Tips To Make The Best Of Instagram Marketing For Restaurants

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Instagram Marketing is one of the trendiest thing prevailing in the Digital World these days and in that case, if your business isn’t on Instagram then, you would be wise to have a valid justification.

Instagram is a piece of our lives now. Furthermore, for some organizations, it’s the fundamental and basic mode of their branding and promotion.

Your strength is one of them. Which means you need an Instagram showcasing procedure, and it should be great especially if you own a restaurant.

instagram marketing for restaurants

Instagram Marketing is a must for Restaurants as almost the whole of the food industry in on Instagram these days and if you are not launching your restaurant online on Instagram then this might be the biggest mistake that you are doing and that will be the biggest cause of your failure in your business.

Therefore, to give you a kick, we have assembled these 6 ultimate tips to get more from Instagram Marketing for Restaurants.

Regardless of whether you’re spic and span or have been utilizing the ‘Gram for a considerable length of time, you’ll discover a great deal of significant data here.

1. Stay On Brand

This tip for Instagram marketing for restaurants goes for both your voice and aesthetic. Stick to a certain tone in all of your posts, and create a page that encloses your brand’s look.

instagram marketing for restaurants

For example, if you operate a bar that is only open at night and also has dance performances. Then your page must have an oppressive look with images that feature dark wood, glasses of whiskey, and photos of the musicians. The captions might be witty, or perhaps they have an informative tone and speak about the science of whiskey and the history of jazz. On the other hand, if you operate a fast-casual spot, your page may feature brightly lit images with short captions.

Consistency is the key, the most important point is that you stay consistent so that, your guests and followers will feel satisfied after witnessing that your restaurant brand continues to offer what they have grown to expect it.

2. Be Found Easily

You must select a very easily readable, understandable, and recognizable Instagram username, and must also use relevant business hashtags in your profile to help yourself in increasing your search results and Instagram reach. Tag posts with hashtags, and be sure to make them relevant to your brand, image, and location so new users can find you easily without struggling much.

instagram marketing for restaurants

3. Combine Instagram with Other Advertising Platforms

Overlap Your Instagram Profile with all of your other social media accounts.

Even if a user doesn’t follow you on Instagram, but there is a possibility that they might be following you on Facebook or Twitter or some other social media platforms, therefore, it is recommended for you to share your photos on all of your networks to increase your views, engagements, and followers.

instagram marketing for restaurants

Take Help Of Instagram Embedded Feature.

You can always add the photos and videos of your Instagram profile to your restaurant website or blog, even if you’re not an HTML code wizard. This user-friendly web embedded feature of Instagram lets you simply copy and paste an Instagram photo’s code to easily place the image on your website or blog.

instagram marketing for restaurants

Of course, keep your customers and buyers persona in mind while combining your social media into your restaurant’s marketing plan.

While fast-casual restaurants tend to attract more hashtag-happy crowds, an upscale dining establishment with an older client base might not be the best venue to print social media handles directly onto the menu.

4. Interact with Followers and Launch Giveaways

Ask for your customer’s opinions.

If you are planning to start something new no matter if it’s a big thing or something like offering a new ice cream flavour, beverage, or dish, it is mandatory for you to ask your customers to help you name it! By enrolling and engaging customers in the process, they’ll feel compelled to continue following you to learn the end result of the contest.

Hold photo challenges.

Encourage customers to share their pictures of the restaurant and add your restaurant tag in those pictures. Ask followers to post an iconic image of the city your restaurant is located in or an image of their meal at your restaurant with your business name tagged in the photo. Offer winners gift cards, a free meal, or a similar reward.

instagram marketing for restaurants

Reward your customers for shares.

Encourage Instagram users with more than 300 followers to post a photo that mentions your restaurant (a hashtag, Foursquare check-in, or similar shoutout) and if they do so then reward them with a free treat or maybe a discount coupon! After all, they just advertised to your restaurant to potential customers for free.

5. Make Your Space and Dishes Insta-Worthy

Not only will you have more quality shots to take, but your guests will be more likely to take photos and share them if your food business has attractive and luscious dishes and interesting eye catchy decor. Consider upping your plate presentation, or install some new decor with some different themes, like plant walls, flowers on the tables, or twinkle lights. The charming decor will create an intriguing backdrop and vibe that guests will want to capture. They will likely tag your business in the photo, especially if they can easily find your Instagram handle. In this way, you are getting free advertising and exposure to your guests’ followers who will become aware of your business and may follow you or visit your page in the near future.

instagram marketing for restaurants

6. Share Videos and Stories

Videos and stories get more preferences these days as they allow you to take your customer interaction one level further. They give you the chance to share your behind-the-scenes action which also adds a personal touch and make your followers feel included and connected to you personally. You can even use the Live and IGTV features of Instagram to show them more detailed and in-depth behind-the-scenes of your restaurants.


So, this was all about the tips of Instagram Marketing for restaurants that you must keep in mind if you are just getting started with your restaurant business and you wish to make huge profit for this business.

If you follow every step mentioned above properly and consistently then the chances are that you will probably succeed in gaining lots of profit along with building your restaurant a great brand in the near future.

So, what are you waiting for go and get yourself started with these tips of Instagram Marketing for Restaurants.

Best Of Luck!!!


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