8 Best Facebook Marketing Strategies In 2019

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Facebook Marketing Strategies In 2019

Facebook is the largest and the most known social media platform worldwide.

It has 2.27 billion monthly active users which is a 10% increase year over year and 1.49 billion users who log in to Facebook on a daily basis which is a 9% increase year over year as per the Facebook statistics report of September 2018.

All the Facebook statistics and demographics reports show the number of audiences ever increasing which only confirms that Facebook is here to stay even in 2019 and all the years to come.

Reigning over all the other social media sites with such a large and active user base only a foolish marketer will not opt Facebook in their marketing strategies.

It is important to adopt a unique plan for Facebook marketing strategy in 2019 because of the number of potential customers growing and to look out for counterpart businesses and enterprises because whether it is a small scale biz or a big corporation Facebook is the most powerful marketing tool for either, which makes it difficult in finding your spot in that space, therefore, your strategy must be clever and impressive.

So, here is the list of tips and tricks which will help you to get started and/or generate the best out of your Facebook marketing strategies in the year 2019.

1. Business Page

It becomes impossible for any business to ignore the fact they really need to have a Facebook Business Page which will certainly make it easier for users to discover and interact with your brand online.

Facebook business pages are similar to personal profile but are specifically made for businesses, organizations and public figures, they are free and easy to set-up.

Your profile picture and cover picture must also be chosen wisely, if you are a brand then your profile picture has to be your logo.

For your cover photo, you could use something artsy or whatever catches the eye of the visitor and matches the aesthetics of your page. You can also put up posters regarding sales, promotions, new brand lines or seasonal content. Make sure it is engaging and eye-catching.

There is also an ‘’About’’ section on your page, it is useful in telling the visitors what are you and what your brand does. Make sure to put the required information there and the tone is friendly and casual.

Ultimately you need to consider what your targeted audience wants to see and share links, photos, videos, and anything your audience would enjoy as long as it is connected with your business.

2. Set Goals

The crucial step before planning out any marketing strategy is to define your goals towards the company, employees and the entire organization. Goal setting prior to marketing is proven to keep you motivated and achieve desired results for the company.

Peter F. Drucker the founder of the modern business corporation came up with the criteria which have been a successful framework in goal-setting for a very long time by making your goals clear and attainable usually known as, S.M.A.R.T.

Let us take an example of goal-setting for Facebook marketing strategies in 2019 in the framework of SMART:

  • Specific: Define Who? What? Why? Whether it is targeting a specific audience or a niche for driving traffic towards your website and increasing the quality of sales and adding value to the organization for a smarter growth and efficient working environment.
  • Measurable: Set parameters to measure your goals and when will you be able to tell you’ve achieved them.
  • Achievable: Another word for this would be, ‘’realistic’’. Try to accomplish what you and your team can achieve with the given opportunities and skills.
  • Relevant: In social media marketing, the relevancy of a goal has the potential to impact your objectives, vision, and values.
  • Time-bound: Your goals need to have a specific finish time attached to them for it to be profitable.


3. Target Audience

On Facebook, there are billions of people scrolling through their newsfeeds every day and it’s important for you to choose the specific audience you need for your website.

You have to dedicate your time and resources in analyzing Facebook demographics then segment it to narrow your audience and then creating highly specific ads for the targeted audience.

Once you’ve ‘’niched down’’ your audience it’s time to understand and create accurate ‘’buyers persona’’ to reach out to the people who will be most likely interested in your products or services.


4.Utilize Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are an effective and inexpensive marketing method. Facebook offers their own targeted advertising platform.

Its advertising features include:

  • Able to set a budget for ads
  • Ad testing, which helps you in determining the effectiveness of an ad based on customer responses and feedbacks.
  • Demographic targeting, the most interesting demographic targeting feature available on Facebook is ensuring that the people who see your ad can afford the products or services you’re selling.
  • Behavior targeting, it basically means reaching people based on their past purchase behavior, purchase intent, device usage, travel preferences, and other behavioral characteristics.
  • Interest targeting, this feature allows you to reach your target audience based on the things they’re interested in like their hobbies, the pages they have liked, or a host of other things.
  • Built-in measurement tools to check ad performances.


Users are also able to ‘’hide ad’’ if they do not want to see a certain advertisement, using Facebook ads to increase ‘’likes’’ is very beneficial as it makes the user who liked your page/ad, your follower and all the content you post from there on appears on their newsfeed and sometimes on their friend’s feeds as well.

This results in more users and visitors on your page, interacting with your brand and services which may eventually become potential customers in the future.

5. Go Live

You do not need to make high-quality, time-consuming attractive videos to market your products. With the live streaming option, it has become easier and efficient for video marketing.

Research shows Facebook Live content generates three times more engagement and Facebook users watch 100 million hours of video every day.

All you need is a smartphone, and a normal functioning camera, and who doesn’t have it?

You can schedule live video sneak peeks to your new product launches, office events or to make announcements. Go Live, engage and connect with your audience within the moment.


6. Schedule Facebook Contests

Ever since Facebook changed its rule regarding hosting contests without the use of any third party apps businesses have been abuzz in running them to grow their fan base and building an audience.

This has been a hit with the fans and consumers as well, because who doesn’t like winning free gifts?

The best thing about Facebook contests is that they aren’t complicated, people only have to follow specific contest rules which differ from the type of contests.

To name a few contest types:

  • Like and Comment to Win
  • Caption Contests
  • Q&A Contest
  • Submitting Photos of a specific category

7. Collaborate with Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing can really boost your engagement if you know how to do it right

You have to find influencers who are already in your space and want to work with you after you both have agreed on the compensation because honestly, no one would be willing to market your products and give your brand exposure without having their pockets filled a little for all the work they will put in.

There are two ways of finding influencers on Facebook; manual or using influencer identification tools.

The manual search is labor intensive and time-consuming and wouldn’t work effectively if you do not yet have a highly-engaging audience.

The alternative approach is to use identification tools which basically are search databases for bloggers and social media influencers.

8. Choosing Your Content

Facebook has a lot of varied options for your brand’s content strategy to choose and create content with, like, Facebook Stories, Facebook live, status, links, blog posts, images videos posts etc.

The thing you must always remember is quality>quantity. Make each post count.

Your consumers will not care about your regular posts on their feeds if they aren’t what they expect from you.

According to the Sprout Social Q3 2016 Index, 57.5% of social media users said posting too many promotions was the most annoying action from brands.

Use the Facebook Audience Insights analytical tool, highlight your values, identify what your audience likes the most and plan content accordingly that is unique to your business space.



  • Despite the changes in Facebook’s algorithm it still will be the largest and strongest social media marketing tool, even in 2019.
  • Create Facebook marketing goals which directly affects your needs and business goals.
  • Never forget to study your Facebook audience demographics and insights.
  • Know your target audiences and your ads will appear where and when you want them to.
  • Organize and schedule content keeping your users in mind, make sure what you post matters.
  • Keep up with the current marketing trends.
  • Build brand loyalty, engage with your fans and grow a strong fan-based community.
  • Always keep a track of your Facebook Marketing strategy to identify what worked and what didn’t.


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