Effective Marketing Strategies For Your Co-Working Space In 2020

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Planning the best marketing strategies for your coworking space??

Indeed, the idea of coworking, however, is generally new in India, is picking up significance at a truly quick pace. 

With an ever-increasing number of spaces and new businesses starting to open in the nation, India is turning into a favored spot for the venture. 

There are numerous variables because of which individuals presently need to embrace the coworking idea considerably more. 

While that is stated, successful showcasing of your coworking space incorporates not simply the scriptural calculations that cost cash and time. 

best marketing strategies for coworking space

What we have here are some out of the crate promotional strategies, where you can have a considerable effect on the number of clients strolling inside an unreasonably limited ability to focus time. 

For quite a while there has been the arrangement of a huge foundation and coworking with individual tables and seats.  

Yet, presently it is moving to coworking workspaces

This is on the grounds that coworking spaces have numerous advantages. It helps set aside cash and time and gives individuals a superior situation to work in.

Before we talk about the marketing strategies for your co-working space let’s first know a little bit about these coworking spaces in general!! 

An Overview Of Coworking Industry In India

With the startup ecosystem picking up pace in India and Startups coming up in each area, aside from web economy, coworking spaces have also seen a critical ascent and adaption. The three principle reasons why individuals incline toward these coworking spaces instead of an exceptional office are: 

  • Lower pace of upkeep. 
  • Adaptable coworking. 
  • The spot to discover individuals with various capabilities for various necessities. 

Additionally, coworking spaces offer numerous offices for a truly reasonable lease. Essential offices that a large portion of the coworking spaces in India give are – 

  • Most recent innovation with quick web network 
  • Meeting Room 
  • Espresso and Snacks 
  • Enlisted messages 
  • Stopping 
  • Fun occasions 

The revenue model of the coworking space giving spaces is entirely straightforward. They either win through membership expenses or by charging as per the time. 

The rates rely upon conveniences being given and area. 

The manner in which individuals work in India is experiencing a change in outlook from an exhausting conventional office to an innovative and conductive coworking office space. 

These sorts of working environments help in working up a network and system around you, which helps in working up quality contacts. 

These contacts are very useful for first stage business people. 

As per JLL, In India, the principal half of 2018 saw a huge ascent in coworking spaces rented, to 19 lakh sq ft from 6.4 lakh sq ft in the primary portion of 2017. 

It is normal that coworking spaces would rent out 6-10 million sq ft space, particularly in level 1 and level 2 urban areas in the nation by 2020.

Moving on in this article of marketing strategies for your coworking space I would like to tell you about the current trends that are being followed in the coworking industry to get a better perspective of the coworking industry.

Current Trends Of Coworking Spaces In India

As of now, the coworking spaces are encountering twofold digit development and these coworking stages end up being a productive arrangement.

The urban areas with the most appeal for such coworking workspaces are Gurugram, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, as these are the urban areas that are seeing an exponential ascent in tech and web-based new businesses. 

The 2 major indigenous coworking spaces of India, Awfis, and 91Springboard have seen a colossal pace of development, both in income and office space. 

facts about coworking spaceAwfis’ income developed just about multiple times in 2018-19 to Rs 158 crore from Rs 56 crore in the earlier year. 

Once more, according to reports, in FY17, 91springboard too recorded enormous development in income – 1387% – making an all-out pay of INR 19.8 Cr against INR 1.3 Cr in FY16. 

The principal reasons for the development of these organizations being the expanding office support costs, number of new businesses, and scaling of these office spaces. 

The proportion of the coworking spaces industry is the number of seats. As indicated by a report by the Confederation of Indian Industries, coworking workspaces supplier 

WeWork and property consultancy JLL India, all number of seats in the coworking business are around 12-16 million. 

Of this 10.3 million seats are involved by enormous organizations. Once more, 1.5 million of these seats is involved by SMEs and another 1.5 million by Freelancers. 

While new companies possess the littlest lump of 100,000 seats.

I hope it’s going great till now… Isn’t it??

Well, these current trends draw my attention to another important topic about coworking spaces that we need to discuss before talking about the marketing strategies for your coworking space. Come let’s read about it more: 

What Drives The Growth Of Coworking Spaces In India

There are numerous coworking places that have been the arrangement in metropolitan urban communities, for example, Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, and individuals have cheerfully grasped the idea of coworking. 

Enormous corporate workplaces are moving out from customary office spaces and are picking coworking workplaces to set up their groups. 

Coworking spaces offer various offices, for example, agreeable space for everybody, propelling and alleviating the condition, house-keeping administrations, fast web, extra rooms, gathering and meeting rooms, private lodges, cafeteria, letter drop administrations, printing and writing material, bistro lounges, gaming zones, and that’s just the beginning. 

GoodWorks Cowork is one such coworking brand that has been developing at a madly quick pace. From an unimportant 50 seating limit, today the coworking space can suit up to 1000 individuals.

Now since you know almost every possible thing about the coworking business in India, therefore, I think you are ready to know about how to market your coworking space in India which will eventually lead you to the marketing strategies for your coworking space in India.

How To Market A Coworking Space In India

With any new business comes the need to showcase items or administrations to the target audience, and, on account of a coworking space, the crowd is exceptionally particular. 

The essential standards of showcasing apply, obviously. 

You should figure out where your intended interest group is, the thing that their needs are, and afterward clarify how you will address those issues. 

Showcasing a coworking space is unquestionably more than essentially putting promotions expressing you have office space for lease. 

You need to build up a substance showcasing system, which advances to the necessities of customers. 

Moreover, you need to show that there is an incentive in what you offer, that you are reliable, and that you have an earnest worry about their requirements. 

You do this by making content — content that cultivates connections, trust, and exhibits uniqueness in an undeniably packed commercial center. 

What’s more, don’t disregard customary types of showcasing, either; make a point to publicize locally.

Best Marketing Strategies For Coworking Space In India

Once you get to know about how to market your coworking space in India, therefore, it’s time for you to know and implement the best marketing strategies for your coworking space to help you generate more revenue than your competitors.

Basically, there are six marketing strategies for your coworking space that are as follows:

1. Create a Great Website 

Try not to hold back on this. You need a smooth website that gives connecting with content and astounding visuals. It might be expertly planned. 

Clearly, you ought to likewise have tributes from present or past leaseholders. These should be certifiable, and guests can tell when they’re most certainly not. 

website of a co-working space

Furnishing references with contact data is perfect, in the event that you can get them. 

Your site ought to be straightforward, simple to explore, and in accordance with your different strategic approaches. 

On the off chance that you esteem moderation in your space, your site ought to mirror that. In the event that you esteem a high-structure website with bunches of character, add a little style to your page. 

The more idea you put in, the better. 

2. A committed blog 

Free specialists have issues to fathom; they need to feel like they’re a piece of a network confronting similar difficulties. 

There are numerous subjects important to this network, similar to business development thoughts, new innovation, and systems administration, to give some examples. 

blog page of a coworking space website

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have a blog, it must be very much kept up. 

This implies you will invest a great deal of energy creating point thoughts and making connecting with articles that your crowd will need to peruse and share. 

On the off chance that you feel that a blog is excessively testing, at that point contract it out

3. Online networking nearness 

You need a solid nearness on however many stages as would be prudent, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Use whatever number of unique visuals and recordings as could reasonably be expected in your posts. 

You can likewise follow related specialty records and start to organize and connect with individuals in those territories who will make reference to or even allude you. 

Make certain to utilize focused on Facebook advertisements, which you can restrict for where your working environment is. 

One thing that will separate you from your opposition is to include individuals on your web-based social networking stages

This assists in advancing their extraordinary organizations and encourages a feeling of the network inside the working environment. 

Post however many pictures on Instagram as could be expected under the circumstances, yet don’t go over the edge and cause individuals to become ill of your substance. 

Buy supported Instagram posts, as well. You can likewise mess with making your own hashtag. 

4. Benefits and Advantages

One of the approaches to get a serious edge and to spread your showcasing endeavors is to offer unique advantages and advantages to both new and current individuals. 

One extremely fruitful advantage is to offer lease/enrollment charge limits for referrals.

Another demonstrated advantage is to offer free days more than once every month. This gets potential individuals to encounter your space. 

Hold open houses now and again, perhaps even with a party time organizing occasion. Individuals will consistently react to free nourishment and beverages, which may make them significantly bound to settle on the decision to join your space. 

5. Broadened hours 

Specialists work odd hours, generally by decision. 

Be that as it may, some who have global customers may need to work in the night. 

On the off chance that you can oversee every minute of everyday tasks, you will get significant to more possibilities, particularly ones who work for organizations in some other time zone. 

6. Extra Worth Included Alternatives 

Offering things like daycare and a gathering protection plan are enormous draws. 

On the off chance that you do offer any of these “additional items,” be certain that you are advancing them all over. 

These can tackle some enormous issues for potential individuals. 

Future Of Coworking Spaces In India

Enormous Enterprises, SMEs, and Startups are currently liking to work thusly. 

The business has been evaluated to reach $ 2.2 billion by 2022 and the coworking entrance is required to increment to 5.7% in 2022 from 0.7% in 2017 in India. 

The cost-reserve funds are assessed to be 20% to 25% as the arrangement of customary workplaces diminishes. 

Coworking is certainly a better approach to work. With India turning into a rearing ground for Startups, there is a developing interest in innovative workspaces. 

future of coworking space in india, marketing strategies for coworking

The coworking business is a success win circumstance for everybody with demonstrated advantages of cost, network, and representative efficiency. 

It has just accumulated huge development all around and now it’s an ideal opportunity to do likewise in India. 

In India, the coworking space industry is additionally expected to transform into a significant piece of business office renting as the section in the nation is required to contact 10 million square feet by 2020. 

This idea of coworking spaces diminishes the need to stress over security stores and unyielding long haul leases. 

Rather it makes better chances to work at truly diminished land costs. Consequently, the future appears to be encouraging with coworking changing customary office spaces into community workspaces.


We have just observed a few huge ventures move into coworking spaces, yet there is as yet far to go. 

As indicated by gauges, cooperating or oversaw workplaces makeup just between 1%-3% of the business land stock – however, development is nearly multiplying each year. 

Along these lines, one thing is sure – the development will proceed

In any case, it is likewise obvious that there are more than 300 cooperating brands in India – and that probably won’t be the equivalent later on. 

marketing strategies for coworking

Overall forecasts state coworking spaces have a brilliant future in India


By 2025, it is normal that around 42% of the populace in India will work in urban focuses and thus the interest for coworking space will build the complex. 

With financial matters playing on the psyche of numerous new organizations, the interest for coworking space will develop hugely in the following decade. 

Also, marketing is going to play a very vital role in making the business of the coworking industry run successfully.

Therefore, it is very important for every person to have a coworking space to know and implement the best marketing strategies for your coworking space in India.

All The Best!! 🙂


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