Dominos Digital Marketing Wizardry: An Amazing Learning Experience

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In 1995, Jubilant Foodworks established a private limited company under the name Domino’s Pizza India Pvt. Ltd., and in 1996 it unveiled its first Domino’s Pizza location.

Jubilant Foodworks opened the 700th Domino’s Pizza location in the first quarter of 2014, and during the next 24 months, they added another 300 locations, making India the second nation after the United States to have 1000 Domino’s outlets.  The year 2020, was a huge setback where it achieved great milestones all thanks to Dominos Digital Marketing Strategy. 

Jubilant Foodworks has been in business for more than 20 years and has over 1000 Domino’s outlets in India, 20 in Sri Lanka, and contracts for both Bangladesh and Nepal. By 2022, the company wants to have twice as many stores.

The first Dunkin’ Donuts outlet in India debuted in 2011 thanks to a franchise arrangement Jubilant Foodworks has with the American coffee and donut giant.

So now that we are done with the introduction, let’s move on to the spells of marketing wizardry that Domino’s employees to be at the top. 

Dominos Digital Marketing Stratgegy: Details

Domino emerged as the top player in crushing down its competition with brilliance in digital marketing strategy. Here is a detailed analysis of Dominos’ digital marketing strategy.


Domino’s digital marketing strategy was futuristic back in 2016. For better and quality reach, it uses both organic and paid searches that ultimately increase traffic and brand awareness of its website. 

The website of Dominos garners about 4.1 million monthly visitors organically. However, the domain authority is not that high, but it compensates with its huge organic traffic.

Dominos organic searches

The SEO strategy of Dominos has provided the company an upper hand in terms of overall sales in recent years where the sales growth recorded in 2021 increased by 4.5% through Google traffic alone.

The proper use of the Google algorithm and Google Machine could be the possible cause. However, the website structure or the UI/UX optimization is well crafted resulting in a great performance.

Dominos digital marketing strategy

The landing page consists of 2 CTA buttons along with exciting offers that no one ever denies could be the reasons for enormous growth through SEO.

Dominos Advertisement

Dominos advertises on Google and Facebook to reach customers based on their age and location. Every Dominos outlet in the city runs sponsored Facebook advertisements for the target audiences in the locality that effectively draw leads and increase sales. Facebook ads are huge components of Domino’s digital marketing strategy.

Dominos Advertisement

Similarly, Dominos runs Google ads on websites, games, and searches to draw customers to their online platform and place orders. The paid Google ads draw high traffic to the website supported by great offers and generate sales.

Domino’s even runs sponsored video advertisements on Youtube focusing on the target audience, the ads are really exciting and persuasive. 

Social Media Marekting

Apart from paid campaign, Domino’s phenomenal optimization on different social media platforms has resulted in overall marketing growth. Dominos is mostly visible on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Let’s discuss their strategies on these platforms.


The current Facebook followers of Dominos India are about 6.5 million. To reach such a milestone, they are consistently posting quality posts on their pages that are focussed on generating leads and taking feedback directly from the customers.

Domino’s Facebook page features a great mix of commercial content, community-engaging postings, and a tonne of vibrant and captivating pictures. Domino’s typically participates in festivals and national holidays using unique hashtags and promoting with amazing offers.

Dominos Facebook marekting

Dominos started a new trend #nationalfriendshipday and several posts under this hashtag were posted across different social media platforms. This great marketing initiative influenced people to tag their friends in their posts increasing the brand reach in the process!


Dominos started off on Instagram well ahead of its competitors. Currently, it has about 460k followers, which are mostly the expected target audience. Dominos has used this platform to directly interact with people in the age group of 18 – 30 by consistently posting high-quality humorous content regularly which is the main reason why it has accumulated so many followers in such a short amount of time!

Domino's digital marketing strategy


Twitter is another great marketing avenue that Domino’s uses as a tool for customer service and marketing like many other successful D2C businesses on social media do.  Domino’s India currently has around 260k followers on Twitter.

Donimos twitter marketing

Domino’s Twitter account mainly focuses on providing excellent customer service, with occasional conversations, GIFs, and memes tossed in for fun. The great taglines with relevant hashtags make these posts engaging and they also have exemplary customer feedback.

Email and SMS Marketing

Domino’s digital marketing strategy comprises email and SMS not only for marketing but also for sending personalized messages. 

Domino’s emails are creative and humorous reflecting the brand’s identity to the new or existing customers. Email marketing follows a strict sales funnel by sending personalized emails as per customer status. It sends emails with delightful offers and combos to persuade customers to order more pizzas.

Dominos Email Marketing

Dominos uses an SMS facility to create a communication chain between outlets and customers for speedy service. SMS leads help customers track the delicious pizzas and pass on orders to outlet and delivery personnel.

Apart from the ease in communication and supply, SMS marketing gracefully generates leads through creative promotional massages. 

Dominos SMS marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the best social media marketing strategies where celebrities or media influencers endorse products or new campaigns. Influencer marketing plays an important role in overall Domino’s digital marketing strategy.

Dominos has aced marketing tactics using various creative ideas with famous influencers across social media platforms. These campaigns were really great and helped Dominos to cut through tough competition and to get at the top level in the market.


The recent collaboration of Dominos with Curly Tales, which has 789k Instagram followers and 1.67M Youtube subscribers was a huge success for Dominos’s new campaign of “Paratha Pizza”.

A similar collaboration with Satish Ray (famous YouTuber, influencer, and actor recently appeared in Panchayat Season 2), where he was asking audiences to celebrate Diwali by ordering Dominos Pizza and sending it to their loved ones instead of Soan Papdi in his comical way. This collaboration was a huge success for Dominos in their Diwali campaign.

Dominos usually does such collaborations and influential marketing with some well-known celebrities, offering discount coupons and great combos.

Current Scenario

A surge in profit of 14% was observed in the last quarter of FY2021 compared to the previous quarter which was made possible due to the increased demand for delivery and takeaway in different outlets. The expected net profit only from Dominos outlets is about Rs 104.3 crores.

Dominos revenue model

Also, over 50 new outlets have recently been opened in the last quarter, and overall in FY21, more than 100 new outlets were added to capture the local audiences. 

Overall, Domino’s digital marketing strategy has shown good results. You can even check how dominos is performing in core marketing.

Our Thoughts on Dominos Digital Marketing Strategy

Domino’s is a well-known pizza brand with worldwide recognition. During the past five years, its income has also increased significantly. The company projects that over 25,000 cafés would have opened shops nationwide by 2025. Quality and customer service are the organization’s primary focuses. As a result, there is now a strong brand value in both the US and international marketplaces, set apart from high deals, client reliability, and widespread ubiquity. Pizza is becoming more and more popular around the world, which presents an inviting opening for Dominos.

Dominos has demonstrated to everyone that uniformity of taste and quality is attainable regardless of the size of the firm. Because even with more than 1000 locations in India and every location serves the same delicious pizzas that everyone loves. Domino’s India has demonstrated what success looks like with more than 1000 locations in a little more than 20 years and a target of 1000 more outlets in the next five years!

Customers have responded well to the new and better pizza, which could help restore Domino’s India’s position as the top pizza brand in the nation. 



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