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How To Create Your Own Online Blog For Free To Make Money In 2020

How To Create Your Own Online Blog For Free To Make Money In 2020

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Willing to know about How To Create Your Own Online Blog For Free and make money from it??

There are a number of blogs available online telling people about how to create your own online blog for free in different ways but the concept remains the same.

The only problem that beginners find while starting up with any new work is that they don’t find enough sources to learn about the business they are stepping into.

For example, if we talk about blogging itself, if you as a fresher and wish to start blogging for a living then you will have to visit a number of websites to gather each and every detail about how to create your own online blog for free.

Yet some or the other point will get missed for sure!!

But don’t worry we have a solution for the same!!

Being a fresher you can’t afford to miss even the smallest of small detail about How To Create Your Own Online Blog For Free…

Therefore, I created a step by step blogging guide that would help you start blogging successfully in India.

Now, if you have already read then this article is certainly for you as it’ll help you start with the things without investing any money but if you’ve not read it and you are a complete fresher then you must read about it here and then come back to this article!!

Now, if we talk about blogging,

Ten years back blogs were viewed as an individual journal — your own virtual space where you can share contemplations, thoughts, encounters…

Тhen, evolution took place.

Out of nowhere, blogging was no longer just a time pass — you could earn from your thoughts, gain impact, or unite huge audiences on your blog from around the globe.

This established the framework for what we see today. Sites are presently producing a huge number of posts each moment, while bloggers are dealt with like celebrities, star in films, and procure outrageous sponsorship bargains.

According to a study by hosting tribunal

There are more than 500 million blogs out of 1.7 billion websites in the world. Their authors account for over 2 million blog posts daily.


How To Create Your Own Online Blog For Free


With the increasing number of bloggers each day the blogging field is not only becoming demanded but also full of competitions for a newbie.

In that case, it is certainly not easy for anyone to start with blogging and gain success right away, you will need to have patience and follow the steps that I am about to mention regarding how to create your own online blog for free!!

How To Create Your Own Online Blog For Free

A blog can enable you to illuminate, teach, advance, and even sell, however just on the off chance that you are clear about your goals from the beginning.

There are numerous approaches to bring in cash by beginning your own blog; you can sell items and products on the web or spot advertisements and get pay from brands by advancing their items and administrations.

Taking into account that 61% of online clients make their purchase depending on proposals from a blog, this could transform into an exceptionally gainful experience for you.

Now moving on to how to create your own online blog for free here I am mentioning a step by step approach that will help you learn more about this topic!!

STEP 1- Choose The Niche You Want To Work In

The very first step that can bring your quest of how to create your own online blog for free at a halt is this!!

You should initially discover your niche, figure out the ways to make it beneficial, and think about who your target audience is.

So, a niche is a subject that you write regularly, or exclusively, in your web journals. Niche blogging is making a blog to publicize to a specific market. Niche websites are easy to monetize and they ordinarily contain affiliate links, promotions, and so forth., and that is for the most part how they become beneficial.


how to start your own online blog for free


The most effective method to pick a niche for your blog

We can’t talk about how to create your own online blog for free until and unless we choose your niche and to turn into a fruitful blogger, you should pick the correct niche and work on achieving the most noteworthy type of information inside that subject.

So pick the one that interests you—the one you are energetic about and generally keen on. Take a stab at progress, bliss, and acknowledgment. By picking the niche of your interest and having your own perspective, you’ll have the option to separate your own blog thoughts from the opposition.

STEP 2- Choose The Correct Blogging Platform For Yourself

At this stage, you’ll have to find the best blogging platform out there and decide the type of content management system that you wish to utilize.

In any case, before you ask yourself, how to create your own online blog for free, let me portray every choice. With regards to well-known blogging stages, you have the following choices: free and self-hosted.

Since we are discussing about how to create your own online blog for free, therefore, we will only talk about the free platforms over here. (If you wish to know about the self-hosting option you may check it here).


blogging platforms : how to start your own online blog for free


For some new bloggers, the accessibility of free blog platforms, for example, WordPress.com, Blogger, or Tumblr is attractive.

Initially while starting your blog you can certainly rely on free platforms and once you start making some revenue then you may change your free website to a self-hosting one.

There are a number of options where you can start creating your online blog for free like Medium, WordPress, Blogger, TumblrQuora, Reddit, and many more.

These platforms will help you learn how to start your own online blog for free and also make things easier for you to understand.

STEP 3- Choose Domain Name For The Site

Your knowledge about how to start your own online blog for free is incomplete if you don’t have a domain name in mind. A domain name will be the name by which you will be known on the web, regardless of what niche you pick. It’s your unique address on the Internet.

Clients who know your area/URL (uniform asset locator) can basically type it into their program’s location bar. Others will have the option to find you through search engines, for example, Google and Bing, so you unquestionably need to locate a memorable and attractive domain name.


choosing domain name: how to start your own online blog for free


STEP 4- Start Creating Content On Your Blog

So now you have learned about 60% of the processes involved in how to start your own online blog for free, now we are left with the most important 40%.

We are done with selecting your niche, choosing the right blogging platform, and selecting the domain name for your blog, and thus now you are all set to get into the competition.

These are the most important last two steps of how to start your own online blog for free in this whole article…

First of which is creating content since you are done with all the initial steps involved in knowing about how to start your own online blog for free now is the time to act!!

Find the relevant topics to write a blog depending upon the keyword research in the niche your blog is focused on!!

Once done with the keyword research you must start with writing the content for your blog in the best and most interactive way possible.

Also, don’t forget to optimize your content according to SEO guidelines so as to make your articles rank in a good position on Google or any other search engines.

After getting done with these steps it’s time for you to move to the last step of how to start your own online blog for free i.e. promotion of your blog!!


promotion for blog : how to start your own online blog for free


STEP 5- Promoting Your Blog

Now, this is the last step of how to start your own online blog for free and also the most important one!!

In this step you tell people about your existence in the online world, you showcase your blogs and articles to the world through different platforms.

You can make use of different social media platforms, bookmarking sites, website directories, guest posting, and many more Off-Page SEO tactics to make people aware of your website and increase your online presence among your audience and this is how to start your own online blog for free without investing any money in it.


blog promotion



So, this is exactly how to start your own online blog for free and once you are done with all the steps and start your blog properly you can also monetize it using Google Adsense, affiliate links, and many more and can start earning a good amount of money from your blog.

Which Site Is The Best To Start A Blog For Free

WordPress.org is an open-source free blogging platform that allows you to build your website or blog within minutes. It is a self-hosted solution which means that you will need to sign up with a WordPress hosting provider. WordPress is a great option if you want to have full control over your blog's future.

Does Blogging Still Work In 2020

Blog content is still driving conversions, and companies are still tracing traffic and revenue back to their blog. ... The short answer is, blogging will continue to live so long as people turn to Google (and other search engines) for answers to their questions.

Are Blogs Good Way To Earn Money

Certainly yes, not only blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online but also a good way to interact with your audience. You can share your views, thoughts through these blogs easily with the world.

How Often Should I Post Blogs To Make Money

You must try posting at least 2-3 blogs in a week so as to increase the traffic to your website and make money through it. But, don't forget to maintain the quality of the blogs you write as that is the most important thing. Your audience should find you interactive enough to read your blogs everytime.

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