Skills A Content Writer Must Need To Make A Website Rank High On Google

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There are various skills of a content writer which helps in ranking high on google search. But one needs to know the specific tips and tricks for the same. 

The job of a content writer is to write the content for the website and clients of the company and do on-page SEO. The content writer should know how to use the keywords and focus keyword to increase the ranking of the blogs on google. Thus, you should know all the related methods to increase the ranking. 

Hence here are some secrets which will help in enhancing the skills of a content writer to make a website rank high on google.

1- Get your keyword research on to improve the skills of a content writer-

skills of a content writer

If you are writing the content for your website, you should take the time to make sure that Google notices your efforts and your work should not go in vain. With the skills of a content writer, you should know the correct keyword for your content. 

To choose the correct keyword you can use many tools like ubersuggest, ahrefs and many more. With these tools, you can find the best keyword for your content and can know which keyword ranks higher and what people search on google. 

Try to use your keyword in the article as many times because google use crawlers in the published article for ranking and you should keep in mind that it does not look irrelevant to the readers. You may also list the keywords in the spreadsheet and use them accordingly. Thus, this trick will be very helpful to enhance the skills of a content writer.

2- Put the keywords on work-

skills of a content writer

As mentioned above, try to make your keyword a king and use it everywhere in your article when required. It should never feel like you have struggled in fitting the keyword in your writing, rather it should feel natural.

 Remember the people who are searching are typing that keyword on the google search, and when you have mentioned the keyword in your writing several times then your website or the article will be ranked higher and you will get as many clicks. It’s one of the tricks which will help in improving and enhancing the skills of a content writer.

3-Write about something which people want-

skills of a content writer
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When you start your work, ask yourself who wants or who cares?

Too often writers unintentionally tend to write on the content which the audience don’t want to read. You must always know that you are not writing for Google algorithms, but for the audience.

Try to be unique, try to connect with your audience, what you can provide to them which others can’t, try not to copy other articles, give your own thoughts and what knowledge you can share with them that others can’t. These are some thoughts and questions which you can ask yourself before writing. 

Don’t forget that no one knows your business better than you so take the help from keywords, make the spreadsheet and write what people want to read and surely you will get better ranking and this trick will also help to improve the skills of a content writer. 

4. Know the basics of Technical SEO-

skills of a content writer

Only keyword research will not be helpful to get a better ranking on Google so you should have the basic knowledge of technical SEO.

As a content writer, your only job is to write good content and have writing skills, you don’t need to know about the java scripts, web development, but knowing some of the technical work will make you a better SEO writer.

You must know about google crawl pages, how to link the articles as your only task doesn’t end in writing a good article for your website but you have to do internal linking of all the related articles. 

If you will have a better knowledge of how to give the structure to your article, do internal linking and can make backlinks to your post then you will have a maximum benefit. This skill of a content writer is very important to get better ranking on google search.

5-Make it long enough to count-

skills of a content writer

Research says that search engine tends to give higher importance to the articles which have a word count near to 1000. Thus if you write for 600 or so then to its not bad but if you write for 1500 or touch 2000 then you will get a good ranking on google search. If you can write above 1000 then go for it. 

The blogs which have a word count of 1000 and above get’s better ranking compared to others. The content writer must have the capability to write as much on a topic as he can this is beneficial for your website. It is one of the important tips to improve the skills of a content writer to get better ranking on google. 

6-Watch your analytics-

skills of a content writer


You should just not post your article but should consistently have an eye on its analytics. You should use the Google analytics tool to see how your post is doing and should have a regular monitor on your content. You should have complete knowledge and know about time on site, bounce rate and pages per session are all as important as keyword density.

If you have a high bounce rate then it means that visitors are not staying on your site for long, likely because they are not getting the information from your page that they are wanting from you. 

Aggressive pop-ups, unnecessary images, and content can also be the reason that audience isn’t liking you. You should not only focus on the writing skills but should also know how it is visible. So you should have complete knowledge about all the related things of on-page SEO and add all these tips to enhance your skills of a content writer. 

7-Realize that becoming a skill-based content writer takes time-

skills of a content writer

You cant master in something by overnight. Have patience, you might be facing new challenges and obstacles in your everyday life. 

There is no stop for improvement so improve yourself every day. It’s not necessary that your article will rank up on the first go but you should learn from the mistakes you did earlier and try to improve further and after some time you will see your articles ranking up. 



skills of a content writer

Not everyone is a writing expert, and if you are not from a writing background then you might feel difficult first but when you start learning then you will love each part for writing. Since writing, content might be simple for other person but if you are one of a content writer then you must be knowing the struggle behind. 

These tips will definitely help you to improve and enhance the skills of a content writer and if you follow these secrets then your website or your article will definitely rank higher on google search. 


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