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Do you own a coffee shop or have just recently started with one?

Not getting many customers even after putting so much effort into the food and coffee you’re providing?

Do you think that proper marketing might be the issue and not your services? Or want to know the right digital marketing strategy for coffee shop?


Well, we have a bunch of solutions for you then. Go on reading!

In today’s world where everything is going digital, promoting your business through digital means has become an essential process. And, it is not only about promotion but also letting them know the benefits of your services.

If you are a start-up, then you have a lot of competition already. If your shop is old then, you have a lot of competition coming right your way. In both cases, what matters more is your digital marketing strategy for coffee shop. You need to let your audience know; Why your coffee shop is better than any other shop and why should they visit you?

Here, marketing plays its role better than you know.



The first piece of advice that anybody will give you is to hire a digital marketing agency: If you have enough budget to sustain the bills, hiring an agency is the best choice for a digital marketing strategy for coffee shop. Digital marketing agencies have the exact resources to grow your business and not only through social media but other digital platforms as well. They have well resources such as content strategists, content analysts, social media designers, content writers, graphic designers, video designers, web designers, and a bunch of other experienced people.


The whole team of such people can do wonders for your business even if it’s just a coffee shop. But, as exciting as it sounds but it needs money to be spent upon. This can get a bit expensive since not only one but multiple people are working to grow your business and get your coffee shop in the right marketplace and to the right audience as well.


But, since it is expensive does not mean that this is the only way to grow. Not everybody hires digital marketing agencies especially if it’s a startup because yes, they can’t spend much only on the branding. To overcome this, we have listed a bunch of solutions that you can do by yourself to increase your reach and choose the right digital marketing strategy for coffee shop.




  1. Google Maps listing:

Before the digital era, normally newly opened shops would use traditional marketing tactics such as distributing flyers, pasting them around the surroundings so that people know. But now, if anyone wants to go out for a coffee they simply search coffee shops near me and get a bunch of shops to choose from. That’s the easiest access to your shop.


Hence, make sure to verify your local business on Google My Business(GMB) listing with proper information regarding the shop address, contact numbers, website(if any), types of payment accepted, opening & closing hours, and menus (if possible). This way Google will then find ways to boost your organic ranking while someone searches for coffee shops.


  1. Audience Engagement:

Create your social media profiles on the apps that are more feasible to be used by you. Keep the strategies for their posts, stories according to what works best on the platform.


For example, LinkedIn is mostly for businesses so keep yourself as formal as possible on this platform, yet in an engaging manner. Keep it for spreading information and interacting with a general audience.

Similarly, people on Instagram are more into fun contests, polls, reviews, etc. Make Instagram a place for all your fun posts.


Keep creating social media contests, people love interacting to polls, quizzes, or meme creation. As a result of the contests, provide coupons, goodies, affordable accessories, or whatever else suits you. Keep it more often, always make your audience be ready and curious for the next contest before ending the one going on. These small achievements make people happy and make them want to visit your place. Also, of course it will definitely increase your audience reach.


  1. Influencer marketing:

This digital marketing strategy for coffee shop is very easy but only needs a little bit of patience to get through the influencers and their rates. You invite multiple influencers to collaborate with you and promote your coffee shop with various reviews about the food, the ambiance, the services, affordability, etc. Influencers these days do try to indulge with and promote local businesses.


Apart from general influencers, look for food bloggers in your neighborhood and state. Food bloggers are generally honest reviewers and people tend to listen to them and follow up on the places that they visit. Apart from just promoting, they will also help you know if something is not right with your food or shop and hence, help you grow. If you are confident enough with your coffee, just go for it!


  1. Increase your email list:

Don’t forget to add email to your digital strategy for coffee shops. Generate as many emails as you can and don’t be lazy about them. Cold emailing can sometimes prove to do wonders. All your contests, discounts, offers, new items added to your shop and everything should be promoted through emails as well.


For this, increasing your email lists is quite necessary. Ask your customers to drop in your emails and or get-a-hold of their emails through social media contests. Don’t send unnecessary or too often emails only to get blocked thereafter. Try to be minimal yet effective and creative with your emails. Brochures, email subscriptions, videos, reviews, etc. can be shared through these emails. Try it and keep doing it!

  1. Visual Branding:

Try to maintain a particular theme for your social media posts. Choose a logo for your business and apply it to every picture. Have proper and similar types of color palette combinations for your posts. This makes your social media post look more aesthetic and attractive.

Visual branding is hence, equally important as a digital marketing strategy for a coffee shop. A particular theme throughout the feed makes it look more consistent and gives an idea of your visions to the audience.

A great example of this is Starbucks. Almost all of its posts contain a cup of Starbucks with its logo on it and different background designs. This consistent theme makes it look all attractive and also lets the audience know the variety of beverages they have to offer.


  1. Ask for customer reviews:

This would sound a bit needy to the customers but if done effectively, this digital marketing strategy for the coffee shops can also do wonders. Always try to ask your customers to post reviews if possible, either on their social media handles or review it on google.

People while searching on google for places, go through its reviews. This is where you get more chances to get visited and increase your customers and audience reach through social media.


These six tips, if applied constantly without being lazy or getting your morale down, can make your business a huge success. You should know that it takes time, you can’t grow overnight. But, you can definitely grow slowly and steadily, and that’s okay. Hope this digital marketing strategy for coffee shop help you grow!



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