How To Use Instagram Marketing To Market Your Business

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Nowadays, “How to use Instagram marketing” isn’t a big deal anymore.

However, it is quite tricky and a bit complex to learn but once you get your hands on it, it comes at ease.

All you need is little practice and learning power to master some of the techniques to use Instagram marketing.

Learning and mastering various marketing techniques is fundamental of every entrepreneur. However, Social Media Marketing has taken over all other forms of marketing in the 21st century.

When it comes about social media, you must have heard about Instagram, right? Who doesn’t love to share selfies with mind-blowing filters on Instagram? I do!

how to use instagram marketing

Well, Instagram is not only about creating a personal profile but it also provides a big platform for every entrepreneur to market their business.

In this guide of how to use Instagram marketing, we’ll take you through all the ways to use Instagram to market your business.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram ranks among the best social media platforms for engaging users on a visual level. 

Instagram marketing is simply a technique to present your business/brand among people on Instagram. 

Instagram lets you create a business profile. It offers a large platform with quite a heavy audience to make your business visible to the world. 

The competition of businesses isn’t any less on any Social Media site. For making an organic space for your business among that competition, you need to apply certain techniques. Those techniques are well detailed in our guide on how to do Instagram Marketing.

how to use instagram marketing

Before knowing the steps of how to do Instagram Marketing, here is why Instagram Marketing will be effective for your business:

  • Instagram has 1 Billion monthly active users.
  • There are more than 25 Millions profile on Instagram.
  • 60% of Instagram users are adult
  • Over 100 million photos are uploaded on a daily basis
  • 68% of Millennials consume Instagram stories

This stats prove that this amount of audience is pretty much to put your business in front of.  

How To Start Instagram Marketing Business?

After giving you a brief idea about the concept of Instagram Marketing, in our guide of ‘how to use Instagram Marketing’, we’ll tell you about how to get started.

For taking your business on Instagram, you need to have a Professional Account/Business Profile ASAP!

Yes, you can’t develop your business on Instagram by having a Personal Profile. For that, you need to create a new Professional Account or switch an existing Personal Profile to a Professional Account which displays the name of your business/brand with a relatable picture, i.e. a logo, a brand mark. 

For switching to a Professional Account, go to “Settings- Account- Switch to Professional Account/Switch to Business Profile”.

Yay! Now you have a Professional Account for your business on Instagram. 

You must be wondering that is a Professional Account enough to access Instagram marketing? 


Having a Professional Account is the first step in the process of Instagram marketing. 

Let’s move forward towards other steps in our guide of “how to use Instagram marketing to market your business.”

How to use Instagram Marketing?

Marketing your business on Instagram, successfully, is not that simple. Yes, you read it right. It is NOT simple. But we are here to help you achieve that. 

Instagram is basically made for posting contents in forms of pictures, videos, stories, etc. Along with posting content, there are other techniques which you need to follow for accessing Instagram Marketing.

Read through all of the below-mentioned techniques and apply most of them in your business profile.how to use instagram marketing

Be creative with your content

Simply posting regular contents can make you gain followers but that isn’t enough to maintain that engagement. 

Even you wouldn’t like to simply scroll through any Brand Page having ‘less exciting’ content. Likely, you also cannot expect your audience to stay on your page for long with only regular posts. 

For a massive engagement, you need to be creative with your posts. By that I mean, you need to include short videos of your products/services on your Instagram feed.

When you are about to introduce a new product/service, creating a short “sneak-peak” video about the same creates a gentle urge among your audience. 

Introducing deals/discounts about regarding your business through a create post can make good conversions for you at the end.

Update Instagram Stories 

Instagram stories come in “slideshow” format. They are different from regular posts. Instagram stories are a quick way to generate leads as they appear above the news feed in a small circle-shaped area.

Instagram stories provide various features to make your IG stories look more interesting.

Features like Boomerangs, short videos, stickers, hands-free click, etc., add extra charm to your stories.

The benefit with IG stories is that you don’t always need to post stories which exactly depicts your business/brand. You can post similar stuff for maintaining the engagement. By similar stuff I mean, you can post the behind-the-scene story, product-making process story and likewise.

The photo/video added by you in the stories is played in the original sequence. You can also tag other accounts in your IG story.

These stories automatically disappear from your followers feed after 24 hours.

So for that, you can create a highlight section in your profile and add your relevant updated stories so that people can reach out your stories even after a period of 24 hours. 

IG stories don’t seem a big deal but it works wonders to derive organic followers on your page. 

Use relevant and related hashtags

Using Hashtags is the most relevant trick to grow instant engagement and followers on your page.

Using hashtags related to the content you are posting and ultimately related to your brand gives you organic audience.

However, to be more creative, you can build specific branded hashtags for your business. This helps in creating a unique tag for your business.

Doing this lets your customer use your branded hashtag whenever they upload any picture with your product or while using your service.

Every time someone posts a picture on their feed using your unique hashtag, they are exposing your business to their followers.

Isn’t it like free advertising? 

Use free Instagram tools

When you are having a business profile, various Instagram tools help you market your business with ease. 

Example, through “Insights”, you can keep a track of impressions, engagement data on your posts. You can even get a demographic of your followers. 

how to use instagram marketing

You can also get specific insights on particular posts to keep a track of no. of impressions you have earned during a time period.

Repost user-generated content

Posting user-generated content generates followers for you without asking for your hard work. 

Did you know that followers enjoy user-generated content more than they enjoy your created content?

Generally, user-generated content can be reposted using ‘hashtag repost’ and by giving a credit to the original creator.

When you allow people to know that you will repost their pictures when they upload one with your product, they will have an intent to do so. 

Doing so will increase their followers and yours too. Kind of win-win for you as well your customers.

Interact with your audience

People aren’t going to deal with you for long if you do not interact with them. Followers demand attention in return for their investment. 

Replying to your follower’s comments, DMs are quick ways to interact with them

When you have just started to market your business on Instagram, it is necessary for you to interact with your audience frequently to maintain your engagement.

Solving their issues through replying back to their comments reflects that you are interested to deal with them as much as they are.

Create Contests

Contests can be created online as well as offline. If you are planning to create an offline contest at your marketing place related to your products/services, you can announce it on your Instagram business account.

When you aren’t planning to create any offline contest, create one online.

By that I mean, use IG’s poll or Ask me options to create an online contest.

how to use instagram marketing

Creating contests results in heavy organic engagement. With the contest, people look forward to rewards. For rewards, you can introduce deals/discounts on your products/services.

Creating contests results in conversions.

Reach out for collaborations

There are many people out there dealing in the same niche as you are. Collaborating with those people who are already ahead of you can help you learn more and also, generates more potential customers for you.

Collaborating with people of your niche who have huge audience can make their audience aware of your business/brand.

how to use instagram marketing

Collaboration may require little investment or maybe no at all (sometimes). 

Building your business on Instagram with likeminded people will be more exciting and will also help you to explore.

Create sponsored Ads

The best part about creating Instagram Ads is that you can control your expenses on them according to your budget. 

You can showcase more than one sponsored ads with “carousel feature”.

Sponsored Ads lets you target your audience in a great way. 

For creating sponsored ads, choose one or more picture which is appealing and attractive enough to target the demographic you want. Your existing posts with highest impressions works best for including in sponsored ads. 

This helps you reach to wider audience and drives more traffic on your page.

Go live

Instagram Live isn’t just about broadcasting content. It’s more about building a relationship and increasing engagement with the Instagram audience.

This feature has a major benefit, i.e. live content has an authenticity that can’t be duplicated.

how to use instagram marketing

Live videos let you access live chat with your audience. Thus, building relationships by directly communicating, resolving customer’s issues, hosting meaningful discussions becomes easy and also profitable for your business.

Also, the Instagram algorithm will place your live video at the head of your follower’s feed. 

Face-to-face interaction builds your brand identity.

Do not overpost

Imagine opening your Instagram and finding a particular Instagram page’s posts always on the top of your feed. You would like going through their posts for a while but after a few days, wouldn’t it get irritating? As a result, you’ll end up unfollowing that page.

That’s exactly what happens when you overpost.

If you will make your audience see only your posts every time they switch on Instagram, they will end up unfollowing you as soon as possible. 

Overposting can turn off your existing followers. 

Avoid overposting and post at the right time.

Generally, the best time to post on IG isn’t specific. It varies from business to business and depends on the targeted audience.

Using IG tools, you can keep an eye at the time when your followers are mostly online and that will become your peak time to post your content.


Out of plenty of techniques to do Instagram Marketing, these were the main among them. When you will apply more of these techniques, you will get most out of Instagram Marketing.

We hope that this guide of ‘How to use Instagram Marketing to market your business’ was helpful to you. Let us know which of these techniques you are applying already?

Happy Instagramming!!!


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