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Digital marketing strategy for hotel is basically marketing about the kind of hospitality provided by it. It makes sure to have an effective online presence of the hotel, where anything and everything is clear about the services, offers, location, etc.

A hotel is not just about booking a room for sleeping the night in or keeping the luggage when out of the station. But, it is also about the food provided by the hotel, the type of room service, the size of the room and the cleanliness and many more things.


Just building up a hotel doesn’t make people aware of it. That’s where digital marketing comes in. Since this is the era of social media and dot coms, digital marketing strategy for hotel is quite necessary especially with so much competition.

A hotel has to convince its customers, Why choose your hotel? What are the comfort that you provide and others don’t? Customers mostly these days search through google for hotels they wish to stay in. If your hotel details look good there, it increases your chances to get more customers.

Here are a few tips for digital marketing strategy for hotel that you should not miss out on while working on the online presence of your business.



Create an attractive website. Include all the details related to your exact hotel location, distance from the nearest airport or railway station, different types of rooms, if any. Make sure to have an ‘about us’ section, where you let your visitors know what is it that your hotel has to offer. Create a gallery section with all the possible pictures and videos of your hotel, the rooms, the dining areas, halls, gardens, and swimming pools if any. Mention all the contact details related to call, text, or mail. You might even add links to all your social media accounts.


Just creating a website isn’t the main way to get effective business. To make it more attractive, feasible, and successful you must follow the guidelines of search engine optimization. Each and every picture and video that goes up on your website requires some of the other SEO. This can be managed by a content marketer and website designer. You can add blogs to your website relating to hospitality, or places to visit near your hotel, travel, and tourism all SEO optimized.



There are a lot of influencers, food bloggers, travel bloggers, etc. who keep on exploring new and old places and get charged for the same as well. You should invite such influencers to your hotel and they will provide an honest review of your hospitality to their audience which you can reshare on your website or social media. This not only gets you a good review but also, increases your audience. It is a very good digital marketing strategy for hotel.



Ask your customers to review their stay at your hotel. This could be done through a manual form or a digital survey or even on google reviews. Manage your good reviews and highlight them. Add them to your website or reshare or social media. For negative reviews, there’s only one solution, try to fix the problem. After fixing it, make it acknowledged to the ones who reviewed it so and as well as your rest of the audience. People tend to look upon reviews before choosing a hotel. A mix good reviews and fixed bad reviews result into transparency and makes up to a good digital marketing strategy for hotel.


There are two methods of advertising. One is to promote yourself to a larger audience and the second is to generate some of your revenue from. Both the methods are preferable, as one will earn you money which you can use to spend on the other. You can collaborate with a few brands and display their ads or your website and get paid. To promote your hotel, use Facebook Dynamic ads or Google Ads. Both of them have special features respectively which display your hotel’s ad at different possible websites or pages according to their metrics. Travel Ads is another new feature where hotels can show their ads to people on Facebook and Instagram who are most likely to travel.



Remarketing by the hotel is a process where the hotel engages with its potential customers who did visit your website but didn’t make any purchase. Remarketing strategy is used to bring those customers back to your website and this time, not leaving without any purchase. Such ads use different discounts and offers and display them on the newsfeed or any other website. You should definitely not ignore this digital marketing strategy for hotel.



Metasearch Marketing is one of the proficient digital marketing strategy for hotel. Under meta-search marketing, the advertisements get the possibility to be run over assorted stages or platforms at a particular time. For example, the hotels would now be able to set up their promotions on a single platform to give the clients the advantage to compare and contrast their rates with other hotels and allow them to pick the best offer suitable for them. It makes it easier for the customers so they prefer searching through such engines. You must have heard about Tripadvisor and Trivago. They are a few platforms that allow direct bookings after choosing from multiple options of hotels. Google also does the same.



Increase your email lists from your existing customers and potential customers. Send out newsletters, updates, discounts, offers etc. through emails. Make them as attractive as possible. Allow memberships or subscriptions for more updates or more discounts. Also, share your reviews or client/customer stories through emails. Promote your hotel as much as possible but that doesn’t mean bombarding emails for no reason. Keep it limited but effective.



All the above tips for digital marketing strategy for hotel are very common. They are mostly used by every business or brand that requires digital marketing, it is only about the approach. You just have to convince the customers with your unique selling price(USP).







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