Top 10 franchise business in india

Top 10 Franchise Business in India: 2023’s Profitable Opportunities

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Do you know, the franchise business in India has witnessed a growth of 30-35 % over the last five years contributing nearly 4% to the Indian GDP

The reason for the growth of this business model is the mutual benefit of both franchisors and franchisees. 

Franchising is like a tree, where the franchisor is the strong trunk, providing the stability and structure for the entire enterprise. The franchisee, on the other hand, is like the branch, extending outwards to new markets and reaching new customers. The entire tree can thrive and grow with the right support and resources.

By partnering with a franchisor, or brand, a franchisee gains access to a loyal customer base along with the support and resources of an established brand, including everything from structural and legal assistance to training and creative guidance. 

While the franchisor benefits from the expansion of his business into new markets and increased profits.

So, if you’re also looking for a franchise opportunity that offers both stability and growth potential, then there’s a fair chance that you might have some questions like these in your mind: 

Why own a franchise?
Is franchise good investment?
What is the most profitable franchise business in India?
Which are the profitable sectors for franchise business in India?

We will answer all these questions in this blog and show you the top 10 franchise businesses in India, each from a different sector.  

List of franchise businesses

Top 10 Franchise Businesses In India


Industry- Ayurvedic products, FMCG(Fast moving consumer good)
Founded in- 2006
Revenue – Rs 40,000 crore
Initial Investment- Rs 1 crore+
Franchise units- 47000+

Patanjali / Franchise business in india

Patanjali is a Haridwar-based Indian MNC which was established by the renowned yoga gurus, Swami Ramdev and Acharya Balkrishna.

Beginning with the production of Ayurvedic remedies, the brand has diversified into a range of offerings spanning food, apparel, cosmetics, and more with a consumer base of 50 million.

To own a Patanjali franchise, a minimum investment of Rs  1  crore and a minimum area of 2000 square feet is required.


Industry- Eyewear, sunglasses, and optical lenses
Founded in- 2010
Revenue- Rs 1,503 crore (FY22)
Initial Investment- 25-30 Lakhs
Franchise units- 1100+ 

lenskart / Franchise business in india

Piyush Bansal, a former Microsoft employee, founded Lenskart. The company with a strong presence in Southeast Asia and has recently entered the US market.

With a vast customer base of 5 million satisfied patrons in India, the brand has created a loyal following. 

Those who wish to join the company’s franchise need to provide an outlet size ranging from 300 to 500 square feet and invest capital of 25 to 30 lakhs, along with an additional fee of around INR 2 lakhs.


Industry- Food and Beverage
Founded in- 1996
Revenue– Rs 1,332 crore
Initial Investment- Rs 30-50 lakhs
Franchise units- 1400+

Domino's Pizza

Whenever I hear the word “Domino’s“, my mind instantly conjures up images of mouth-watering, cheesy pizzas. Is this the same with you? With a brand presence as strong as theirs, it’s no wonder that Domino’s has become synonymous with pizza.

Back in 1960,  Domino’s started its pizza chain business. Fast forward to today, it’s now a global brand with over 70 countries, including India, craving its delicious pizzas. In fact, in the U.S. alone, Domino’s serves over 1 million customers!

Since its launch in India in 1996, Domino’s has steadily grown to over 1400 outlets, serving up not just pizzas, but a variety of delectable dishes including pasta, garlic bread, and chicken wings.

It’s no secret that owning a Domino’s franchise is a lucrative business opportunity, thanks to their successful franchise business strategy and high demand for their mouth-watering food.

Interested in owning one yourself? With an investment of Rs 30-50 lakhs, you could be on your way to owning your own Domino’s franchise. Simply drop them an email at dominos.franchise@jublfood.com to find out more.


Industry- Cosmetics
Founded in- 1952
Revenue- Rs 1,000 crore+
Initial Investment- 50-60 lakhs
Franchise units- 400+ Lakmé Salons in 125 cities

Lakme / franchise business in india

Lakme has been a leading name in the Indian cosmetics industry. Founded in Mumbai by JRD Tata, the brand is now owned by Hindustan Unilever Limited and has a global presence in over 65 countries. 

With 485 salons and 65 lakh beauty parlours under its banner, Lakme has become a trusted choice for beauty enthusiasts. 

For those aspiring to own a Lakme franchise, the franchising fee ranges from ₹20-30 Lakhs, while the required space is between 1000 to 2000 square feet.


Industry- Dairy Products
Founded in- 1946
Revenue- Rs 61,000 crore
Initial Investment- Rs 25,000 to Rs 80,000
Franchise units- 10 lakh

Amul / franchise business in india

Anand Milk Union Limited (Amul) was established in Anand, Gujarat, by the visionary Varghese Kurien

As per the business today, the dairy company boasts a staggering turnover of Rs. 61,000 crores, cementing its position as a leading name in the Indian dairy industry. 

For those interested in owning a milk-selling franchise of Amul, a minimum deposit of Rs 25,000 is required along with Rs 80,000 for land purchase. To own an Amul ice cream parlour, a deposit of INR 50,000 and INR 3 lakh for land purchase is necessary. This modest investment required to own an Amul franchise makes it one of the most demanded franchise business in India.


Industry- Courier delivery services
Founded in- 1990
Revenue- Rs 1388.95 crore
Initial Investment- Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh
Franchise units- 430+ operating units

DTDC / franchise business in india

Desk to Desk Courier and Cargo, commonly known as DTDC is a leading courier delivery service company established in Bangalore.

With a customer base of 12 million shipments per month, the company has set its sights on expansion, planning to raise INR 1,000 crores and go public in the near future.

For those interested in opening a DTDC franchise, a minimal investment ranging from INR 50,000 to INR 2 lakhs is required, along with an outlet area of 300 sq. ft to 450 sq. ft and essential hardware systems such as computers, printers, and trained staff.


Industry- Pre-school Education
Founded in- 2001
Revenue- Rs 252 crores
Initial Investment- Rs 10-20 Lakhs
Franchise units- 1000+

Eurokids / franchise business in india

Eurokids, founded by Prajodh Rajan and Vikas Phadnis, is a major player in the preschool industry. 

With over 1000 preschool centres spread across more than 350 cities in India, Nepal, and Bangladesh, EuroKids has established itself as a top choice for parents seeking quality education for their children. 

The preschool sector in India has witnessed steady growth over the years, and with an expected compound growth rate of approximately 32% in the next 3-4 years, the EuroKids franchise is all set to succeed.


Industry- Furniture and Home Decor
Founded in- 2011
Revenue- Rs 203.4 crore (FY21)
Initial Investment- Rs. 15 lakhs
Franchise units- 70

pepperfry / franchise business in india

Pepperfry is a leading home decor and furniture company headquartered in Mumbai with a massive customer base of 60 lakh registered users.

Its 70 stores are spread across 28 cities in India.

To acquire a Pepperfry franchise, you need an initial investment of INR 15 lakhs to 30 lakhs and a minimum space for the store that ranges from 400 sq. ft. to 1050 sq. ft.


Industry- Jewellery
Founded in- 1994
Revenue- Rs 7,516.8 crore
Initial Investment- Rs 5 crore
Franchise units- 350 

Tanishq / franchise business in india

Tanishq is headquartered in Bangalore and has a widespread presence across India with over 350 stores in more than 200 cities. 

The brand is owned by Titan Company, which is backed by the esteemed Tata Group and TIDCO. In FY22, the company experienced an impressive 36% growth, generating revenue of Rs 26,411 crore. As lockdown restrictions ease, the brand is expected to witness even better growth.

To own a Tanishq franchise, you would need a capital investment of under Rs 5 crore and a property area of 2,000 sq. ft. to 5,000 sq. ft.

Hero Motocorp

Industry- Two-wheeler automobile
Founded in- 1984
Revenue- Rs 31,517 crore
Initial Investment- Rs 70 lakh
Franchise units- 887

Hero motocorp

Hero Motocorp was founded in Dharuhera, Haryana by the late BL Munjal. Currently, Hero stands as the world’s largest two-wheeler manufacturing company.

With a strong customer base, the company sold over 78 lakhs (7.8 million) units in 2019, making it a popular choice among two-wheeler enthusiasts.

For those interested in acquiring a Hero Motocorp dealership, a minimum capital investment of Rs 70 lakhs to 1 crore and a property size of approximately 4000 sq. ft. is required. This space includes 2000 sq. ft for cashier services and another 2000 sq. ft. for hardware storage.

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FAQs on Franchise Business in India

Why own a franchise?

Owning a franchise business in India is a smart move to start your entrepreneurial journey. You get a head start with ready-made advertising resources and a famous brand name. Plus, the franchiser helps you out every step of the way to make sure your business thrives.

The risk factor is minimum as you already get a successful brand to work with.

You do not need to invest in training and quality departments, as you would receive the same from the Franchisors.

Is franchise good investment?

Yes, investing in a franchise of a well-known brand that’s already popular in your area is a good start for your business. Plus, you’ll benefit from the expertise of successful brands right from the get-go. 

What is the most profitable franchise to own in India?

The most profitable franchise businesses in India are:

  • Patanjali
  • Lenskart
  • MBA Chaiwala
  • Lakme
  • Amul
  • DTDC
  • Eurokids
  • Pepperfry
  • Tanishq
  • Hero Motocorp

How is the growth of franchise industry in India?

The franchise industry in India is currently worth $47 billion, while experts predict the growth to a jaw-dropping $140 billion by 2027.

Which are the profitable sectors for franchise business in India?

The profitable sectors in franchise businesses in India, that are nowadays booming include:

  • Food services
  • Retail sellers
  • Pharmacy
  • Courier & delivery services

What are the 4 types of franchises?

Majorly there are 5 types of franchises: 

  • Job franchise 
  • Product franchise
  • Business format franchise
  • Investment franchise 
  • Conversion franchise


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