Top Interview Questions For Digital Marketing You Must Know The Answers Of

Tomorrow is the day when you are going to appear for the digital marketing interview and you have not prepared any interview questions for digital marketing!!

You don’t want this bad dream to come true, do you??

I know you don’t but then to avoid such situations you need to be prepared with all the Interview Questions for Digital Marketing.


You should have a very strong knowledge of all the trends and strategies to crack your interview successfully and leave a lasting impact on the interview panel.

So let’s discuss about all the important and relevant interview questions for digital marketing that an interviewer can ask from you and the answers you must give to impress the interviewer instantly!! 

Basic Interview Questions For Digital Marketing

There is nothing like basic or advanced in digital marketing all the questions asked are tough and easy at the same time, it all depends on your presence of mind and the preparation you have done!!


So, in this Basic interview questions for digital marketing segment, I will provide you with all the general interview questions for digital marketing that could be asked from you, irrespective of the post you have applied for.

Q1. What do you think is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is all about initiating a marketing campaign for a brand using digital platforms. To be very precise, the process of reaching out to and engaging with your consumers through digital media is called digital marketing.

Every marketer knows that effective marketing communication depends on a two-sided communication, it is all about having meaningful and relevant conversations with your customers.

This is the point where traditional marketing lags behind digital marketing, as digital marketing platforms not only help in running cost-effective marketing campaigns but also allows you to get in touch with your customers and build trustworthy relations with them. 

Digital marketing is not only limited to the marketing and sales of brands but extends to finding new talent, marketing research, Lead Generation, Customer Acquisition, etc. as well.

Some of the digital marketing platforms are social media, search engine, etc. and one can use techniques like search engine optimization, search engine monetization, social media marketing, etc to grow a successful business using digital marketing. 

 Q2. Why is Digital Marketing preferred more than Traditional Marketing?

Most people nowadays prefer digital marketing as it comes with numerous benefits, like SEO, web development, and hosting.

The range of leads in digital marketing is extraordinary. It makes things easy for one to reach a huge number of individuals.

On the other hand, with technological development, a number of people reading newspapers, listening to the radio has gone down.

Q3. Do you know the difference between Branding and Direct Marketing?

In branding, the advertisers mainly focus on exposing their brand on applications and sites having mass following and reach.

The most popular ways for branding are custom ads, youtube ads, remarketing of products, target marketing, etc.

Whereas, in Direct Marketing the advertisers are more interested in communicating with the target audience.

Advertisers use common campaigns like dynamic search ads, shopping ads, etc. to run successful direct marketing campaigns. 

Q4. What is Google Adwords Remarketing?

A targeted marketing strategy which helps all the marketers to reach out to people who once visited their website but never made a purchase is called Google Adwords Remarketing.

This kind of marketing allows you to target the right audience at the right time with the right ad.

Q5. How do you stay updated with the latest Digital Trends?

It is very important to stay updated as digital marketing is a very enterprising field, there are a number of sources you can use to stay updated with all the latest digital marketing trends.

But, always keep in mind that the sources you mention are the ones you are honestly aware of otherwise the follow-up question based on these sources can get you into trouble.

What?? You don’t know any such sources?? Well relax, there are a number of sources like Youtube Channels, Podcasts, Blogs, Books, Webinars, etc.

Here I am linking top 5 such sources that might be useful for you to impress your interviewers:

Youtube Channels:


Blog Websites:

So, these were some of the basic interview questions for digital marketing that you should always be prepared for and now moving further we will discuss about the interview questions for specific positions in Digital Marketing.

 Interview Questions For SEO Specialist in Digital Marketing

The job of an SEO Specialist is a very tough and skilful job, an SEO Specialist is supposed to analyze, optimize, and keep a check on all the actions being done on the website.

An SEO Specialist works to increase the Google Rankings of any website by doing all the essential research and optimizations.

So, if you have applied for this position in any company then you need to be prepared with the answers of these most important interview questions for SEO Specialist in Digital Marketing.

Q1. What is a Domain Authority and How does it affect your Google Rankings? 

Domain Authority is a measure of rating your website and was introduced by MOZ to give ratings to your website in the range of 1 to 100.

Higher the Domain Authority of a website higher will be it’s ranking on Search Engine Result Page.

Do's and Don'ts of an interview

Q2. What do you mean by a Responsive Website?

A Responsive Website is a fast website that is compatible with multiple devices and browsers and responds very well to user interactions.

It is created using a Responsive Web Design, which is a website design that adjusts the layout of the website according to the viewport size and orientation of the device. 

For Example- The contents presented on a big screen and a small screen are the same but with different layouts, to optimize the experience of the particular screen on which the website is being viewed.

Q3. What are backlinks and why are they important?

Backlinks help users to shift from one web page to another web page and are also called incoming links. These links play a very essential role in SEO.

Quality backlinks help in increasing the Domain Authority of your website and Page Authority of your web page which is one of the essential factors to convince Google Crawlers that your website is good and deserves to be ranked on top.

It helps in improving the indexing process of Google and will ultimately result in increasing the organic ranking on Search Engine Result Pages.

But, there is a difference between normal backlinks and quality backlinks,  from the perspective of SEO normal backlinks are of no relevance to Google.

Google inspects the relevancy and connectivity of the backlinks present on a webpage with the content present on the web page, therefore, higher the relevancy greater will be the quality of the backlinks.

Thus in short quality backlinks bring more referral traffic to your website and improves the ranking of your webpage. 

Q4. What do you mean by the terms Anchor Text and Image Alt Texts?

Anchor Text refers to a hyperlinked text that is visible and can be clicked through, these anchor texts actually links to different documents available of the web.

People usually underline these texts or highlight them in blue colour, but it depends on the HTML  code of each website.

There are different types of anchor texts like keyword-rich anchor text, generic anchors, image anchors, etc. where we connect the users to the data that are relevant to the page or content.

Then, moving on to Image Alt Texts, Google Bots cannot process any image on the web on it’s own. So, we use alt attributes to explain Google Crawlers about those images.

It is the alternate text for an image which provides a textual reference to all the web crawlers to index the web page containing the image.

And, properly phrased alt tags have the power to increase the Google ranking of a website’s image in Google images search results.

Q5. What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is one of the most authorizing analytical tools in Search Engine Optimization,  it helps the webmasters to monitor and keep a record of the traffic your website drives.

This freemium analytical tool was launched in 2005 by Google, and it provides certain basic services at no cost while the other premium services require investment.

Google Analytics can also be integrated with other Google products like Search Console, Google Adwords, etc. which makes it a better analytical tool than the others. 

So, these were the most commonly asked interview questions for SEO Specialist in Digital Marketing!!!

Interview Questions For Digital Marketing Executive

The job of a Digital Marketing Executive is to analyze and report on visitor’s data and make new plans to engage more users and market more products.

Digital Marketing Executives are supposed to interact with the public using Social Media and ensure visitor flow, they supervise the marketing strategy for their company, and execute all the digital as well as content marketing campaigns for the website of the company.

So, here I present you the topmost interview questions for digital marketing executive that you must have your answers prepared for…..

Q1. What is PPC advertising?

PPC i.e. Pay Per Click advertising is an online advertising model in which the advertisers pays money each time when a user clicks on any of their online ads.

In a Pay Per Click Advertising the businesses running their online ads on search engines are charged only when a user actually clicks on their ad, therefore the name is “Pay Per Click”.

Though there are a number of PPC Ads but the most popular of them all is the paid search ad, which appears when any user searches for things on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. 

This ad usually appears when someone searches for commercial products i.e. if someone searches for things to buy, local service search, high-end things like software, etc. 


Q2. What one should do to avoid Google Penalty?

To avoid Google Penalty one must keep the following things in mind:

  •  Prepare your unique, and original content and make sure there is no plagiarism in your content.
  • Don’t buy backlinks to rank high on Search Engine Result Pages.
  • Don’t overuse the keywords for no good reason. Keyword Stuffing can spoil your reputation in the eyes of Google. 
  • Make sure you stay updated with all Google’s algorithms and updates.

  Q3. What kind of tools do we use for SEO for an instant result?

There are a number of tools that we can use to get good SEO results in a short time span, they are as follows:

  • Google’s Webmaster Tools
  • Ahrefs
  • Check My Links
  • BuzzStream
  • SEMRush
  • Found’s SEO Audit Tool

Q4. Mention the limit of Adwords Ad Characters.

The Headline 1, 2, 3 of an Adwords ad can be of 30 characters and the 1st, 2nd lines of the description should be of 90 characters. 

Q5. What is the difference between Google Attributions and Google Attribution 360?

Google Attributions is a software introduced by Google, to analyze campaigns and to fulfil advertisers requirements.

It allows all the marketers to measure the influence of their marketing campaigns across the various channels of marketing using the latest machine learning. 

Whereas Google Attribution 360 is the updated version of Google Attributions itself, it is a feature of Google Analytics 360.

The features of Google attributions 360 involves DoubleClick Bid Manager, DoubleClick Search, and DoubleClick Campaign Manager so that you can track and get information regarding all the marketing events within 48 hours.

Interview Questions For Digital Marketing Analyst

Digital Marketing Analyst generally is supposed to create digital marketing campaigns to promote the companies and brands they are working for.

Analyzing marketing data, advising and managing the marketing teams, preparing the marketing reports and managing the Pay Per Click accounts are also some of the jobs a Digital Marketing Analyst does.

So, now since you know that these things will be a part of your everyday tasks, so now let’s see the types of Interview questions for Digital Marketing Analyst which will ultimately help you in getting your dream job.

Q1. What is meant by conversions and how do we track conversions using Google Analytics?

When a visitor visits your site and takes action and converts to a customer either by filling out a form, making a purchase, or even by showing a high level of engagement with the website.

In short, when any of your predefined goals of Google Analytics are accomplished and it also brings revenue to your website then we term it as “Conversions”.

We use the “Goals” feature of Google Analytics to keep a track of all the conversions on our website.     

Q2. What is meant by KPI in Google Analytics?

KPI stands for Key Performance Indicators, which is a metric that helps the marketers to analyze the different business objectives their website is based on. Some examples of such objectives are Users, Sessions, Average Time, Bounce Rate, Audience, Conversions, etc. 

Q3. How can we use Google Analytics to track and improve our e-commerce sales?

The Goal Funnel Feature of Google Analytics helps you inspect the general achievement of your e-commerce activities. It gives you all the Individual Shopping Basket Exchanges and also helps you track your Sales Conversions and all the other goals. 

Q4. How many types of Custom Reports are there in Google Analytics??

There are 3 types of Custom Reports in Google Analytics:

  • Explorer
  • Flat Table
  • Map Overlay

Q5. What is the formula for ROI?

ROI stands for Return On Investments and the formula that we use to calculate the ROI is- (Revenue – Cost) / Cost.


So, all these were the Interview questions for Digital Marketing that you need to need to know if you wish to impress your Interviewer and get your dream job.

I hope this article helps you in every way possible to crack your Digital Marketing Interview.

All the Best!!!!!!

You can also learn about Off Page in SEO and On-Page SEO to know more about SEO to crack all questions related to SEO.

Learn more about Social Media Marketing, and Strategies to stay updated with the latest digital trends.

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How To Use Google Analytics To Increase Your Website Traffic

In my last article, I told you about “What is Google Analytics??”, so to finish the topic in this article, I will tell you “How to use Google Analytics??”

Google Analytics helps us increase the traffic of our website in a number of ways but only if we know how to make the best out of it.

It is a must for us to learn “How to use Google Analytics” but before learning anything like this you must also know the reason for using Google Analytics!!

[lwptoc smoothScrollOffset=”350″]

Should You Use Google Analytics??

Google Analytics is a free analytical tool that helps you look deeply into your website or app performance. 

It combines all the Google’s marketing tools like Google Ads, Search Console, etc. making it worthy of being people’s choice. 

So I would definitely say that every brand wishing to make their online presence must use Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Reports


As, if you want to have a lot of data and most importantly if you have the ability to analyze that data then my dear friend Google Analytics is the perfect tool for you.

Though Google Analytics is a time taking, and hard working job but it gives you everlasting and best of the best results.

I know that this does not satisfy your curiosity of knowing, How to use Google Analytics but having basic knowledge is also a must.

So first, let’s discuss the versions of Google Analytics we get access to!!

Is Google Analytics Free??

How to use Google Analytics will be a valid question only after you know if you can afford to use the tool or not.

Google Analytics has both free as well as paid versions (commonly called Google Analytics 360).

The free version of Google Analytics is an ideally perfect tool for all the small and medium-sized businesses, whereas big brands need to use Google Analytics 360 to keep a track on their data.


Simple Google Analytics reports


As Google Analytics 360 provides you with the advance funnel reporting, attribution modeling, roll-up reporting, dimensions, metric per property, and more in-depth views.


Google Analytics 360 suite reports


Getting the paid version will provide you the access to more dedicated support like your own personal account manager which makes the amount worth paying.

Though the subscription fees is not cheap, it starts at $150,000 per year and keeps increasing after your site starts receiving more than 1 billion monthly visits.

But, trust me all of this is worth a try if it is bringing you a great profit in the long run.

With this, I will introduce you the 7 most important features that will help you guide and solve your query of How to use Google Analytics!!

7 Google Analytics Features That Will Tell You How To Use Google Analytics

There are a number of features provided by Google Analytics but these 7 are the most important ones that you must always keep in mind while using Google Analytics to track your data.

1. Traffic Measurement

Do you think you are aware of the sources that are bringing you traffic?? 

Think about it for a while, it’s not about the number of traffic you’re getting it’s about the reason behind you getting that traffic!!


traffic measurement using google analytics


Not able to figure out?? Well, Google Analytics tells you about the links which are sending your users to your website.

You can keep track of the ads that are driving huge traffic to your website and can learn information about the visitors coming to your website. 

2. Goal Tracking

Google Analytics features give you the privilege to track your goals. It gives you access to measure one of the most critical metrics i.e. the conversions.

Now, what are conversions?? Well, conversions refer to the actions you want your users to take on your website like filling out a form, sign up for e-mail, completing a purchase, etc.


Conversions on Google Analytics


You must have different goals for different pages of your website, these goals can be anything like:

  • A destination where you want to take your users via that web page
  • The average duration of time you want your users to spend on a specified web page.
  • The number of pages a user must visit in a fixed time on your website.  
  • Interactions your users make on your website.


Goal Tracking on Google Analytics


These are some examples of goals you can set and then Google will track these goals to a view level, and once any of the users visiting your website fulfills any of the goals, it will automatically note it as a conversion.

3. Flow Visualization

There are two types of visualizations namely Funnel Visualization and Goal Flow Visualization.

Funnel Visualization is like a strict relative who makes you do things very systematically and in a disciplined way whereas Goal Flow Visualization is one of those relatives we love to be with.


funnel visualization in Google Analytics


In short Goal Flow Visualization gives you more liberty than the Funnel Visualization. 

It shows you all the sessions that ultimately took your user to the end goal i.e. your aimed web page.


goal flow visualization in google analytics


Goal Flow Visualization also tells you about the loopbacks which means that you will be notified when a user goes back to a previously visited song or refreshes the current one.

4. Bounce Rate

Well, bounce rate is a metric which measures the percent of people who visit any of the pages on your website for no good reason and do just nothing.

Such people don’t click on any of the internal links or any menu item on that page, due to which Google Analytics do not get any signal from the visitor which increases the bounce rate of your website in the Google Analytics reports.


bounce rate on google analytics


Bouncing of a user means that there has been no engagement with the homepage and the visitor ended the visit with the single-page visit. 

Bounce Rate can be used to measure the quality and effectiveness of the web page and the quality of your audience as well. 


ideal bounce rates on google analytics


A good Bounce Rate is one that every website aims to achieve, and it takes a lot of efforts to make get an ideally good Bounce Rate.

Bounce Rate of every website depends on it’s niche so you must tally your site with other similar sites. 

5. Segmenting

This again is an amazing Google Analytics feature in which you can focus on minor parts of your data.

A segment is a small part of your data that you can create using Google Analytics based on 

The users who sign up for a consultation or bring traffic to your website by their actions.

All sessions that are generated from a particular campaign or visibility of a pricing page.


segmenting in google analytics


All the hits where the purchase was more than $85, or a specific product is added on the cart.

These are merely examples, there is no limit actually you can make as many segments as you want, depending upon your choice.

But, always remember that you can apply only four segments in one report.

6. Real-Time Report

Real-Time Report gives you the insight of the things happening in your website at a particular moment. 

It allows you to see the number of visitors presently active on your website and also gives you details about the pages being visited, and the social media platforms they are coming from, in the present moment.

Real-Time Reporting gives you all the essential pieces of information of your users be it their location, social media platforms they are using, and many more.


location real time reporting


Though this report is casually fun to check, it is considered to be of least value, but in reality, it is not, it has it’s significance in the following ways:

  • You can keep a check on the traffic you are getting from a new social or blog post. 
  • You can know immediately if a one-day sale is driving views or conversions.
  • Can make sure if the tracking URLs and custom events that you have just set up if they are working or not.


real time reports in Google Analytics


 This is how Real Time Reporting will help you keep track of your as well as your user’s data. 

7. Acquisition Reports

Acquisition Reports are the ones that break down your traffic of source into organic, referral, direct, social media, affiliate, display, and email categories. 

From all this traffic you can click on the channels you want to look into. 

Depending on each category you will see all different landing pages, sources that brought your visitors to your website, and the keywords which led the users to your website. 


acquisition reports in Google Analytics


It is useful in the cases when you wish to get every minute details about the ways people are coming to your website.

Acquisition reports are used for understanding how users reach your website which is the most basic step of planning your marketing and traffic increasing strategy.

So, these were the features that will help you increase the traffic of your website and will tell you How to use Google Analytics properly without any problem.

Do You Need To Add Google Analytics Code To Every Page

Well Well Well, I know you might be having this question in your head and I also know that it is a lot of manual work especially if your website comprises more than 50 pages, and what if you create more new pages??

So what should you do?? I would suggest you to just relax, and keep reading further!!!!

There is No need for adding Google Analytics Code to every page, all you need to do is just add the tag to the template of your every page. 


Google Analytics code


So, if you add the code on any one-page type on your site then you will be only required to add it to that module and it will be applied to every page.  

For Example: If you have two-page types then you need to paste the code into the two separate header modules. 

This will make your task much easier!!!


Now, I think you are clear about “How to use Google Analytics”, and this is how you can increase your traffic by using Google Analytics.

These Google Analytics features will help you increase your Google Ranking and the visibility of your website in the long run.

So, all I would ask you to do is just follow the steps mentioned above and keep a track of all the data coming to your website. 

I hope it will help you in all the ways possible for increasing your website traffic and bring you a lot of traffic. 

Wishing you a stroke of very good luck!!! 

You must also wish to check this if you want to make money via online marketing easily!!

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What is Google Analytics and How It Helps With Your Business

“What is Google Analytics??” I have heard a lot of digital marketers putting that question up every time!!

Did you ever thought about “What is Google Analytics??”

Yesss…..?? But never got to know the exact details about the topic??

Well then welcome, you’ve come to the right place!! Yes, I am going to tell you everything about Google Analytics i.e. “What is Google Analytics?” “How Google Analytics Works?” and many other things related to this topic. 

What is Google Analytics??

Google Analytics is a service offered by Google that tracks and reports your website traffic, currently working as a platform under Google Marketing Brand.

Google introduced this service in November 2005.

Though we don’t consider Web Analytics as a very essential part of our digital presence but it’s a fact that all the big and famous online brands use Google Analytics oftenly to keep a track of their online presence and their brand visibility. 

You must be aware of the fact that for most of the companies their strategies act as a center of all the digital traffic they get and you will also get it in the same way.


What is Google Analytics and how it works


If you run any social media ads or search ad campaigns then the users watching your ad will most probably visit your website sooner or later.

Now, since your website is the center of all the digital presence and traffic you get therefore technically your website is the best way to give you an integrated view of how effective your campaigns are running.

That’s the reason why all the famous brands use Google Analytics as this free tool helps you track your digital effectiveness very easily.

To make it easier for you to understand What is Google Analytics, I would say that Google analytics is a freemium web analytics software that gives the website owners a privilege to keep a check on their visitors and their actions on the website. 

It tracks all kinds of digital media, contextual advertisements, emails, and other social media campaigns and unites with all the other Google products. 

How Google Analytics Works

Now since you know enough about “What is Google Analytics?” so it’s time we move forward and read about “How Google Analytics Works?” 

How Google Analytics works

Let me make it easy for you to understand, the working of Google Analytics is divided into three parts:

  • Collection of Data 

  • Processing of Data

  • Generation of Results

Come on, let’s discuss about these three parts in detail.

Collection of data

The first step of Google Analytics is the collection of data and it does it by using a small piece of tracking code from javascript which collects all the data and interactions about the users that visit your website.

Once you create your account on Google Analytics successfully all you need to do is add the Javascript to your website and make sure that it actively sends all the interactions from your website to Google Analytics.

Once it’s setup, Google Analytics will drop a cookie in the user’s browser for your website. It will help to track every interaction that the user performs on your site.

Google Analytics collection of data

Now let me tell you about what Interactions are??

All the actions performed by your users on your website is known as the interactions.

These interactions can even be as simple as loading a page and as specific as clicking of a link.

As soon as a user makes any action on your website the Google Analytics tracking code sends the information about the interaction to Analytics about the user and their interest depending upon the type of interaction. Each time the information sent by the tracking code is called a hit, which is a URL string with parameters of useful information about your users is called a hit

Types of hits in Google Analytics

This URL string shows some very useful information to Analytics about the user who activated the hit. The string provides the following information:

  • The language of the browser the user is accessing 
  • Name of the web page they are viewing
  • The device being used by the user
  • The Analytics Id

Web Analytics hits

Talking further about it, Google Analytics also widens the collected data using some additional resources like IP address, and other serving data since these pieces of information help Google Analytics to further understand things like the location, age, gender, medium, etc. of the users. 

Processing of Data

Now since we know the first step i.e. tracking the code and collecting data so the next move is the processing of the collected data.

In this step, Google Analytics transforms the collected data using the configuration settings of our Analytics account.

The configurations present in the settings of Google Analytics help us keep our data in order and arrange them according to our convenience and business goals.

Google Analytics gives us a remote control in the form of the configuration settings and then processes all the collected data and gives the final report.

Processing of data in google analytics

Therefore, if suppose someone wishes to filter out any of their member’s data from their Analytics account all they need to do is configure it and set up a filter to exclude the access of all the visitors visiting their website from the website’s IP address.

After doing this Google Analytics will filter out all the hits from that particular person and the report will not contain the data of that person.

There is one more feature possessed by Google Analytics which helps you import data directly from other Google products like Google AdWords, Adsense, webmaster, etc. into your reports. 

We can ever configure Analytics to import non-Google data as well.

At, last Google Analytics merges all the data provided by us to create the reports we want. 

While processing data on Analytics it organizes the collected hits into users and sessions, then the data collected from all the additional sources are also added using the tracking code, and sent for processing where Analytics modifies all your data as per your configuration rules. These configuration rules mainly command Google about what part of specific data should be included and excluded.

At last, this data gets processed, this process is also called aggregation, in which Analytics prepare data for analysis and organization.    

Generation of Results

So, now the tracking code is in it’s place, we have also configured the account and selected the data which has to be processed, the hits are also packaged successfully and sent to Google servers, now finally comes the reporting part.

In these Google Analytics reports segment we can analyze the data which includes easy reporting tools and data visualizations. 

We can even create a systematic report by customizing and extracting data directly into third-party reporting tools.

The best part about the reporting section of Google Analytics is that it allows us to optimize every data we want to see and arrange it according to our will.

Generation of results in Google Analytics

All the reports and results by Google are created with different dimensions and metrics. 

Google Analytics also gives us the privilege to extract data using an API (Application Programming Interface) into our custom applications like internal dashboards programmatically.

All these facilities customize the reporting process for your business and make it easy for you to understand the working and basics of the Google Analytics reporting system.


How to add Google Analytics on your WordPress Website

Set Up Your Google Analytics Account

To add Google Analytics to your WordPress website you first need to sign up and make your Google Analytics account.

The process of signing up is an easy one, follow the steps mentioned below and set up your account at Google Analytics: 

Step 1:

Visit Google Analytics signup page. 

You will have to log in with your Google account if you already have one otherwise you will have to create one Google/Gmail account. 

Gmail sign in page


Step 2:

After signing in with your Gmail account, you will be redirected to a screen where you will have to signup for Google Analytics using your Gmail account.

How Google Analytics works

Step 3:

Moving further on the next screen you will be given a chance to choose between a website or mobile app and make sure you choose the website.

Later, you will be required to enter your account name (the name of your Google Analytics profile), website’s URL and name, your country, and your time zone.

Now, after you’ve entered all these pieces of information click on the get Tracking ID button, and click on the “I Agree” button to accept the terms and conditions of Google Analytics.

Google Analytics Tracking Id

Step 4:

Finally, you will be provided with your Google Analytics Tracking ID, and you must copy this code as you might need to enter it in your WordPress Site.

And, that’s it you are done with the first step that is set up your Google Analytics account successfully. 

I would personally suggest you to leave the Analytics browser page open as you might need to revisit it.

Now, let’s move forward to installing Google Analytics to your WordPress website.

GA Tracking Id

Install Google Analytics To Your WordPress Website

There are a number of ways of installing Google Analytics to your WordPress website but here I will be mainly discussing about two best ways of installing Google Analytics to your website:

1. Using Monsterinsights Plugin

Monsterinsights the most famous plugin of Google Analytics for WordPress is being used by over 1 million websites on a daily basis. 

Monsterinsights Homepage

Monsterinsights is the easiest and best way of installing Google Analytics to your WordPress Website as of now, it is used by beginners as well as experts both. 

It comes in both paid as well as free version but here I will be talking about free version as it is easy for everyone to access.

But if you want to use advanced features such as E-commerce tracking then you must go for the paid version.

And, don’t worry the process of setting both the versions is same so if you learn to use the free version then you will also be comfortable with the paid version.

Okay, so let’s start

The very first step is to install and activate the Monsterinsights plugin, after which you will get a new menu item added by the plugin to your WordPress admin menu named “Insights”, and clicking it will bring you the Monsterinsights setup panel.

Connect Monsterinsight to website

In the setup wizard first, you will be asked to select the category of your website i.e a business website, blogging website, etc. and then you will click on the “Connect Monsterinsights” button.

After, clicking this button you will see a popup on your screen asking about your Google details.

Here you have to sign in or select a Google account and then allow Monsterinsights to access your Analytics account.

Lastly, all you need to do is select the profile you want to track, therefore select your website and click on the “Complete Authentication” button to continue further. 


Now, Monsterinsights will install Google Analytics to your WordPress Website, and you will be asked to select the recommended setting for your website. Most of the times the default settings also work.

But, if you use an affiliate link plugin then you will be required to add the path you use to cloak affiliate links in Google Analytics and install WPForms plugin which is the best plugin WordPress contact from Plugin. 


You can normally install it or skip it depending upon your wish.

With this we come to an end, you just successfully added Google Analytics to your WordPress Website.  

add google analytics to wordpress website

2. Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

To be very honest, this method is not as good and easy as Monsterinsights because in this you wouldn’t be able to perform the advanced tracking configuration and you will be unable to view your Google Analytics account’s data in your WordPress dashboard.

But still, this is also one of the most used ways of installing Google Analytics on your WordPress Website Footers plugin.

After activation, you need to visit Settings » Insert Headers and Footerspage. Here you need to paste the Google Analytics code that you copied in step 4 into the headers section.

Headers and Footers Plugin

Don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings.

That’s all you had to do in this your Google Analytics has been successfully installed in your WordPress Website.

Data that Google Analytics is Unable to Cover 

1. It Cannot Track Individual User

The terms and conditions of Google Analytics strictly refuse to send Personally Identifiable Information, it rather allows you to send a unique user ID. 

Track Individual User

You can’t store any personal information like username or IP address of any individual user in any custom variable but you can keep their unique ID. 

2. Process Historical Data  

Google Analytics processes data only from the day you start tracking your site, it never processes any previous data that your website has before it got connected with it.

Historical Data

Though, you can use the feature of Data Import in Google Analytics to collect data from all the other sources and then combine to analyze them according to your business goals.

3. If The User Visited Your Competitor’s Website

Google Analytics tracks the users’ actions when the user lands on your page and keeps tracking their actions until the person stays on your website.

Competitor's Research

But, as soon as the user leaves your page it won’t track them leaving you unaware of your user’s present actions.

4. When A User Deletes His Browser Cookies

As we already know that Google Analytics uses cookies to keep track of your new vs returning visitors, but if any of your users delete the cookies then, the next time that person visits your site will be considered as a new visitor.

Description of Cookies

In short, if a user disables his javascript in his browser then Google Analytics would not be able to track his data.


So, this was all about “What is Google Analytics” and “How Google Analytics works”!!

It may not sound that much important but trust me Google Analytics is one of the most important factors affecting your digital presence on a daily basis.

So, to make sure that your digital presence remains strong you must follow the steps mentioned above and learn to use Analytics properly.

Hope this article made it easier for you to understand the concept and need of using Analytics in the present time and solved all your queries regarding how to use Google Analytics!!!

Wish you very good luck!!

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Off Page In SEO 10 Techniques That Will Double Your Traffic

Off Page in SEO!!! Ever heard about this term before??

No??, Well then you are surely missing out on something very important from the digital world and maybe this is the only reason why your online business is not performing well.

Hey relax, don’t panic so much, it’s alright you’ve come to the right place, I am going to discuss about everything related to Off-Page in SEO.

But, before talking about Off Page in SEO first let’s take a quick recap and know the reason behind SEO being so important!!!!  

Why Do We Need SEO??

Most of the business fail to succeed because they think that SEO is not important for them but, I would like to tell such people that they have a very wrong perception and if you are also one of them then I would suggest you change the way you think!! 

why we need SEO


Search Engine Optimization is the most essential success factor for any online business, it has a number of benefits and some of them are as follows:

  • Almost every human using Internet uses Search Engine to gain knowledge.
  • Search Engine Optimization helps in increasing the traffic to your website.
  • SEO brings you qualified and genuine leads easily and gives you loyal and long lasting customers.
  • SEO is one of the most supportive and effective ways to make your online presence. 

SEO success factors

What is Off Page in SEO??

Off Page in SEO are the actions that we take outside your website to increase the Google Rankings of your website on the Search Engine Result Pages. 

Doing Off Page SEO on your website increases the Domain Authority of your web page and makes it more relevant to the users. 


Benefits of Off Page in SEO


It acts as a trust factor of Google for your website and helps in increasing your Google Rankings as soon as possible!!

Though it takes time to establish your page using Off-Page SEO techniques but it is useful and gives good results in the long run!!

Activities for Off Page In SEO 

1. Directory Submission

Directory Submission is one of the Off Page in SEO activities that constantly helps in making links for a website. 

In the early period of Digital Marketing, when the internet was flooded with all the disorganized data these Directories were used to separate and classify different websites according to their niche.

How Online Directories Work

Firstly, you submit your website on the directories, then these directories review your website and then submits it in the respective category of your website. 

Instead of submitting your website on a general directory you must prefer niche directories more for better results.

Directory Submission


Is It Still Effective??

People nowadays do not consider Directory Submission as a category of Off Page in SEO but that’s not right!!!

Directory Submission totally depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of your work, the more efficiently you choose your submission sites the better results you will get for your business. 


Directory submission

But, if you are spending money on these submission sites for doing Off Page in SEO then let me tell you that you are just wasting your money nothing else!!! 

Directory Submission is not at all worth spending money. It is useful though it takes time but it gives you good results in the long run!!!!!        

2. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Sites are also one of the essential categories of Off Page In SEO. 

It came into existence in 1996 with the launching of which was again introduced to classify websites of different niches.

Benefits of Social Bookmarking

How it Works??

It basically helps you tag your links with relevant keywords and list them on different bookmark managing websites making it visible to the users searching about your industry.     

This helped a number of websites increase their traffic, build trust, and make a huge number of genuine customers.


Social Bookmarking Sites

Is it still Effective?? 

Nowadays we only use bookmarking sites to increase the domain authority of the web page to 5+, it would bring no more value to your website since in today’s world people don’t prefer visiting bookmarking sites more frequently. But nevertheless, you can still list your business on best of the best Bookmarking sites like StumbleUpon, Reddit, Scoopit, Google Bookmarks, etc. 

  3. Local/Business Listing

The third activity of Off Page in SEO is Business Listing or Local Listing which acts as an online portfolio of businesses and websites.

All you need to do is put all the information about your business like your company’s name, address, mode of contact, services you provide, your website, and all the other similar vital details.  

Business Listing Benefits

Is it still Effective??

As of now, yes, it is effective to some extent it makes your business searchable, but since the number of users searching or accessing these websites are decreasing, therefore, it might lose it’s importance in the future.

4. Image Submission

Fourth in the list of Off Page in SEO activities is Image Submission in which you just share pictures of your website on different image sharing platforms like Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. always remember to optimize your picture and attach the right URL before submitting it to the platforms!!

Is it still Effective??

Yes, this Off Page in SEO activity is presently in use and is also trending nowadays, people prefer to understand things using an image instead of reading long texts. Therefore, as of now, it is useful and one of the trending Off Page in SEO activities.

5. Web 2.0 Submission

Then comes, Web 2.0 Submission the fifth category of Off Page in SEO activities. Web 2.0 submission was introduced in 2004 and was also known as Social Web. We use the technique of cross-linking while doing Web 2.0 submission.

How it works??

It is the second generation of interactive and collaborative websites. It mainly focuses on making profiles on certain social media platforms and then submitting the links of your main website on those platforms to increase the traffic of your website. Web 2.0 is also used as a technique for blackhat SEO.    

Web 2.0 Pyramid

Is it still Effective??

Yes, it is effective in today’s world, every second person working on SEO does Web 2.0 on a daily basis, there is nothing special or difficult about it, you make your profile on normal social media platforms and work to grow your pages it’s a general process nothing different and thus there is no requirement of expertise to perform this type of Off Page in SEO activity. But, you must be careful of the agencies doing blackhat SEO using this technique as it can cause harm to your website in the long run.  

6. Guest Post

Guest Post also known as Article Submission is another very important and useful category of Off Page in SEO activities, these are the platforms where users can learn as a student and contribute as a writer to share their knowledge.

Guest Post Strategy

How it works??

Guest Post is again a simple task, all you need to do is create some unique contents, find some amazing websites accepting guest posts and then submit your writeups on those websites. This whole process sounds very easy in theoretical terms but it’s not that easy in real life, finding good guest post sites is itself a difficult task and then you need to wait for the sites to approve and upload your content. 

Is it still Effective??

Yes, this is also an effective way to increase your traffic rapidly, this helps you grow your business by introducing yourself in front of a whole new set of audience and these platforms also expose you socially. These platforms are influenced by social media and thus getting your writeups published on these platforms will increase the number of users visiting your website. Here is a list of few best guest posting websites to help you post your content:

  • Medium
  • Slideshare
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

 7. Infographics

Infographics, one more category of Off Page in SEO activities refers to a visual representation of a piece of information mentioned in text form.

It attracts more users than text if created with appropriate buyers persona. It makes difficult pieces of information easy to understand.

How to create infographics


Is it still Effective??

Yes, infographics are surely very effective and trending in Off Page in SEO and it won’t ever lose it’s importance as humans prefer and will always prefer images over text to understand things properly.    

8. Question/Answer Platforms

A question/answer platform is a platform were like-minded people interact, and help each other grow by questioning and answering things related to their niche.

You can ask queries related to your niche and let other experienced people share their experiences on your question, this will help you gain knowledge and you can also share your knowledge by answering different questions of your niche.

How it Works??

There is a set of points one must always keep in mind while using these platforms:

  • Create your profile on such platforms with the best information you can provide.
  • Select questions which already have gained enough attraction in your niche.
  • Go through the most upvoted answers and create your answers better than that.
  • Add images, infographics and all the other attractive factors in your answers.


Question answer platforms

Is it still Effective??

Yes, of course, it is effective, a huge number of people use forum platforms to get their queries solved these days. Forums are ideal platforms for lead conversions as when you continuously answer the questions different people request then you get the advantage of turning those people into your admirers and then your customers. Though it is a time taking process but it’s results are long-lasting and profitable. 

9. Social Media Engagement

Last but not least, Social Media is not even considered a part of Off Page in SEO activities but actually, it is!!! Off Page in SEO is all about creating relevant links to promote your business online and social media does the same, therefore, technically social media is a part of Off Page in SEO activities. 

How it Works??

You promote your business on different social media platforms on a regular basis, but you need to be focused and consistent in uploading your posts. 

Focus on only one platform at a time, as it is impossible for one person to handle more than one social media accounts at a time, either you need a team so that you can focus on different social media platforms at one time or you must focus on one platform at a time.

Benefits of Social Media

Is it still Effective??

Absolutely yes this Off Page in SEO activity is the most trending of all. Around 4+billion population, these days are internet users and almost 3.5 billion of them are on social media so this clearly shows the significance of Social Media. So, if you don’t consider it as your Off Page in SEO strategy then you surely are missing out on something very important in your Off Page strategy. 

Most Effective Off Page In SEO Techniques

Above were the activities involved in Off Page in SEO process, but you can’t successfully complete the procedure without using proper techniques and strategies.

There are a number of Off Page in SEO Techniques that will help you increase the traffic of your website but here I will talk about 10 such best techniques that will boost your traffic:

  • Find Content Already Created in your Industry

  • Use Google to find Keywords

  • Make Actionable Content

  • Link Roundups

  • Broken Link Building

  • Cross-Linking

  • Link Baiting

  • Pre Outreach

  • Prepare a Proper Guest Post

  • Influencer Marketing 

Elements of Off Page in SEO

1. Find Content Already Created in Your Industry

Make content on the topics which are already used by your competitors as then you will get to know about the trending things of your industry.

This helps you get an idea about the type of content you must write to attract more users and you can even beat your competitors by creating much better and detailed content than theirs.

Content Marketing Model

This Off Page in SEO technique will help you boost your traffic, increase your Google ranking and rank on a better position than your competitor.  

2. Use Google to Find Keywords

You can use Google to find the keywords that will help you increase your visibility on the search engine result page in the best way possible.

The best websites nowadays prefer using Google Keyword Planner over any other Keyword Research software.

It gives you the most accurate search volume of the keywords you search according to your niche.

You can find the best local keywords a lot faster and easier using Google Keyword Planner.


Google Keyword Planner


People looking for niche markets and other blogging topics can completely utilize this tool to conduct their research. 

Google Keyword Planner also gives you the privilege to keep a check on the type of keywords your competitors are using.

Though there are so many more techniques, this technique is one of the most important Off Page in SEO techniques I would recommend anyone.

3. Make Actionable Content

First, let me tell you “What an actionable content is??”

Actionable content is the one that can be easily executed by your readers or which they find knowledgable and relevant like for example the “How to” contents.

There are certain perks to it like it provides value and establishes trust between the user and the brand, it gets your audience involved and targets the specific audience related to your niche. 

But, it’s not that easy, to create a perfect actionable content just like that you need to put extra efforts, do some extra and in-depth research about the topic you are writing on. Make image focused content add images, infographics, descriptive videos, etc. more than text to attract a huge number of users.


Actionable Content Pyramid



Adding examples to your content makes it easier for the users to relate with your content.

58% of the content marketers claim that creating actionable and engaging content is the biggest and toughest challenge of their lives.

Don’t lose hope it’s a tough task, not an impossible one so just buckle up and start working to create your best actionable content.   

4. Link Roundups

Well, I know this again is a new term for you but trust me it’s also an easy task if done properly. 

Link building has not lost it’s significance in today’s world it’s just that it has got a bit harder to perform. 

Link Roundups mainly are the weekly or monthly summaries of best links that top websites share on their web pages.

To find such websites you can use put your “keyword+link roundup” on your twitter account.


Link Roundup


And then repeat the same step on Google and mention the results in a sheet.

You must perform this Off Page in SEO technique as it is very simple to do and the bloggers in your industry are already doing this.

   5. Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is an Off-Page in SEO technique of making backlinks by replacing the links to 404 pages with a working link of the target website.

You can check the broken links of your target website by the extension of Check My Links on your chrome and you can use this extension to check the broken links.

Broken Link Building

Once you get to know about the number of broken links one website has then you may proceed to the next step in which you approach the owner of the website notifying him about the broken links his website has and in return you can ask them to give you a backlink in any of their posts.

It acts as a relation building factor and gives you a chance to get your content published on different famous writing platforms which will ultimately bring lots of traffic to your website. 

  6. Cross-Linking

Crosslinking is a type of Off Page in SEO technique in which we link 2 or more websites belonging to the same industry either owned by the same person or by different individuals working towards making mutual profits. 

This task is actually carried out by many users on the Internet but not much people are aware of its consequences if done wrong and that’s why I am discussing it over here.

Cross Linking Strategy

Always remember to crosslink with websites from the same niche as yours and each link that you create must point to relevant content only. 

Make sure that the 2 websites that you are linking together must have trust in the eyes of Google. 

7. Link Baiting

Link baiting refers to the crafting of an evergreen content or knowledgable resources that other top websites wish to link to, without even you asking for it.

Link Baiting

This helps you to increase your inbound links & rank better on the search results for the targeted keywords.

8. Pre Outreach

This is a process introduced by Brian Deans the founder of Backlinko in which we approach the people who are already established in our industry and ask them to review the article that will be posted by us in a week or two and add certain comments regarding the article. 

But, for someone who doesn’t know you have to find a relevant place for your article and add the link over there.

But the question is why will any stranger do so??

Well let me tell you the correct procedure:

  • Write your article that you have to publish next week.
  • Make a list of all the 5 articles that you follow or take knowledge from.
  • Then contact the authors who wrote those articles (send them a formal email).

Pre Outreach Strategy


  • At last, ask them if you can quote those lines in your article or if they wish to add some fresh insights on the topic that could enhance your article more.

Once they send the confirmation then all you need to do is to add their piece of information in your article and ask them to give you a backlink in return.

This technique helps in getting a huge number of backlinks if executed properly so make sure you follow all the steps and do things properly.     

9. Prepare a proper Guest Post  

Guest posting is also known as guest blogging. In this Off Page in SEO technique, you contribute an article or a shareable content to other famous blogs with the intention of building links, making relationships, and creating brand awareness.

But just like Pre Outreach this is also not an easy task and there are certain steps you need to follow:

  • Research and find about the best authority sites publishing guest posts in your niche.
  • Search about the untouched topics and create your content based on such topics.
  • Make sure that the length of your content should be more than 1000-1500 words.
  • Don’t add links in your article like a crazy human, add only 1 or 2 relevant links.

Importance of guest post

10. Influencer Marketing

In this kind of marketing, you mainly market your product using an Influencer.

An influencer is an individual who has the correct authority, knowledge, and position to affect your purchase decisions because of the huge number of followers in a particular niche. 

This type of marketing requires you to find influencers working in your industry and have a great number of followers and audience. 

Influencer Marketing

Once you find them, then you either impress them or pay them to promote your products in front of their audience to increase your profit. 


So, these are the Off-Page in SEO activities and techniques that will help you increase the traffic of your website and make your website rank higher on Google.

It would not happen overnight but yet the results will be genuine and long-lasting so keep trying work hard and ultimately you will get the best results for your website.




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How To Improve Your Google Ranking in 2019

Google Ranking is the position at which your website ranks on Google Search Engine.

I’m pretty sure, you might be knowing that Google has hundreds of (200 as far as I know) ranking factors in their algorithm.

Well, the question is What are these factors which will help us improve our Google Ranking??

If you have the same question then you’ve come to the right place.


Google Ranking


In this article, I will be telling you ways to improve your Google Ranking in 2019.

Some are true, some are myths, some are made by the SEO experts, but however they are, they are all mentioned here.

But before we talk about best Google ranking factors we need to know exactly how this Google ranking works!!!!

How Google Ranking Works

As I told earlier, Google has a number of factors in it’s algorithm that helps it to analyze which page is the best and needs to be placed on the top.


How Google Ranking Works


The currently updated algorithm of Google works around RankBrain.

RankBrain improves the Google Ranking algorithm on it’s own.

It increases or decreases the importance of backlinks, content length, domain authority, etc. according to particular keywords.

Then it analyzes the reaction of the google searchers if they like the new ranking algorithm then they keep it otherwise Rankbrain removes the new ranking algorithm and the old one stays.


Functions of RankBrain


Google has very smart ranking algorithms which keep improving and updating itself from time to time.

The best part of these Google ranking algorithms is that they consider a number of ranking signals before displaying the results.

How Long It Takes To Rank On Google

Alright since you know how Google Ranking works, so now it’s time for you to learn about the average time your website might take to rank on Google.

People out there will give you a number of facts based on Google Ranking, and according to them, the time period varies from 6 months to 3 years.


How Long It Takes To Rank On Google


But, let me tell you that there is no fixed time to make your website rank on google.

One of the most important ranking factors on which your Google Ranking depends are the Keywords you use.

If you try to rank your page on keywords which have a higher competition level, then it might take a year or two for you to rank whereas if you choose a keyword with the medium or lower competition it might help you rank much faster and easier (ways of identifying the same are mentioned further in this article).

Keyword research is certainly an essential Google ranking factor, but there are many more ranking factors that affect your Google ranking.

Therefore, next, I will be discussing all the ranking factors affecting your Google Ranking.

Factors Affecting Your Google Ranking

There are a number of ranking factors affecting your Google Ranking (I know 200 as of now).

Relax, no need to panic!! Not all of these factors are important to you, there are only a few points you need to take care of which will help you achieve your targeted Google Ranking.


all the factors affecting your Google Ranking


Here, I will discuss about six ranking factors which mainly affect your Google Ranking, those are as follows:

  1. Page Speed
  2. Mobile Friendliness
  3. Website Optimization
  4. Plagiarism
  5. SEO Audit
  6. Keyword Research

Now, let’s look into these ranking factors more deeply and see how they affect your Google ranking exactly:

1. Page Speed

This is the first and most important ranking factor that will affect your Google Ranking.

Page speed is the measurement of the time your website takes to load on search engines.

But, does it even matters?? Like if instead of 5 seconds your website is taking 10 seconds to load, then what’s the big deal in that?? I mean it’s merely 5 seconds of delay!!!!


Check Your PageSpeed


But still, it matters a lot, more the page speed of your website higher will be the number of users visiting or recommending your web page.

According to some facts, 47% of the users wish that the web page loads in less than 5 seconds, and you lose around 7% of the users if your website fails to load in 3-5 seconds.

Even a second’s delay may negatively impact on:

  • The User Experience In today’s world where we mainly focus on the user experience, it’s necessary that our customers find it easy to work with our brand. The ease of working with your brand attracts more and more users to your website as the speed of the loading of your web page represents the functionality of your products as well.
  • Lead Generation- It’s very obvious that no man will invest his/her time filling a form for a website whose web page takes so much time to load.


Steps Of Lead Generation



  • Your SEO- Talking about Google, the page speed of a website matters a lot for Google. If your web pages take a long time to load the number of users visiting your page will decrease and we all know that Google keeps the most viewed and visited websites on top as Google loves what people love!!!!

2. Mobile Friendliness

Your website needs to be mobile friendly as the latest Google ranking algorithm update of 2019 made it compulsory for all the websites to be mobile friendly.

Google wants you to make these changes as it knows that almost everyone in the present time uses mobile and accesses the internet using their mobile phones.


Advantages of mobile-friendly website


Smartphones are the most trending of the world and Google believes in following the trend to maintain it’s existence in the Digital World and thus it prefers a mobile-friendly website over the normal ones.

3. Website Optimization  

Website Optimization is the procedure of making changes in your website to make it visible and rank higher on Search Engines.

Since, by now we all know that more, the relevance of your website higher will it rank on the Search Engines, and so we perform Website Optimization to achieve higher Google Ranking.

Website Optimization works with strategies and plans, you must always think about certain points if you wish to increase your Website Ranking, and those points are:

  • You must know what your users want to do when they visit your site, i.e. you must know your “user intent”.


User Intent


  • Improve the loading time of your site.
  • Optimize the speed of your website.
  • Optimize the image file size of your website.

Now you might be thinking of ways to execute this optimization plan, You think it’s difficult??

Well, to be honest, Yes, it is!!

But still, you don’t need to worry as there are a number of Website Optimizing tools for you to use.

These tools will help you make appropriate changes in your website and optimize it to get a higher Google ranking.

4. Plagiarism

Plagiarism is also one of the most important reasons behind your low Google Ranking.

Plagiarism or copied content can sabotage your SEO. It affects your website and Google ranking badly.

Google keeps updating it’s ranking algorithm to keep the quality of it’s results up-to-date.

The Panda Update of 2011 was introduced by Google only to look for all the plagiarized content in a website which benefited a lot of people but it also left a negative impact on many famous websites, and thus if you post any plagiarized content on your website Google will detect it and might take strict actions against it.


Panda Algorithm against Plagiarism


So, ultimately I would recommend you to create your own unique content instead of copying from some other website and pasting it as in the long run you will definitely regret this action of yours!!  

5. SEO Audit

SEO Audit is the process of evaluating and making all the changes required to make your website SEO friendly.

An SEO audit helps in manually reviewing the website and recommend the need for fixing and changing all the bad things of the website in order to improve the performance of the website.


SEO Audit


SEO Audit comprises four different types of Audits which are as follows:

1. Check Your Google Penalties

At the very first place, you need to know if your website has been penalized by Google or not.

Getting penalized by Google may affect your Google Ranking negatively. You can check if your website has been penalized or not in two ways.

First by using Google Search Console, after signing in your Google account you will see a “Manual Actions” option on the left side of the screen, when you click on that option it tells you your website is penalized or not.


Types Of Google Penalties


Secondly, you can use Google Analytics, if after any Google Algorithm Update your organic search result drops that means your website has been affected by that update and has been penalized as well.

If you find any of these tests positive that means your website has been penalized and the best option left for you is to gather as much knowledge as possible regarding all the Google updates and plan your SEO Audit according to those updates.

2. Technical SEO Audit

SEO is a very important factor to make you successful in achieving your targeted Google Ranking.

Talking about facts, 60-70% of the marketers find SEO to be the primary focus in Inbound Marketing.

So, the next step is to do a Technical SEO Audit.

Technical SEO Audit comes before all the other types of Audits because the first step you need to take is to check if the search engines can access your pages properly without any interruptions or not.


Technical SEO Audit


The best part about the Technical SEO Audit is that you don’t need to know any development part to execute this type of  SEO Audit.

Well, there are certain things you need to do for Technical SEO Audit and those things are:

  • Is your website registered with Google Search Console Tools
  • Do you have your robots.txt file optimized?
  • Are your URLs SEO friendly
  • The Breadcrumb Menu, which is present at the top of the website that leads to the home page following the menu links, is properly activated or not
  • A structured data helps google to understand the meaning of your website’s content which works as an additional google ranking factor.
  • 404 is a page that is shown to the users when they reach a page which is not present on your website. So, a completely optimized 404 page helps in smooth user experience.


Types Of SEO Audit


Technical SEO Audit is an essential element of SEO Audit and it holds it’s relevance as an important ranking factor to achieve Google Ranking.

3. On-Page SEO Audit 

You might be wondering “What On-Page SEO is in the first place??”

Well, On-Page SEO is the most important part of the SEO Audit, the main motive behind doing the On-Page SEO Audit is to make the search engines know about your content deeply.


On Page SEO Audit


To do your On-Page SEO Audit properly and successfully you need to follow these points:

  • Optimize your titles and description of your articles according to your content.
  • Make sure that you create your content with proper text formatting
  • Do proper content and image SEO
  • Make sure you make a strong internal linking structure
  • Check if your content is user-friendly or not and do not forget to create content according to your “Users intent”.   


Categories Of On Page SEO Audit


So, these are your On-Page SEO Audit checklist (I will talk about these in detail as well in my next articles). If you follow these points thoroughly then the main part of your SEO Audit will be executed successfully.  

4. Off-Page SEO Audit 

 Off-Page SEO is referred to the process of promoting your website by external methods or link building so to say. Google considers these backlinks as “vote of trust”.

The quality of backlinks you make decides the quality of your website i.e. higher the quality the website giving you backlinks higher will be the rank of your website on Google.


Elements Of off page SEO Audit


You must be aware of your actions and must know the difference between what you are doing and what you are allowed to do so as to keep a track of all the wrong things you are doing, since even a single wrong step may result in a decreased Google Ranking of your website.

For example, if you make low-quality backlinks then It is very likely that Google might penalize your website and lower it’s Google Ranking.

No, you don’t need to panic!! Just like all the other factors, I have a checklist for your off-page SEO Audit also, but this checklist is a bit different than the others.

In this checklist, you need to evaluate if your incoming links are toxic or not, and for this purpose, you can use Google Search Console.

But, you also need to ask yourself certain questions regarding the Audit in order to analyze properly, and those questions are:

  • What is the number of unique domains that are linking to you??
  • Are all those domains trusted? If not all then how many of them are trusted and how many of them are not??
  • The number of domains linking to your homepage and number of links you are getting for your internal pages!!
  • Which page of your website is receiving the most number of links??
  • What is the toxic score of the links you are getting??

So, these are the questions you must have an answer to before conducting your off-page SEO Audit.


On page vs Off page SEO Audit


You must always remember one thing that off-page SEO is not at all similar to the on-page one, it is not a straightforward task and so you must take care of your actions.

You must know what you are doing and must also be aware of it’s consequences.

Please don’t make links like a crazy human instead focus on your website’s quality as a good quality website will automatically get good backlinks without putting so many efforts.

Keyword Research-

While Google keeps updating it’s ranking algorithms on a regular basis still there is one thing that has always been constant during all these processes and that one thing is the Keyword Research.

Keyword Research is the process of searching all the relevant and demanded keywords of your industry and using them to create useful content for your users.

Although, “user intent” is the most important trend of Google nowadays but one must never forget that without proper Keyword Research nothing works.

But, the toughest question of all is how to conduct a Keyword Research isn’t it?


Keyword Research


Well, it’s not that tough, Keyword Research is an easy task if you do it properly.

You must follow the following steps to conduct a successful Keyword Research:

  • Make a list of all the important and relevant topics of your industry which can help you in attracting users.
  • After selecting the most relevant topic from all the topics you need to check the monthly search volume of the topic you selected.
  • Now you need to work on finding the most relevant keywords for your topic. You may different apps and software available on the Internet to do relevant Keyword Research.


Steps Involved In Keyword Research


  • Find some terms similar to the main keyword to add along with the main keyword in the content.
  • Do not forget to use “Long Tail Keywords”, Long Tail Keywords are the long keywords you use to specify the topic of your content.
  • You can also use Google Keyword Planner to search appropriate terms for your content according to your niche.

So, this was all about Keyword Research and if you use these tips properly then it won’t be difficult for you to beat any competition.  


So, this was all about ways to improve your Google Rankings in 2019.

As you know Google is continuously working on improving and updating it’s algorithm to prevent itself from spammy websites and thus, to make your website rank better on Google you need to put a little extra effort.

These steps are not new but if executed properly, they will help you put that extra effort in the right direction helping you succeed in achieving your targeted Google Ranking.










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5 Types Of Online Marketing That Will Make You Rich In 2019

After learning the different ways to earn money online you might be knowing the relevance of Online Marketing and it’s various forms.

But I wonder if you know the different types of online marketing that you can use to make huge profits.

You must know that consumers rely on Social Media, SEO, and many other online forms of marketing.

If you are looking for some in-depth information about Online Marketing and how each element has it’s own significance in making a company successful then, you have come to the right place.


online marketing trends 2019


In this article, we will be discussing about the 5 most important types of Online Marketing a person needs to know for marketing their business online:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  3. Content Marketing
  4. Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  5. Affiliate Marketing

So, now let’s discuss about these ways of marketing in detail.   

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making a website or a web page rank higher in organic ways on different search engines.

Search Engine Optimization works on the principle of improving the ranks of a website to increase the visibility of the website on search engines.

A website can only rank higher if it fulfills a certain set of rules of Search Engine Optimization

  • Optimizing a page for a specific keyword
  • Getting backlinks from other websites that use the same keyword.

But, as we all know Google keeps updating it’s Search Engine Optimization algorithm to shrink the ground beneath the feet of the people who manipulate the system and make changes for their benefits.


Search Engine Optimization trends in 2019


In 2013 Google introduced Author Rank which changed everything and has become an essential factor for a content ranking using Search Engine Optimization.

This helps to give more credit to verified authors rather than the anonymous publishers.

Internet search engines give importance to factors like social share, facebook likes and the number of retweets on Twitter since social media is the new era of innovation in e-commerce.

All the factors mentioned above affect the ranking of a website and are essential but nevertheless, Search Engines are only robots and thus the first thing they understand in the text of the page.

So It’s probably impossible for a website to stay in competition without fulfilling the Search Engine Optimization criteria.

2. Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click is one of the fastest types of online marketing.

Pay Per Click is a way of gaining traffic on a website by purchasing ads on Search Engines.

A company can make lots of profit if done effectively but in any case, if you do it aimlessly then Pay Per Click can also charge you million dollars and would give nothing in return.

Pay Per Click is essentially a way to buy visitors on your website rather than earning those visitors organically.

Search Engine Advertising is one of the most used forms of Pay Per Click nowadays.

Pay Per Click in a way helps the advertisers to increase the visibility of their website by bidding for ad placement in a sponsored link of a search engine’s page when someone searches for a keyword related to their business industry.

Every time a person clicks the sponsored link the website has to pay the search engine a small amount of money as a fee.


Pay Per Click trends 2019


But it is not at all easy to run a successful Pay Per Click campaign just like that, one needs to remember and execute the following points:

  • Do proper research and select the right keywords according to your business niche.
  • Organize those keywords in well-organized campaigns and ad groups.
  • Set up your Pay Per Click landing pages in a way that they are optimized for user conversations.
  • The advertisers who create relevantly and intelligently targeted Pay Per Click campaigns get a discount in the charges of ad clicks as a reward form the Search Engines.

Once you create your new Pay Per Click campaigns you will need to manage them on a regular basis without any failure to ensure their effectiveness among the users.

Regular account activity on your Pay Per Click campaign is one of the best ways to make a profit and make the website successful.

3. Content Marketing

At the first place, one must know what content marketing is.

So, according to the Content Marketing Institute, “ Content Marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Traditional marketing is losing it’s relevance every minute since there are much better ways of marketing being introduced nowadays.

Content Marketing is one of those newly introduced types of marketing which are highly in demand in today’s world.

Content Marketing is not only being developed and executed by big companies but it is also helping the small businesses to grow rapidly.

Content Marketing gives increased sales, better and loyal customers, and is cost-effective.

Therefore enterprises prefer using Content Marketing for their promotion over any other form of marketing.


Content Marketing trends 2019

Content Marketing has it’s relevance in all forms of Marketing:

  • Proper content is necessary for a high-quality Search Engine Optimization and better ranking of the website on Search Engines.
  • One needs good Content for making a Pay Per Click campaign work successfully.
  • Content is one of the most essential aspects of Inbound Marketing.

A successful Content Marketing Strategy only helps a person execute the Content Marketing campaign successfully.

A successful Content Marketing can help you achieve success in gaining high profits in your business.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing as the name suggests is the form of marketing in which we utilize social media platforms and websites to promote a product or a company.

Social Media Marketing is also one of the most trending and demanded form of marketing among the youths these days.

Digital Marketing or e-commerce is still not so popular but Social Media Marketing is making it’s significance among the advertisers as well as the buyers.


Social Media Marketing trends in 2019


Social Media has a set of facilities which makes it convenient and easy for users to run their business using Social Media:

  • Social Media Platforms have built-in tools used for data analytics, due to which companies can measure their return on investment.
  • Companies can find a number of collaborators including potential customers and employees, bloggers, journalists, etc using Social Media Platforms.

These are the reasons why people are more attracted to Social Media Marketing.

But as we all know no marketing campaigns can become successful without a proper strategy, same is the case with Social Media Marketing.

It needs a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy to make Social Media Marketing work properly.

Managing the campaign, governing it, setting the scopes of the company, and the formation of the desired culture of an organization is what Social Media Marketing Strategy includes.

If executed in a proper way Social Media Marketing can make a company earn lots of profit without much investment.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an excellent marketing approach. It is a process of earning commission by promoting other’s website or product.

One can make a huge profit by one-time purchase or can even enjoy recurring income via membership programs.

All you need to do is register yourself on e-commerce sites. Survey about your old users likes and dislikes deeply. Contact the e-commerce companies regarding membership in an affiliate program for those products and at last searching for all the appealing products for your target audience.


Affiliate Marketing trends in 2019


Then after getting registered marketers receive their affiliate ID which they share with their followers and readers by attaching text links or ads along with their blogs on the website.

After all of this process comes the main payment part, when any user clicks the link mentioned on the affiliate’s website, the affiliate software records it and a part of the product sales are deposited in the affiliate’s account and after reaching to a specific limit of the amount the affiliate is paid.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent and profitable form of marketing.


So to conclude I would say that 2019 will be a happening year for digital marketers. It will be more focused on customer experience with automation, and artificial intelligence-powered technology. Thus to increase the conversions and stay in competition marketers will have to stay up-to-date with the new trends and changes in the online marketing algorithm.

Marketers will be required to create better, appealing, and conversational content to attract a better target audience.

To become a successful Online Marketer one must know the skills to organize different Online Marketing Websites in an effortless manner.

I hope this article helps you optimize your online marketing campaign in a much better way.     

To know more about Digital Marketing, it’s trend, and marketing of a company visit us at Promote Digitally.

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10 Things One Must Know To Earn Money Online In India.

Trying to earn money online??

But failing every time??

Ok!! Let’s face it that earning money online is not at all easy.

There are a number of ways to earn money online but not everyone can get success using those ways.

One needs to know all the essential points about those ways so as to earn money online successfully.

So in this article, we will discuss about, all the best ways to earn money online with less or no investment at all.  

The best ways of earning money are mentioned below:

  • Blogging
  • Pay Per Click Websites
  • Freelancing
  • Micro Working
  • Virtual Assistant
  •   Youtube
  • Domain Trading
  • Website Flipping
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Captcha Solving Jobs

Now let’s know about these ways to earn money online in-depth.

1. Blogging

Blogging was first started for people to write the journal of their daily lives on the “web log”.

The word “blog” is also derived from this word “web log”.  

Blogging can not only be used for marketing purposes but it is also a home business in itself.

Blogging is considered to be the same as a website but precisely it is not.

Blogging is different from a website in some aspects like:

  • Blogs are updated frequently- be it a food recipe blog, a travel blog, or any personal blog, one can update them often but unlike this websites hardly have any change in information, it remains constant or is changed very rarely.
  • Blogs allow for readers engagement Blogs can be uploaded on social media so that the users and the readers can comment and discuss about the blog among themselves. Websites have guest logs where users can only say that they visited the site but blogging sites allows interaction among users, unlike traditional website system.


blogging 1st way to earn money online


Reasons for blogging being so popular

Blogging has been in very demand lately. But why??

Why is blogging more demanded in today’s world more than the website??  

Well, there are certain reasons why most of the entrepreneurs prefer blogging for their business and marketing. The reasons are as follows:

  • New Content is always loved by the search engines and so blogging is a  good Search Engine Optimization tools.
  • Blogging keeps your clients updated about everything i.e. all the new deals, and what’s going on in your company.
  • Blogging makes you gain the trust of your customers and helps your clients to bond with you. It not only gives you the privilege to share your knowledge with the world but it also lets your readers connect with you via comments.

tips for blogging

Steps to remember for Blogging

  • The first step for blogging is to create a blog which is quite easy and simple if you pick the topics which are presently in demand.
  • You must be consistent in your work and should post at least one blog in a week.
  • You must know the ways of promoting your blogs on different social media platforms.
  • You can promote affiliate products from your blog which is another way to earn money online easily.

Though blogging is a full-time job and requires all your determination but if you know the tricks and techniques essential for blogging you can even get success by doing part-time blogging.

2. Pay Per Click Websites

You don’t know what Pay Per Click is??

Well, come let’s first discuss about what Pay Per Click is.

Pay Per Click or PPC advertising is also known as CPC i.e. Cost Per Click advertisement which is the easiest mode of online marketing in today’s world.

In this process, the company that runs the advertisement gives money according to the number of clicks on the ads and all you have to do is to click and read the advertisement for 10 to 30 seconds.

There are a number of sites offering Pay Per Click advertisements and the best part is that all these sites are free of cost so you can earn money online without any investment.

But all the sites are not trustworthy and so here is a list of sites one could use to earn money online via Pay Per Click advertisements.


Pay Per Click Image


  • Neobux- Noebux is the topmost website with Pay Per Click advertisements. The first payment you get from Neobux is US$ 2 or even more depending upon your performance and the time you take in completing the task and for every following successful task, the minimum amount of revenue earned by you increases by US$ 1. You can ask for payout only after you collect US$ 10.
  • ClixSense– This is also one of the biggest PTC websites in the world which shows advertisements according to age, gender, and preferences of the readers. The payment process takes place via Paypal and other online money transferring apps so as to make the payments smooth and quick.




  • SwagbucksSwagbucks allows you to discover new products and services that are available in your own area. They offer you their eponymous points which can be redeemed later in the form of cash or Amazon shopping vouchers.




  • PrizeRebelThis website not only provides Pay Per Click advertisements but also allows the users to earn money via online surveys. You can earn from Rs. 10,000 to 12,000 depending upon the time you take and the task you perform. They give you points and you get US$ 1 for every 100 points. The payment for Indians is done via Paypal.

3. Freelancing

Freelancing is another most popular way to earn money online easily.

One can work with small or even big companies temporarily, provide the services as per their wish and knowledge, and can leave the work as per their own wish.

The two main skills for freelancing are Core skills and Marketing. A good marketer can only become a successful freelancer as you need to have the convincing skills to make your users trust you.

Freelancing allows you to earn approximately $2000 or even more depending upon the type of freelancing job you provide to your clients.

Content Writing, Web Designing, Graphic Designing, Search Engine Optimization, Data Entry, Digital Marketing, etc these and many more such jobs can be chosen by one for Freelancing to earn money online without any investment.




But before starting with the Freelancing one must also keep certain points in mind:

  • You must know whether you have to do a part-time or a full-time type of Freelancing job.
  • You must know the real and accurate worth of your work and should calculate your fees accordingly.
  • Only do jobs you are good at i.e. doing things of the best of your knowledge.
  • Take care of SEO as it will you rank higher on search engines and will help increase traffic on your website.

Therefore we can conclude that Freelancing helps you work on your own terms and can earn a lot of money online by sitting at home and without investing even a single penny.

4. Micro Working

Micro Working as the name itself denotes means completing small tasks which takes a few seconds or a few minutes to finish.

Micro working includes tasks like identifying an object, commenting on different sites, writing small articles, doing small researches for websites, visiting different websites, etc.

If you work even for 1-2 hours a day then you get a chance to earn around Rs. 6000 to 15000 and that too without investing a single penny from your side.


micro working

5. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is just like a personal assistant who works for it’s clients online without being physically present.

A virtual assistant takes care of websites, performs counseling, writes and proofreads the articles, publishes content on the website, does all the marketing, coding, app development, and research work for it’s clients.

This is also an easy way to earn money online and you get to learn many management and technical skills as well.


virtual assistant

6. Become A Youtuber

Youtube is one of the hottest and the most popular trend to earn money online these days.

Anyone can start a Youtube channel these days all you need is a good camera and some quality content to upload.

The most trending videos which are in demand these days are

  • Funny and entertaining videos including pranks, stand up comedy, etc.
  • Highly helpful and knowledgeable videos for a niche audience like kitchen recipes, how-to-do videos, travel tips, educational videos, or anything you think is useful according to your industry and your audience.

You can make millions from youtube but only if you are able to impress your audience and able to gain enough number of views and subscribers.

After getting enough views and subscribers for your channel you can even apply for Youtube Partner Program and earn a lot of money online.




But it’s not that easy to please your audience just like that you need to create unique videos which are different from the ones already uploaded on the other channels.

Use the best SEO Optimized headline to get more organic traffic.

One must never forget to add a suitable and relatable description for the video as there is a certain range of Crawling Audience who read the description to decide if they have to watch the video or not.

7. Domain Trading

When big companies are unable to find the domain of their choices then they contact the domain owners to make a deal regarding domain trading.

It is in the hands of the initial domain owner to fix the price of selling the domain.

This business of domain trading is much demanded these days people earn a good amount of money online by selling domains.

Domain Trading is exactly like a Share Market where you buy shares at low cost in the same way people buy domains at low prices and then sell those domains at higher rates later.

There are two types of domain trading that could help you gain profit in the long run:

  • Domains with unusual names that might get good value and demand in the market.
  • Domains with a Premium Future i.e. domains which have zero value presently but will be in great demand in the upcoming future.

Domain trading is one of the best ways to earn money online but needs a little investment from your side.

Once you invest and buy the domain you can even put your domain on sale so that people can buy your domain directly that too at your desired price, and will help in having a smooth domain trading.


domain trading

8. Website Flipping

Website Flipping is like domain trading where instead of the domain we deal with the websites.

People create a website and work on it for 3-6 months so as to start earning money from that website.

Then after earning for 2-3 months, they put the website on sale and earn 15-20 times the price of their monthly income from the same website.

All you need to be aware of is that the website should of high quality i.e. it should have genuine organic web traffic of around 5-6 months, trusted domain, backlinks, rankings, etc.

But there are certain points that one should keep in mind before selling a website:

  • The seller must know the accurate time of selling the website i.e. after you have lost all the methods of earning traffic at that website or you have invested enough amount of cash on that website only then should you sell your website.
  • You must take care of the validation of all the information and knowledge you provide on your website.
  • Begin with Google Analytics and earning records as every buyer notices only these two factors of a website in the first place.

Since it is much easier to grow an old site with traffic present on it than creating a new website and growing it. Therefore, nowadays people prefer buying old websites and growing them and thus website flipping is one of the most demanded ways to earn money online.

9. Become An Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing by which retailers pay commission to an external website for increasing the traffic or sales generated on their website from the referrals.

It again is an excellent marketing approach and is exactly similar to a retail shop.

You signup at online shopping platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, etc and promotes the best products on your website and social media to earn money.

A person can earn from 4% to 20% commission from Amazon by helping your customers in buying the right products.


affiliate marketing

10. Captcha Solving Jobs

Last but not least Captcha Solving is also popular and the most demanded way to earn money online.

All you need to do is read the captcha images and type the exact characters. It is the best online data entry job.

There are many companies as well as individuals who wish to create thousands of accounts on a daily basis on popular social media sites.

But these captcha images prevent them from doing so and thus they seek the help of captcha solvers.

Captcha solvers enter the correct characters relating to the images into the software to help people.

Generally, a person can solve 1000 Captcha images a day and gets $2 for every 1000 captchas but if you work on 2-3 different sites then you have a possibility of earning around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000 on a monthly basis.


captcha solving


So these were the 10 best ways for a person to earn money online. Any person who chooses at least any one of the ways and positively follows the steps mentioned to make the business successful will gain a lot of profit and will succeed in earning money online.

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How Marketers Find Success Using Content Marketing

Content Marketing?? Did that word just came to your mind and you have no idea about it??

If you wish to know what kind of marketing it is but you are too shy and embarrassed to ask someone then, you have come to the right place.

What is Content Marketing

According to the Content Marketing Institute,

“Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”  

The most important word from the above lines is “Valuable” as it helps to keep a sorted list of advertisements and contents that according to you will be liked by your audience and they would wish to make the most out of it rather ignoring it.

Therefore, instead of raising all your products, you can provide totally relevant products depending upon your users and their problems.

According to an annual research maximum marketers like P&G, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. nowadays use content marketing to find success.

Content Marketing Specifically benefits the marketers for three reasons mainly to increase their sales, minimize the expenditure, and to get better and loyal customers.


Aspects of Content Marketing


Content Writing is the present and future of Marketing.

Generally, companies send information about their brands but most of the time it’s irrelevant.

This is what makes Content Marketing so special and fascinating for people in today’s world as it focuses only on creating relevant information for their users.

No matter what platform of marketing you use, Content Writing has its importance for all forms of marketing.

But Content Marketing can never be successful without a proper Strategy.

So, the next thing we should know is how to make a proper Content Marketing Strategy so as to run a successful brand.

Content Marketing Strategy

But while reading this most of the readers might wonder about the need of having a strategy.

So, in this section of the blog we will dive into:

  1. What is Content Marketing Strategy
  2. Why do you need a Content Marketing Strategy
  3. What steps your Content Marketing Strategy should include.

What is Content Marketing Strategy

In the words of Justin McGill from HubSpot

“Content strategy refers to the management of pretty much any tangible media that you create and own: written, visual, downloadable … you name it. It is the piece of your marketing plan that continuously demonstrates who you are and the expertise you bring to your industry.”

Content Marketing Strategy helps to analyze all the different ways one can select to market their business.

But first, you will need to know the behavior of your target audience their interests, disinterests everything.

The problems and queries to be solved for the audience, the content format that has to be focused, the channel where it will be published and the management and creation of content need to be taken care of while planning the strategy out.


Why do you need a Content Marketing Strategy

Businesses prepare and plan for a cost-effective and dependable source of lead generation and to gain traffic with the help of Content Marketing.

These leads and traffic generated from your unique content will give you the privilege to experiment with different marketing techniques to make more revenue.

Your content will not only attract traffic but will also spread awareness of your brand among your users.

So, these were some of the reasons for having a Content Marketing Strategy.



What steps your Content Marketing Strategy should include

1. Define Your Goal

You must know your aim before developing the Content Strategy i.e. what industry you will be creating content on, what will your users get from your company.

The most important and essential part of your Content Strategy is to know the motive behind setting the company up, most of the entrepreneurs nowadays start a business but at last, they end up nowhere just because they do not think about their aim that they wish to achieve.

So, don’t be like one of those entrepreneurs.

2. Research About Your Buyer Persona

Wait!! What? Buyer Persona?? Now, what on earth does this word mean??

Alright so, according to Buyer Persona Institute

“Built from the real words of real buyers, a buyer persona tells you what prospective customers are thinking and doing as they weigh their options to address a problem that your company resolves. Much more than a one-dimensional profile of the people you need to influence, or a map of their journey, actionable buyer personas reveal insights about your buyers’ decisions — the specific attitudes, concerns, and criteria that drive prospective customers to choose you, your competitor or the status quo”.

This is what a buyer persona is, so to know your Buyer Persona can help you expand your business rapidly.

You need to show your Target Audience the type of content they want to see.

By analyzing your Buyer Persona you can provide your audience all the relevant content that might attract them and help increase traffic on your website.

This is important especially for the ones who are new to the digital marketing industry be it a marketer or an entrepreneur.

The newcomers have no experience so knowing the Buyer Persona of their industry makes it much easier for them to know their target audience better.

Not only the newcomers but also the experienced people sometimes plan to start something new in a new industry which is totally different from the one they are working in, then, they use Buyer Persona to analyze and judge their target audience so, they can create attractive and profitable content.


3. Run A Content Audit

A Content Audit allows you to review a record of all the past indexable contents, and decide whether you have to keep the content as-it-is, make some changes in the content, or have to remove or integrate the content as per your wish and the requirement of your company and Buyer Persona.


4. Choose A Content Management System

To manage your content properly you must have a good system in place.

Some most important parts of your Content Management System should be Content Creation, Content Publication, and Content Analytics.

WordPress website hosted by WP Engine is one of the examples of Content Management System.

5. Brainstorm Content Ideas

Now after following all the other steps, it’s time for you to start coming up with amazing ideas to write your content on.

Below is a list of Content Generation Tools  that might be of some help:

    Hubspot’s Website Grader- This is an amazing tool used to keep a track of your position in the market, i.e. the performance of your website in the field of marketing. Starting from your blogging efforts to your social media marketing and management, Hubspot’s Website Grader keeps a check on all your essential social media areas and gives you a list of everything that needs to be improved and optimized in your website.

    BlogAbout- IMPACT’s unique content idea generator, BlogAbout is meant for you to make your mind gears run faster. It works somewhat like Mid Libs but in place of jokes, it shows you the common headline format with a blank for you to fill with what you have in your mind. This technique helps you collect all your general ideas in contexts so as to make your content appealing to the users. You can add your thoughts to the “Notebook” of BlogAbout as soon as you gather all your best ideas.

    BuzzSumo- Explore amazing and interesting content ideas using BuzzSumo. This tool provides you a number of research tools the main of which use social media engagements to determine the popularity of particular contents. This information will help you know which topic of the content will help you get more traffic on your website.

    Blog Post Headline Analyzer- This tool by CoSchedule analyzes the headlines, and gives feedback on your title selection, length, choice of words, grammar, etc. This Headline Analyzer is used to make the title options in your mind stronger so that you can run your mind much faster while brainstorming.




While talking so much about Content Marketing we forgot to discuss the most essential part of Content Marketing i.e. Content Writing.

To know more about content strategy click here.

What Is Content Writing

Content Writing is the most important aspect of Content Marketing and I wonder we never discussed about it until now. Writing is no doubt a dream job, but not everyone can be a content writer. While almost all the content writers have a life desired by every human present on this earth yet living that life is not everyone’s cup of tea. People usually lack skills which are mandatory for a content writer to succeed, because no matter what but a writing talent is not enough to become a successful content writer.



There are certain more skills one should possess in them such as:

     1. Must Have Mastered In Different Content Writing Styles

You must know how to write different types of contents because this increases your demand in the market. There are many forms of Content Writing and every form has it’s own significance. Therefore, mastering all forms of Content Writing will give you an advantage of working with more companies and on different types of projects which will increase your popularity in the market.

2.   Don’t Pick Random Topics

Picking Random Topics might lead you to lose your traffic, therefore before choosing any topic one must always do proper research regarding the topic. The number of people searching the topic, analyzing one’s buyer persona or target audience, searching the important keywords regarding and all the other points mentioned above in the content marketing strategy needs to be considered while picking a topic for writing good content.

3.  Maintain The Originality Of Your Content

It is very necessary for you to maintain the originality of your content as it’s about your reputation. The content should not have copyright issues and it is not as hard as it seems. A good content writer can think of different ways to express the same emotions that thousands of people have already expressed it’s all about how one perceives things.

4.  Must Know SEO, HTML, and WordPress

These terms prove to be the most important aspect of a successful Content Writing.

Now, no need to panic if you don’t know about these terms as you need to know only the basics to keep yourself updated in the digital world and gain much traffic organically.



5. Should Be Specialists In Social Media

Recognition is very important. The more active a person is on social media the more likely it is for the users to recommend the content written by them. Building a loyal audience, and meeting the industry experts are some of the vital needs to become a successful social media specialists. Content Writers are the ones who are supposed to be marketing experts, SEO specialists, and social media butterflies. With the right skills and strategies, one could succeed and realize that Content Writing is the dream job one could ever wish to have.

So, these were the main points and main skills one should possess for becoming a successful content writer.


Now, after reading so much about Content Marketing and Content Writing one must know that their marketing plan has to be way better than their types of content.

I know it is a lot to do and the competition is too high but hard work and patience is the key.

It takes time, patience, organization, and exceptional creativity to make a successful content marketing strategy and run a successful online business.

From building the content marketing strategy to publishing and measuring the return on investment and using tools to manage the content won’t be difficult if one follows the steps and advice mentioned above.

To get details about the best digital marketing trends click here 

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Facebook Marketing: How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business

Facebook Marketing: How to Use Facebook to Market Your Business

Facebook Marketing has been in demand lately.

It’s been more than 10 years since people have been using Facebook.

Around 15% of the total population uses this social media platform on a regular basis consistently for 50 minutes.

Facebook Marketing has been the winner of social media marketing among all the other social media sites and is continuing to be the same.

No matter if you have a big corporate business or a small start-up, Facebook Marketing proves itself to be a very useful social media marketing tool for both.


Facebook Marketing


So, let’s discuss how to promote your business using Facebook Marketing.

1. Make The Most Out Of Your Facebook Business Page

You can gain a lot of profit using Facebook Marketing if you know the right ways of promoting your brand.

Wait, you don’t know how to set up a Facebook Business Page??

No worries, let’s first discuss setting up a Business Page then.


Facebook Business Page for Facebook Marketing


  • Creating A Facebook Page

Generally, people create their profiles on Facebook and not on pages.

But, if you are planning to promote your brand then you have to make a Facebook Marketing Business Page.

These pages look exactly similar to the profiles but they display all the vital information related to your brand instead of your personal details.

There are 6 different categories from which you have to choose the category suitable for your company.

Further, you have to mention if you own a company, an organization, or an institution.

Your official page is associated with your personal profile, though, your personal information is never displayed on your official pages unless you allow.

Once, you set up your page Facebook will automatically give you tips of customizing your page before making it visible to people.

After you are done with the setting up part then, you might set the profile, and cover picture, and customize your notifications.

At last, introduce your co-workers and team along with their positions by setting up the roles, and finally, you have your fully customized Facebook Business Page ready.


How to create Facebook Business Page for Facebook Marketing


  • Use your Facebook Business Page In The Best Ways Possible

Facebook can be the best Social Media Management Tool for businesses.

These pages not only allows you to identify your brand but also gives you the privilege to share links, posts, and videos.

Your posts and content should strictly be focused on the topics your users like, this is a platform where can make the identity of your company along with showing your human side to your users.

A mixture of humorous, knowledgeable, and entertaining posts are supposed to be ideal for any Business Page.


Facebook Marketing Business Page

2. Facebook Advertising

Facebook Marketing has it’s own advertising program in the name of Facebook Ads, which are precisely referred to as Marketplace Ads.

These ads generally contain a headline, an image, and a click-through link redirected to either the Facebook app or to some other website.

You should execute the Facebook Ads into your Facebook Marketing Strategy as it might help you gain more likes, and traffic on your page.

Facebook Ads have a number of features like the demographic target on age, group, and interests.

It has the ability to set ad budgets, run split testing on your page, and has Social Media Analysis Tools already built in it.

Using Facebook Ads Strategy for increasing traffic on your page can be very beneficial for your brand.


Facebook Ads strategy for Facebook Marketing


3. Make Your Marketing Strategy

The most important part of building a successful marketing strategy is knowing your followers in every way possible, their likes, their dislikes, everything for that matter.

There are various steps of building your marketing strategy some of them are mentioned below.

Understand your Facebook Audience

Take some time and evaluate your “buyer persona” in order to know your audience properly.

Now, what is this “buyer persona”??

Well, buyer persona refers to an imaginative representation of your ideal customer which helps you understand your target audience in a better way.

You interview a mixture of non-similar customers, and referrals to fetch all of their information i.e. their past experiences in the industry, their challenges, their strategies, their goals, etc.

Having all of this information about your persona will help you prepare your posts, and content according to their choice.


Buyer Persona: Ideal Buyer or the Company for facebook marketing


Keep A Look On Audience Insights

Facebook Marketing has a feature for its users that helps them to understand their customers in a better way, which is known as Audience Insights.

This feature gives you demographic information about your audience and competitors.

It was mainly launched to make ads targeting better but know it is also useful for social media profile managers, and content creators.

These insights show you the smallest of the small information like location, age, device type on Facebook itself.


Audience Insights for better Facebook Marketing

Social Media Content Calendar Can Be Of Great Help

It gets very difficult to share posts, contents, and stay active on all Social Media platforms at the same time.

So, social media managers use social media calendar for this purpose. It is a kind of Social Media Management Tool.

It is a spreadsheet where you write all your contents and posts in advance and set them to be posted at different time intervals.

This helps you not only to maintain your sanity but also helps you keep a track of all your posts, links, and messages.

A nice social media content calendar must have tabs for each social media platform, columns for links, messages, character count, etc, and it should have a monthly view to plan bigger campaigns.


 Social media calendar for facebook marketing

Facebook Exchange

This feature of Facebook Marketing helps it’s users to retarget their users via Facebook ads through real-time bidding.

It allows the advertisers sponsored to target the audience depending upon their web history data.

For Example, if a user visits a website and likes a product from that site, but due to certain reasons the user is unable to buy it then the retailer can retarget that user and display the ad of the brand on Facebook with FBX.

Earlier, FBX ads were downgraded and were only visible on the side columns, but now they can be viewed on the news feed as well.

The Click Through Rate of Facebook Exchange Ads is lesser than that of other web retargeting ads like those sponsored by Google.

So, the cost-per-click of FBX are comparatively cheaper, and the profit will depend on your business’s need.


So, this was all about Facebook Marketing and it’s super fun to do after you know the process and strategies.

After reading this article there is probably nothing that could stop anyone from becoming successful.

Facebook Marketing requires proper Strategy and once you know the strategies, nobody can stop you from becoming a good marketer.

So, what is the problem?? Go, create a page, make all your strategies as per your industry and start promoting your brand.

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What Is Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing- the most used promoting platforms these days.

You might have often heard people saying that they are social media marketers!!

The question is “What is this social media marketing?”


Social Media Marketing


This article will give answers to all your questions.

But, before talking about social media marketing let’s first discuss “What social media is ?”

Well, Social Media refers to those websites and applications that allow people to share their views and content quickly, and in real-time.

Nowadays people assume social media to be those apps they use but, that’s not true, these communication tools started with computers.

The ability to share our thoughts, opinions, events and all other stuff have given us a new and much smarter way to live and of course to promote our business.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a platform that uses social media websites as a marketing tool.

It connects the company directly to the users for getting feedback and queries via different social media sites.

What Is Social Media Marketing Used For

Now, you might be wondering that why should we use social media marketing for the promotions as we already have so many means of marketing available then why social media marketing only?

So, let’s discuss some benefits of Social Media Marketing that you might not get by any other means of marketing.

  • Social Media shows your post only to the targeted media. This means that you deal with the audience who are genuinely interested in your company and your products.
  • Though creativity is the most important factor for your site’s ranking but, sharing your creativity on social media might help you increase your site’s SEO ranking.
  • Using your social media to publicize your company will help you go an extra mile all you have to do is tag a quoted expert along with your post so if they get the notification they might reshare it on their page and that would help you increase your traffic.
  • An active social media presence can help you create a bonding with your customers and helps you gain their trust.
  • Such platforms provide you with a highly targeted audience and also you to customize your page according to your customer’s need.
  • You can use these platforms to promote your events and functions and make them successful.
  • Nowadays the customers want their queries to be solved immediately, and social media allows you to do that, so you can solve your user’s problems instantly.
  • According to Texas Tech University, ” the brands with active media profiles have more loyal customers”.
  • As we all know, “The Traditional Press Release Distribution is very overrated” and on the other hand, social media gives you the privilege to get in touch with your users personally.

The points mentioned above are the reason for Social Media marketing being so popular and demanded these days.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING


But But But, Social Media Marketing is not that easy, you need strategies, skills, and knowledge to become a successful marketer.

So, I have mentioned some very essential aspects of Social Media Marketing that every learner should know before starting with their journey of exploring Social Media.

Social Media Marketing Needs A Plan

Before starting any of your social media campaigns you need to plan many things regarding your business and it’s growth.

Social Media Marketing without Social Media Strategy is like a pointless endeavour,  you’ll have fun in the starting but it won’t be of any use in the long run.

Below is a list of questions you should consider before starting your social media marketing plan:

1. What do you achieve from social media

You should have a clear idea about your preferences which totally depends on what kind of a business you are in.

In the words of famous Canadian Writer Arjun Basu, “ Without strategy content is just stuff, and                        the world has Enough Stuff.

Defining how your social media reach will provide help to your customers is the first thing to be considered.

2. Who maintains your social media accounts

The person who handles your account on social media platforms must be creative and skilled enough to implement effective social media campaigns so as to increase traffic on your account.

Especially, a qualified employee in the marketing department can be the best choice for the post.

3. Who is your Target Audience

Before starting any campaigns you must know about your audience so that you attract your users easily.

For Example, if you have a travel agency you can promote it on Instagram as it might get you more traffic whereas, a business company might find it’s purchase on Twitter or LinkedIn.


4. How often should you post your content

Well, talking about this I might say that you should post different creative contents on your page for at least five times a day.

Your users come online at different time periods and so it is suggested for you to keep updating your account at certain intervals of time to attract them.

You can even use social media schedulers to get this task done smoothly.

5. Be picky about what you share

When it comes to selecting the content you need to take proper care of the content you are choosing as your target audience might not entertain all types of content.

Relevant, entertaining, and knowledgeable content is liked by most of the users these days, so make sure, the content you create should be entertaining and sensible at the same time.

So, these were certain points you should consider before initiating any social media marketing campaign.

How To Use Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing mainly works on the principle of improving a company’s reputation on social networks which is also called Social Media Optimization.

SMO works exactly similar to SEO and attracts new people to the selected website.

Many people use social media to search for things, and also share many different links thereby building a strong connection of links because of which search engines also care for social networks.

To discuss further, Social Media Marketing can be done in two different ways:

  1. Active SMM promotion
  2. Passive SMM promotion

Active Social Media Marketing (SMM) Promotion

Active Promotion refers to adding links to the content posted on the website towards social networks.

Social media sites like facebook, twitter, Pinterest, youtube, and many others allow the active promotion and each social media platform has its own terms and conditions.



Passive Social Media Marketing (SMM) Promotion

Unlike active promotion, passive promotion refers to promoting your activities on social media platforms by uploading status, and blogs.

The best part of the passive promotion is that the users can ask their queries in real-time as soon as they see the story of the company, which increases the company’s chance of gaining users.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Now, you know enough about Social Media Marketing!!

So, are you ready to promote your company via Social Media Sites?? Yes? Alright then let’s discuss some useful tips that could help you run a  successful social media campaign.

Here are a few points that will help you start your campaign with a bang:

1. Social Media Management Tool

Social Media Management Tools are the software designed for you to monitor and manage all your social media accounts individually.

It makes it easier for you to keep up with your social media engagements, schedule and share your posts on time and allows smooth user interaction.

Social Media Management Tools collect all the messages from your different profiles at the same spot which saves your time and effort of shuffling different profiles constantly.

Every customer is unique so, avoid plagiarized responses and start personalizing your experience by keeping notes of your interactions with the user.

These tools will help you reduce confusion by letting you and your team view all the responded messages and it also allows you to view the messages that are being answered at the time you are online so as to keep a clear track of responses.

A smart social media management platform provides additional layers and permissions so that only trusted employees can get in touch with you and if you receive any inappropriate message then you can check the profile of the sender as well.

Most of the people mention your brand’s name in messages and posts assuming that you might not even see the message thus, you need social media management tools so as to keep a track of such messages and respond to them as required.

Social media management tools help you track your competitor’s handles and key product phrases to gain intelligence on new marketing tactics and products.

These social media management tools help you think about your content posting strategy and set your timing likewise.

It helps you analyze your performance, in order to plan your future you need to look into your past performance to know what worked and what did not, social media tools make it easy for you by keeping a track of past posts.

Not only the social media managers but the stakeholders, managing director and the client of your agency also look into your social media analytics.

Social Media Management Tools often have their mobile applications which give them a privilege to manage their presence even if they are not in front of their systems.

Now, you might have realized the importance of social media management tools for having a successful social media campaign.




2. A/B Testing

A/B Testing or split testing is a method by which we compare two versions of the same post or webpage to see which one is the best.

This method is known to most of the social media marketing professionals who use it but almost all the small businesses that are on social media are not even aware of it.

In simple words, A/B testing involves posting the same post with different and unique taglines so that the company could which post gets a better response.

Usually, marketers use this method to check the responses on landing pages and sales pages but, we can also use it for our social media posts as well.

All we need to do is scheduling the same link multiple times with different captions for each post. People react differently on the same post depending upon the headlines.

This feature is important as it allows to analyze the reason behind your audience not responding to your posts, maybe the post is of low quality or it the content of your post did not grab your audience’s attention.

So, now schedule the same post for the whole of the week with different taglines and see which post gets more engagement.



3. Social Media Analysis

You can’t go along with the social media marketing tips without analyzing your return of investment, you need to measure your efforts and then analyze your results accordingly.

According to Sprout Social, over 40% of the businesses do not track their social media ROI at all” therefore, such people have no idea if they are getting something in return of so much hard work or not.

If you don’t want to be in the same category then start tracking your return on investment now.

But, Is there some application or software for doing this??

Yes, there are a number of Social Media Analytics Tools that help you track your ROI easily. Some of those tools are mentioned below:

  •  Google Analytics

Though Google analytics is not an official “social media analytics tools” still it helps you track your social media marketing plans and also measures your social ROI.

It is a service that provides statistics as well as basic SEO tools for marketing purposes.

It has data visualizing tools like a dashboard, and motion cards to display the changes in data over time.

The features of Google Analytics also include custom reports, email-based sharing, and communication and unification with other Google products.




  •  Meltwater

This tool helps you to scale your public relations on social media platforms, connect you with relevant users and determine your brand’s worth in your specific industry.

Meltwater gives you standardized insights on different views from the market and allows you to look into your competitor’s social media efforts so that you keep yourself updated.

It also provides email alert service and reporting system as well.

  •  Brandwatch

Brandwatch provides you with in-depth insights into the preferences of your customers so that it becomes easy for you to sell your product to your target audience.

They set you up with the right data to make smart marketing decisions. By using this social media analytics tool you can search on the internet about specific conversations for your brand.

After searching you can divide them into categories and analyze them to get the vital critical information.


  •  Hootsuite

Hootsuite the most famous social media analytics tool, it is not only a social media analytics tool but it is also a social media scheduler.

It also helps you to see which content does worst or better and make smart choices.

This software works for all social media platforms therefore, analytics of all your social media pages are collected on one single page.

  • Sprout Social 

This social media tool allows you to create a social media calendar, schedule posts, and respond to appropriate social media conversations.

Not only this but sprout social also provides an agency partnership program, where they provide educational materials, social media marketing strategies, and exposure to all the brands using the tool.



4. Use Keywords

There are many social media sites like Facebook, Pinterest, etc. that have features which work like that of search engines.

Therefore, adding keywords in your posts and profiles may help the users view your company’s profile easily.

The content on the different apps and sites needs to be categorized precisely due to which social media optimization is being advanced day by day.

So, it’s recommended for you to use more hashtags and keywords in your every post so that people can view your profile when they search for things related to your industry.



5. Join Different Communities

No matter if it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media site all of the platforms have a feature for it’s users to get in touch and this is one of the best ways to promote your company among the like-minded people who could understand you and your thoughts.

Joining in these communities will give you and your company exposure, you might share your thoughts with influencers and after some time those influencers might share your content with their friends or even on their website.

It would be better if you join communities related to your industry so as to attract like-minded people, and starting with facebook groups and twitter chats might be better as these as the most active platforms of today’s time.




6. Build A Community Of Your Own

It is also possible that your industry is not so common and famous among people and there is no chat group for your industry!!!! Then this is the perfect time for you to introduce your industry to the world.

You yourself can make a community and might ask all your interested friends to join that community, assuming that there are a decent number of interested people.

Many times this happens that a community or a group is much needed but people refuse to take the responsibility, so now you can take this responsibility and become the trendsetter.

7. Give People A Reason To Follow You

Have you ever thought about your company on a consumer’s perspective, like Why should people follow your profile, What is so special in your profile??

People have lots of profiles to follow so you must try to have something different on your profile that could compel the users to follow you. Gaining followers is not an easy task you have to stand out in every way possible to gain traffic.

Try to maintain your profile, share all your knowledge and valuable content via your posts on specific social media sites, and also share behind the scenes on your profile that will help you create a bonding with your users and gain more traffic.

8. Build Strategic Alliances

As we all know the toughest task is to gain those initial followers on our profile, and definitely nobody will wish to do business with a company having merely 50-60 followers.

So the question is, how to gain followers in the first place with no identity and no value of the company ??

Well, there are two ways by which you can gain enough followers in less span of time.

The first way is by partnering up with a company who already has an online value i.e. a company who already has more than enough followers.

This strategy is based on the “Know, Like, Trust” principle according to which you ask a company who has loyal followers to give you a shout out and tell their followers that they recommend you and trust you.

This makes your brand recognizable and trustworthy in the eyes of their followers. The easiest and best way to achieve this is by a paid shout out.

Nevertheless, you must do proper research before you use any of these services so as to prevent yourself from buying fake followers.

Then, the second way is by building a relationship with well-known influencers and let the opportunity come to your way naturally without paying anything.

You can send e-mails to such well-recognized company mentioning your interest in their products and telling them how much you like their posts and content.

When you get the opportunity of getting featured on their page then you might create some posts or introduce a giveaway event to attract more and more people.

These were the two ways you can use to gain followers easily and make your brand famous.


9. Don’t Be Afraid To Sell

All the social media marketing lists ask you to be careful about being too much promotional. Promoting your brand in all your posts might irritate the readers and it will be considered as a spammy post.

But, this doesn’t mean that you can’t promote your brand, being a bit conservative while promoting your company in your tweets or posts is all you have to do.

Occasionally posting about your company is acceptable just for an example if you post 8 posts a day then 5-6 of them should be non-promotional.

This way you will be able to create a healthy balance of promoting your brand and not losing your followers as well.

10. Be Interactive

The last tip for successful social media marketing is by being interactive with your audience.  This tip can be the game-changer because no user wishes to follow a company that keeps sharing links all day.

The bonding between the brand and the user is built only by interaction after all the main purpose of social media is to engage with others so you should try to reply to all the messages on a daily basis.

Mention people in your posts, reply to other people’s posts even if they do not mention you, retweet, and make all the efforts to make people notice your existence in the social world.




If you follow these tips then eventually you will start getting traffic at your profile and your brand will become successful in no time.

Choosing The Best Social Media Platform For Marketing

Along with the amazing social media marketing strategies and tips you also need to know which platforms are appropriate for you to do social media marketing. So, here is a brief overview of some famous social media platforms.

1. Facebook

Facebook is a casual, friendly software so you need to have a strong social media marketing strategy.

You need to create a Facebook business or fan page, and since it is a platform where people come to relax so you need to keep your content light and readable.

The most important component to gain users on Facebook is the visual experience, therefore, you need to make sure that the layout you prepare is attractive.

You can even consider the Facebook ad Strategy to create an impact on a bigger number of audience as naturally, you can reach out to limited people only.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most excelling social media marketing trends which is an image-centred platform and is ideal for the retail of different high-quality pictures.

Anyone aiming for social media marketing can get benefitted on Pinterest, it allows brands to showcase their products offerings along with eye-catching pinboards to attract people.


social media strategies

3. Twitter

Twitter is a social media marketing tool in itself, it helps you share your thoughts all across the world via the web.

You might follow the people from your industry to get a good number of followers in return. Don’t forget to give replies to the followers who appreciate you and your brand, and also try to be interactive with the customers who have queries regarding your product.

If you wish to build a strong and loyal following using Twitter as a social media marketing tools, then, you have to be as much interactive as possible.

4. Reddit

This platform has incredible potential in social media marketing and it is an ideal place for sharing captivating content.

The marketers are warned to share only unique and exceptional content with no spammy or sales promoting in it or it could backfire in no time and your business can be reprimanded as well.

But, if you have an exceptionally exceptional content that you think will be liked by Reddit users then you must share it as it may help you earn tremendous traffic.


5. Youtube

Youtube again is a social media marketing tool. It is also a social media platform which is ideally perfect for sharing video content.

Many companies try to make videos so they could “go viral” on youtube. But, making a video go viral is not that easy.

So, you must focus on making knowledgeable and useful videos. This could attract relevant users and will also help you rank on google search.

Social Media Statistics

You have been using social media since a very long time, or you might have joined it now. But, it is very necessary for everyone to look into the hard data i.e. the social media statistics.

In this section, we will be talking about the statistics of the most important proportion of social media.

1. General Social Media Statistics

Social media is getting on-demand day by day, people nowadays spend most of their time on social media. It’s use is growing rapidly.

The use of social media has increased 9% from last year i.e. 45% of the total population use social media now.

5.11 Billion people own mobile phone from which 3.26 Billion use it only for accessing social media. It’s a 10% rise.

90% of the brands do their promotions via social media. Only 34% are able to measure their social return on investment.

53% of brands use social media advertising for their promotions. It is expected that social advertising cost in 2019 will be nearly $93 Billion.

Social media advertising spending has increased by 32% in 2018 and is predicted to further increase by 73% in the coming 5 years.



Social Media Trends

Social Media is evolving just like most of the digital marketing channels. Along with the new technologies being introduced day by day people and their behaviour is also changing.

Humans are becoming advanced with technologies and properties of social media platforms.

In the words of Trish Carey, the Marketing Director of SellerEngine Software,

“While we’ll see a lot of changes in 2019, to me it really still comes back to understanding your audience, crafting different, targeted and appropriate messages for those audiences, and creating engaging content.”

This one statement clearly points out that Social Media Trend is going to be one of the most important aspects of Social Media Marketing in the coming time.

So, here is a list of trends that must be considered by all the marketers and brands in 2019 to become successful.

1. Love and Care About Audience

You need to show your commitment and dedication to your audience.

Love and Loyalty are a two-sided thing. If you don’t love your customers then how can you expect them to love or stay loyal to you??

You will be required to stay interactive with your users and replying to their messages should be your first priority.

Kevan Lee, VP of marketing at Buffer said,

“In 2019, social media will shift even more toward 1:1 interaction, rather than 1: many broadcasting that many brands and businesses have been doing, One of the absolute best things that brands can do on social media is to be responsive to their customers and engaged with their audience.”


2. Work with Influencers and Micro-Influencers

Influencer Marketing will be an authoritative trend in this year. Influencers can help your brand reach to more and more people.

Therefore, companies will be investing a lot in Influencer Marketing in 2019.

The Director, and Founder of Purple Imps, Barrie Moran says,

“When it comes to social media, everyone is someone, Engaging with those ‘influencers,’ remains key, knowing who to speak to when, how to speak to them, and knowing when to shut up and listen, are all core skills for social media marketers.”

3. Focus on Videos (Vlogs)

Video is finally back in trend.

People nowadays prefer to watch rather read, therefore, videos might gain you more traffic this year.

Live Videos, Interactive Videos, High-Quality Videos, and Videos related to queries of your customers will be in great demand.

Akvile DeFazio, President of AKvertise, gives advice regarding video strategy, He says:

“Set goal for your video, storyboard your team, repurpose your content where and when you can, and put your best foot forward in the first 10 seconds because no matter how interesting, useful, entertaining, or informative your video is, viewers, will begin to drop off after the 10-15 mark.”

4. More Strategic Employee

Are you indulging your employees in your content creation??


Then I suggest you must indulge them as employee-created content receives much more shares than the content created by the company itself.

According to Ted Rubin, a social media marketing strategist, says that,

“Your employees are the best way to humanize and personalize your brand… and truly the best way to scale relevant contextual content creation,” he said. “It’s well known that companies with engaged employees outperform their peers; involving employees in content creation can help to create a sense of common purpose.”

5. Don’t Forget Your Mobile Fans

Most of your users use a mobile phone to watch your posts and stories thus, you must create mobile-friendly posts.

Posts that can be easily viewed from your mobile phones will get you a number of users.

Though it is very difficult to create beautifully, and easily interactive social media experience but all the social media strategists advice you to do so.

Ashley Ward, CEO and Director of Marketing at Madhouse Matters said,

“Everything that you share on your social media profiles needs to accommodate a mobile user, this means that if you want them to click on a link in order to engage with your post, that link needs to go to a page that is designed specifically for the mobile user.”


Social Media Marketing Courses

There are many social media marketing courses available online. But, how do you know which course is good for you??

You can’t any trust social media company just like that, you need to do proper research before learning social media marketing.

So, here is a list of questions you should have in mind while selecting any social media company to learn your courses,

1. The Learning Method

Different companies have distinct ways of training. You need to to see which way suits you the best.

There are two ways of learning social media marketing the first being the online courses and the other one is face-to-face training.

Online courses have advantages of flexible study hours but there are certain courses that have submission dates.

Whereas face-to-face training will require you to go and attend real classes and you won’t get any flexible hours.

In offline training, you get a chance to ask your queries individually, which might not be possible on all online courses.

Online training might cover the course much earlier and allows you to view the courses again and again unless you understand it completely but, you won’t get this scope in offline training.

There are courses for 3 days of immense training as well.

There are many options available, it is you who has to select the most appropriate one for yourself.

2. What Qualification Will You Earn

The main purpose of doing all of these courses and spending so much of money is to gain a good degree of qualification.

After all, having a recognized degree indicates to have high skill and knowledge from a standard agency.

Mentioning these degrees in your CV might even increase the value of your CV as well as your social media profiles will get more traffic due to them.

You need to be sure about the standard and quality of course they deliver. Some trainers might check your progress via assessments, some might give you assignments, whereas, some might give you MCQs to solve.

It’s solely your decision about, which course, is more suitable for you.


3. Is The Course Accredited

A course is said to be Accredited when it works under an international institution having it’s headquarters in some foreign country.

The local trainer who has the tie-up with the foreign agency is always supposed to report the learner’s progress and accuracy in assessment to the main branch of the institution.

Accredited courses have more importance in the market than the local courses, therefore, it is suggested that the users must go for Accredited courses.

4. What Is The Level Of The Training

There are mainly three types of levels in the training of Accredited courses Award, Certificate, and Diploma.

The Certificate course is better than the Award, and the Diploma is better than the Certificate.

For Example, A level 3 Diploma Course will be deeper and knowledgeable than the Certificate course at the same level.

Level 3 refers to an ‘A’ level, level 4 can be considered as the first year, whereas, level 6 is generally equal to the 3rd year degree.

5. What Is The Quality Of Your Training

Before selecting any course you must check the quality of content they provide. You must look into your course’s information deeply before investing any money.

You must know the interval of time in which your course is usually updated, and after how much time do they update your study materials.

It is necessary for you to consider other people’s opinions as well since their opinions might help you get more information about your institutions.

Lastly, you must also check if the writers of your course are well-qualified trainers who know about different styles and are skilled enough to present their feedback in a constructive way to you.

Alright, so these were the most important questions you should ask yourself before taking any social media course.

You can even check Promote Digitally’s training program to experience the best of learning.


Okay, so this was all about Social Media Marketing.

Now, there is nothing holding your hand, you have all the required information.

So, it’s time to start promoting your brand on social media, and experience all the success of this field in no time.

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