you the information regarding the top-performing post of your account so you can use it in your campaigns.
  2. It has a star rating which helps you in choosing the most engaging posts from your account.
  3. Has a re-cycle feature to keep reposting your best evergreen content.
  4. It also helps in bulk uploads and post targeting.

14. Mobile Monkey

Mobilemonkey is again a Facebook messenger marketing tool that helps the business to connect with their customers using chatbots.

It has an automated chatbot functionality that can arrange appointments, answers the FAQs, tracks the purchases and performs many more tasks.Social Media Marketing Tools

It connects with all the Facebook pages smoothly and keeps updating itself with new features and not to forget that this Facebook Marketing tool also provides you with the free webinars and video tutorials on a regular basis.

15. Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media marketing and management tool that helps all kinds of businesses to easily manage and partner with their social media platforms.

It acts as a one-stop location for managing everything related to social media be it social media marketing, content curation, scheduling of post, or checking the analytics, this tool provides you with everything you want.

Social Media Marketing Tools

It supports the use of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and many other social media platforms, and there are seven amazing features offered by this tool:

  1. It has a smart inbox that collects all the messages sent by your customers on your social media accounts.
  2. Allows you to keep a track of what people think and say about your brand.
  3. Comes with some automation tools that help you in having a more effective interaction with your customers.
  4. It has team collaboration tools that allows you to divide the work among your team.
  5. It comes with a publishing calendar where you can check all your posts before posting them to maintain a balance among their timing.
  6. You can also add yourself up with Zendesk or UserVoice to manage your support tickets easily/
  7. It comes with a full reporting suite and provides you with all the analytics reports.

16. Qwaya

Qwaya again is a Facebook marketing tool that provides unique software to drive business campaigns through Facebook ads tool.

It gives the privilege to the small business pages to boost themselves and achieve their goals of either driving more traffic to their website or advertise their fan page.

Social Media Marketing Tools

It also provides with an efficient ad creation workflow to save your time and make things much easy for you and also ensure a good result for you.

This Facebook Ad tool comes with a lot of more functions as compared to Facebook’s real power editor and ad manager, this tool covers everything related to Facebook Ads Marketing and also integrates with Google Analytics for a better look into the reports.


Social Media Marketing is one of the most important factors responsible for your success in this Digital World, it not only helps in earning huge amount of money but also helps you in improving the Google ranking of your website if you own one.

Therefore, to earn lots of profits and rank on top in Google you must make proper use of Social Media and to these tools mentioned above will help in making complete and proper use of Social Media.

Best Of Luck!!

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