How To Become An SEO Expert In 2020

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Guess who does not want their website to rank and get traffic on google search? Every single website is working to achieve this, you have to know how to become an SEO expert. There are several tips and tricks if you follow you can reach this target. 

Having SEO expertise is not the need for the privilege of SEO professionals rather it is a skill that can be mastered by anyone. 

So if you want to know the secret to how to become an SEO expert in 2020 then this article is just for you. 

Why everyone needs to become an expert in search engine optimization?

how to become an seo expert

Before starting up with the tips you should know the difference between SEO expert and SEO professional  

Seo expert is a person who knows how SEO works, and how to apply SEO to increase the ranking and traffic on the website.

Seo professional is an SEO expert who practices SEO as a profession and gets paid in a company or by doing SEO consultancy or by offering SEO services. 

This is very important to know this difference because you should know to become an SEO expert you don’t have to opt-in as a profession. 

Now we will further study the tips and tricks on how to become an SEO expert. 

1. Understand how search engine works-

how to become an seo expert

Before starting and thinking about the SEO. familiarize yourself and try to know how search engine works. Google uses crawlers on the website and keeps the count on the focus keyword. 

By this method, ranking is made. It’s always a good idea to start with the basic, you can further take help from the relevant blogs, videos which can help you for the same. 

If your basics will be clear then you will be able to understand the complicated theories. Thus, this first step of how to become an SEO expert will help you to know the basics of search engine and you will know how the search engine works. 

2. Know the basic search engine marketing concept- 

how to become an seo expert

Before getting your hands in this you should have a general idea and knowledge about the rules and discipline about the search engine marketing and digital marketing and not just SEO. 


There are certain rules and criteria which search engine marketing follows, you should learn and adapt those rules to learn further. Google search engine follows certain rules which should be followed otherwise you will lack in SEO and not get the expected output. You can take help from different videos and blogs to know and learn these rules. 


Under this guideline, you will further be a step close to how to become an SEO expert. 

3. Know the true meaning of SEO-

how to become an seo expert

Seo is not just about keywords and links, its more than that. The main mission of SEO is to provide users with the thing which they want.

Your goal doesn’t stick to provide the traffic to the website but to give them relevant audiences and customers to the website which will increase the website’s business. 

You should have the knowledge about all the segments of SEO. there are mainly 4 segments-

1-technical SEO-crawling and indexing 

2-on-page SEO-page optimization 

3-off-page SEO-website promotion

4-content SEO -content optimizing

Thus, this tip is very essential in the concept of how to become an SEO expert. 


4. Choose the right SEO training- 

how to become an seo expert

Once you start learning about SEO, you will start learning that there is too much information regarding this, and you will get confused. 

If you start learning by yourself by studying different blogs, articles and videos then this will be much better.

You can even join some courses near your home which will guide you in a better way or there are several online courses which you can do.

These courses will structure you in a better manner.

There are many courses on google garage you can do it for free and can learn much about digital marketing and SEO.

Thus, this step is very important as you have to know everything about SEO and digital marketing, this will help you to know how to become an SEO expert.

5. Stay informed on SEO changes-

how to become an seo expert

There are several changes that occur, algorithms and rules keep on changing so you should be aware of the changes and should be updated. 

The other best way to stay updated is to follow some SEO news websites which give you the information of the SEO world. 

6. Choose the right SEO tool.

how to become an seo expert

Tools are the methods and means which will help us doing SEO manually. The truth is that we cant do SEO manually, we need certain tools that help us in website building, optimization of the website and more. For this, there are certain paid and unpaid tools. 

If you know how to do SEO and if you are an expert on the SEO part then you should try paid tools for SEO but if you are a newbie and only you want to have the knowledge then you should not opt for paid SEO. 

For the paid SEO you can use ahrefs, SEMRUSH, etc and for unpaid, you can use google analytics, google webmaster. 

These tools will help you to know more and by this, you come s step closer to how to become an SEO expert. 


7. Don’t stay theoretical-practice SEO-

how to become an seo expert

Seo is not theoretical but more practical. After studying all the rules and algorithms start applying them, if you will not apply then your whole learning will go in vain which will be very hurtful. Try to work on a website and apply all the things which you have learned. 

The problem is that all the website works on different manners. If you just follow the theoretical and not apply it practically you will not be able to learn it properly.

You can also study the case studies and blogs that how other people have managed their websites with the help of SEO. This technique will be very helpful for how to become an SEO expert. 

8. Follow the leads of other SEO experts

how to become an seo expert

The last and very important tip is this. In becoming an SEO expert you will face a lot of difficulties and there will be times when you be frustrated, tired and will be ready to give up.

 But at that very time you have to keep trust on yourself as there are many people who were just like you, just had an interest in SEO but today they have been declared as the real experts of SEO.

Here is the list of the people who never gave up and tried and today they have made the most successful businesses and managed to do it because they know how to use SEO correctly. 

Names of those gems are- Neil Patel, Eric Enge, Joost de Valk

Must read their histories, and how they managed to be what they are today, you will definitely get to learn many things from them and they also have the answers to how to become an SEO expert.  


how to become an seo expert

Everyone who has anything with the website, it has to become an SEO expert. SEO is at the base of digital marketing campaigns. Seo principles will not only give the exposures in search engine but they can help the websites in different ways. 

The process of becoming how to become an SEO expert is not easy yet not difficult. If you will follow these tips you will surely find success. 

Practicing new SEO course and reading out new blogs and watching relevant videos will help you surely.

Search engines and SEO are here to stay for a longer time so this is the best time to start learning and investing to make your business better and tell us which tips did you followed and which helped you to how to become an SEO expert in 2020. 



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